Index – Abroad – Prince William’s dangerous hobby worries Queen Elizabeth

The British press already he has written about it beforethat on one occasion Queen Elizabeth must have asked the prince not to fly by helicopter with his entire family on the plane. A Daily Mail now he writes that Queen Elizabeth has repeatedly asked the prince to stop helicoptering. He also specifically asked him not … Read more

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth and the lessons the Duchess of Cambridge “takes” from her

Kate Middleton has been part of the English royal family for 11 years. During this time, she not only managed to win the hearts of the British, but also drew water from the fountain of how a future queen should behave. Kate Middleton as we have never seen her before The duchess got wetter When … Read more

Priscila Lara Guevara, former Mexican beauty queen, goes to preventive detention after millionaire bottle theft

Priscila Lara Guevara, former Mexican beauty queen, goes to preventive detention after millionaire theft of bottles. Photo: Getty Images | illustrative A Priscila Lara Guevara, the former Mexican beauty queen accused of a millionaire robbery in wine bottleswas dictated preventive prison sin right to bail, so you will have to face your process deprived of … Read more

King Felipe invites his mother and aunt to the restaurant with Queen Letizia and their daughters

Dining out is one of those moments of pleasure enjoyed by the Spanish royal family when they are on vacation in Majorca. This Friday, August 5, King Felipe took his wife, their two daughters, his mother and his aunt to one of his favorite restaurants on the island. Read also: Queen Letizia’s cactus and prickly … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II: Great mourning in the palace

Queen Elizabeth II: “All her life” Her girlfriend Lady Myra Butter passed away few days ago at the proud age of 97 years. The descendant of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia “peaceful” died in London, as the “DailyMail” reports. She was considered one close confidants of the Queenthe two knew each otheron childhood. She is … Read more

Queen Elizabeth in mourning – VG

THE RECORD QUEEN: Queen Elizabeth (96) has sat on the throne for a record time. Recently, she has lost several close friends. Photo: Team Ireland / AP Queen Elizabeth is in mourning after the death of her childhood friend Lady Myra Butter. Published: Updated yesterday 08:54 It writes writes People Magazine. Butter lived to be … Read more

Even the Spanish Queen wears these dresses. They are comfortable, fashionable, and at the same time extremely effective

Queen Letizia in a dress from a well-known chain store Linen dresses are extremely popular. We wear them every day, to work, but also on holidays. They are extremely sensual, and at the same time comfortable. It turns out that the Spanish queen Letizia has just joined the group of fans of this type of … Read more

This is what AMLO said about the ‘burnt’ of the ‘Queen of the Pacific’ to Calderón – El Financiero

Regarding the accusations of “The Queen of the Pacific” against Felipe Calderón, López Obrador said that the competent authority must resolve it. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was questioned this Wednesday about the behavior of the Federal Government in the face of accusations of Sandra Ávila Beltrán, alias ‘The Queen of the Pacific’, against Felipe … Read more

An Australian Aboriginal Senator called Queen Elizabeth II a “colonizer”

Australian Aboriginal Senator Lidia Thorpe on Monday called Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who is also Australia’s head of state, a “colonizer”. Thorpe, from the Green Party, approached the bench of the Parliament room where she should have read the formula of the oath with her right fist raised, and in protest against … Read more