Expert Advises Indonesia to Prepare Quarantine Options to Face Monkeypox Reporter, Aisyah Nursyamsi TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA- Spread potential Monkeypox it’s getting clearer. This situation is augmented by the ability early detection which is not evenly distributed. This is what ultimately makes the potential for transmission of the spread of Monkeypox quite hard to avoid. According to Griffith University Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman, this situation has prompted … Read more

Quarantine is back! Adam Niedzielski announced the regulation – o2

“Fakt” notices that Minister Niedzielski announced an ordinance that which include obliges doctors to report all cases of monkey pox to the Sanepid. Sick people will be placed in hospitals that can provide effective isolation. Sanitary inspectors will also carefully verify who the patients have dealt with. Such people are to be sent to a … Read more

Waiting to be released, this is how “Coco” spends the days of quarantine

Mars 5.31.2022 – Last update – 15:24 The animal is in the care of a woman who works for an NGO that protects animal rights. Videos circulated on social networks in which he is seen running and playing While waiting for the 21 days of isolation issued by the national authorities for “Coco”, the dog … Read more

The global paradox of the ‘flight shame’ movement: quarantine may have had a significant impact

It sounds a bit strange that it can be a shame to board a plane, but the Flygskam movement in Sweden has spread to other countries. Activists are working to reduce climate change by encouraging people to abandon air travel and switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle, trains. Although the number of air travelers … Read more

The EU calls for the quarantine of the pets of those infected and their contacts to prevent monkeypox from becoming endemic | Society

People infected with monkeypox should avoid contact with other people. until the pustules with which the disease manifests dry up and the scabs fall off, at which point they can no longer transmit the virus. But so must their mammalian pets, who must be quarantined to prevent chains of transmission between animals that reach wildlife, … Read more

Biden warns of chickenpox, Belgium orders quarantine of infected

Smallpox is something that “should bother everyone,” US President Joe Biden said on Sunday. According to him, the United States is researching what types of treatments and vaccines are available, states Sky News. “We’re finding out what to do,” Biden said before leaving South Korea for Japan. Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, later told … Read more

Belgium becomes first country to declare 21-day quarantine for monkeypox cases

The virus is spreading more and more, which worries the Belgian authorities. As a precaution, anyone who is infected with the disease also known as monkeypox will have to be isolated. Monkeypox has already reached 14 countries and Belgium is the first to decree a 21-day quarantine for people who test positive for the new … Read more

Belgium first country to declare 21-day quarantine for monkeypox cases

Monkeypox has already reached 14 countries and Belgium is the first to decree a 21-day quarantine for people who test positive for the new virus, advances the “Daily Mail“. The decision is due to the presence of monkeypox in 14 countries and the exponential increase in cases in the United Kingdom. In total, there are … Read more

Up to three weeks of quarantine after contact with monkeypox patient | Abroad

Housemates, sexual contacts or other close contacts of someone who has been diagnosed with the virus are requested to stay at home. The GGD will probably mainly ask people who had sexual contact or skin contact with someone with the virus to go into quarantine, according to the spokesperson for the RIVM. On Sunday morning, … Read more