Queen Elizabeth sends a message to “Megan” and “Harry” on the occasion of their second birthday, “Archie”.

Wished Queen Elizabeth On a happy birthday to her grandson Archie – who is ranked seventh in the line to the throne – on his second birthday in a tweet from the royal family’s social media accounts, she said, “I wish Archie Mountbatten Windsor a very happy second birthday today. ” According to the “Mirror” … Read more

Atle Antonsen and Ine Jansen play King and Queen in a new TV 2 series

This autumn, we meet the actors Atle Antonsen (51) and Ine Jansen (47) as King Johan and Queen Isabella in the TV 2 series «Dear compatriots». The drama comedy is based in Norway, and a not so popular royal family. – It feels like a slightly different series. I thought it was a very good … Read more

Queen Maxima, in mourning in Amsterdam

It is dressed in black and with the dark gaze that Maxima appeared in the deserted streets of Amsterdam. As every year, the 49-year-old sovereign had an appointment at the famous Dam Square for the national commemoration of Remembrance. Accompanied by King Willem-Alexander, but also by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Queen honored the 200,000 … Read more

Series star Kaley Cuoco – the queen of faux pas

In “The Flight Attendant”, Kaley Cuoco plays a permanently drunk flight attendant. The role is your ticket to become a superstar. Hans Juerg Zinsli Published: 05/05/2021, 11:13 am Constantly stunned: Kaley Cuoco as Cassie in the series “The Flight Attendant”. Photo: Warner Media As a flight attendant, Cassie is the opposite of reliable. What interests … Read more

National Swimming Championships: Xu Jiayu’s 100th consecutive championship, Tang Qianting was crowned “Queen of the Frog”

National Swimming Championships: Xu Jiayu’s 100th consecutive championship, Tang Qianting was crowned “Queen of the Frog” Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau Sports Events Released Qinghai sports event information is released in time, dynamic events are presented in all directions, and you can feel the perfect combination of Qinghai and sports. Lepao China Hong Kong TNF100 trail … Read more

The queen switches to faux fur, but the guard does not give up real bearskin

“There are no plans to replace the bearskin used in ceremonial headgear,” the Ministry of Defense said. In Britain, bears can only be seen in zoos, and the leather used to make the tall, black hats is “sourced from Canadian black bears hunted under a wildlife control program.” Furs are auctioned in Canada and vary … Read more

The ingenious trick of Queen Elizabeth II’s cooks to avoid being poisoned

On April 21, the monarch turned 95 years old and expressed in a letter how “deeply moved” the royal family felt by all the condolences. The service personnel of the British Royal House use an ingenious trick to prevent them from poisoning Queen Elizabeth II during banquets, as revealed by royal correspondent Emily Andrews during … Read more

The queen of flow 2 Chapter 5: Manín does not stop and Mike Rivera wants another Surround Vibes artist | Netflix soap operas | FAME

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. After entering the burning restaurant and rescuing her son in the previous episode of the second season of “The queen of flow“Charly finally gets Erick’s forgiveness, however, neither Yeimy nor Juanjo believe in his repentance, especially after hearing his mysterious call. MORE INFORMATION: When will “La reina del flow” 2 be available … Read more

The royal family showed a beautiful portrait of Princess Charlotte: “She looks like Queen Elizabeth”

The royal family, after the hard times associated with the death of Prince Philip, has recently also had a lot of occasions to celebrate – the 10th wedding anniversary of Kate and William, the birthday of Prince Louis, and now Princess Charlotte. On this occasion, they showed her a new photo. Here’s what Prince George … Read more

At the age of 94, Rozamunde Pilčere, the queen of romantic films, went to her world

News of the writer’s death was confirmed by her son Robin: “Until Christmas, her health was really good, then at the beginning of the new year she suffered bronchitis, but she seemed to recover, as always. But on Sunday night, she suffered a heart attack and did not regain consciousness.” “She was a wonderful, could … Read more