Pursuit of a former spouse | Tiger Woods is again the subject of allegations

A $30 million lawsuit between Tiger Woods and one of his ex-spouses has escalated as Erica Herman now accuses the star golfer of having had a sexual relationship with her while she worked for him. Updated May 8 Terry Spencer Associated Press Herman said he threatened to fire her if she refused to ratify a … Read more

A deep dive into the bronze-medal-winning ride by the Canadian women’s team pursuit squad

At 1,000 m into the race, Canada was behind. On Friday evening, at the Milton velodrome, the live results showed the U.S. women’s team pursuit squad was more than a second ahead of Canada. For the next 1,000 m, the Canucks started to close the gap. Then, the U.S. team started to struggle. At about … Read more

Should the officer who hit the motorcyclist (16) have stopped the pursuit? “If someone is going extremely furious, it is best not to join the danger” | Popular in HLN+ REGION

The officer who hit a 16-year-old motorcyclist after a chase last weekend has to talk to his superiors this week for possible police violence. The corps supports the colleague, but internally there are also critical voices who believe that it should never come to a life-threatening pursuit. At the police union they counter that criticism. … Read more

Even TVP did not believe it. The humiliated Italians set off in pursuit of the Poles

Lech Poznań will face Fiorentina in the quarter-finals of the Conference League on Thursday. The last time a Polish team won a tie at this stage of European competition was 32 years ago. Legia Warszawa defeated Sampdoria Genoa Piotr Czachowski, a former Polish national team player and former player of the Warsaw team, told us … Read more

“Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” achieves full light pursuit 4090 and canonize again | XFastest News

NVIDIA announced that CDPR, the developer of “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077”, will release an upgrade patch, enabling the game to realize Path Tracing for the first time, the so-called “Full Ray Tracing”: This technology can not only accurately simulate the light and shadow effects in the real environment, but also completely change the game … Read more

Sacha Boey’s suitors are increasing in Galatasaray! European teams in pursuit – Galatasaray

Sacha Boey, the French right-back of Galatasaray, has become the favorite of European clubs in the transfer. Many teams aspired to the 22-year-old football player, who was on the agenda at the beginning of the season to be sent from the yellow and red team, but later became one of the indispensables of Coach Okan … Read more

Rastorgujev finishes 18th in the pursuit at the Biathlon World Cup stage with six shooting errors / Article

18. marts, 13:39 Added March 18, 2:22 p.m A convincing victory was won by the Norwegian Juhannes Tinjes Bä, who started from the first position, but he skied one penalty lap, but at the finish he was 32.7 seconds ahead of the French biathlete Kentin Fillon-Mayier, who won the second place. The winner’s compatriot Sturla … Read more

Revealed! Pep Guardiola wants to “protect” Lionel Messi’s record from the pursuit of Erling Haaland

Pep Guardiola seems to still be very fond of Lionel Messi’s shiny record, to the point that Erling Haaland can’t overtake him… Haaland made another hat-trick vs Burnley Guardiola replaced it in the second half Worried that Messi’s record will be broken by Haaland WHAT HAPPENED? Cristiano Ronaldo may still be listed as the all-time … Read more

The last minutes of an away game? Rival of Pursuit, be afraid!

Matches with the participation of Pogoń Szczecin this season are rarely boring. Under the leadership of Jens Gustafsson, they usually play bravely and offensively, while giving rivals more room for maneuver in attacking. The Szczecin team often creates eye-catching spectacles, which do not always go hand in hand with points. However, something moved: “Portowcy” won … Read more

Korean wave is super profitable! He asked, “Why can’t Taiwan make a show?” The inside story revealed on the Internet: I just want to make quick money | Internet search and pursuit | Oops

2023-03-06 21:46 Comprehensive report by United News Network A netizen said that the South Korean film and television industry brought South Korea $1.235 billion in revenue last year (2022), but… The “Korean wave” culture has swept the world over the past 20 years, and has created extremely high economic benefits for South Korea from K-POP, … Read more