Facebook And Ray Ban Working On Smart Augmented Reality Glasses

Facebook and the eyewear brand Ray Ban are planning to bring smart augmented reality glasses to the market. We don’t have any specifications or details about the appearance yet, but it will be the next product that Facebook will bring to the market. Facebook plans to release AR glasses that will allow you to mix … Read more

Couple has sex five times and receives a R$200,000 fine on reality television

Participants Brenda and Matheus, from the series ‘Brincando Com Fogo Brasil’, disrespected the main rule of the program: do not have sex; for each infraction, the final value of the prize is reduced. Instagram/paixao_brenda and Instagram/matheussampaio___Brenda and Matheus was the first couple to debut the suite The participants Brenda and Matheus from the series “playing … Read more

Lidl is building as a plant and looking for real estate for other stores

Thanks to rapidly growing sales, Lidl made it to the top of the ranking of the largest retail chains in the Czech Republic. Although the main wave of expansion is already behind the local retail market, the German chain is obviously not affected. So far this year, Lidl has opened 13 new stores and another … Read more

Summary Acapulco Shore 8 chapter 14 complete online via mtv everything that left episode 14 jacky and fer returned | Diego and Chile fight | Reality Mexico | CELEBRITIES

Acapulco Shore 8 capítulo 14 premiered last Tuesday in MTV Latinoamérica, thus marking the penultimate episode of the controversial Mexican reality show. Without a doubt, the most anecdotal of this installment was the fight between two participants. IT MAY INTEREST YOU Acapulco Shore 8×13 recap: who was expelled and everything the recent chapter left behind … Read more

Reality TV service Hayu is coming to Xbox in 22 regions

With a variety of apps like Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video available for download, Xbox fans won’t be short of entertainment outside of gaming sessions. This wide range of entertainment apps is only going to get stronger as reality TV streaming service Hayu announced it has reached Xbox consoles in 22 regions. These regions … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make Facebook a “Metaverse”, a virtual world which recreates our reality identically

Technology The billionaire sees this crazy cyberspace as the “holy grail of social interactions”. If you have seen Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg, the new delirium of Mark Zuckerberg will not be surprising for you. The Facebook boss announced on July 26, 2021 the creation of a team dedicated to the “Metaverse”, that is … Read more

Watch the webinar live: “Head and Neck Cancer – the reality behind a diagnosis” | commercial content

In Portugal, around three thousand new cases of head and neck cancer are diagnosed each year. The disease mainly affects smokers or ex-smokers and people who consume alcohol excessively, however there is a growing number of cases associated with other risk factors, such as infection with the human papilloma virus. In 2015, the incidence of … Read more

Jacky and Fernanda returned to reality

Acapulco Shore 8 is nearing the end. In the Chapter 14, Fernanda Moreno Y Jacky Ramirez again they stepped on the luxurious mansion. Both participants tried to solve their problems with the other members of the Latin reality show. Here he reviews the best moments of the penultimate episode. Acapulco Shore 8 chapter 14 complete; … Read more