Jordi González will reappear on television to present a great ‘reality’

The presenter Jordi González has taken a break from television and even from social networks and He had not appeared for one or the other for many months. But now the own professional has been the one who has announced that he is about to return to work, just in a few weeks, when the … Read more

Niort. A play area dedicated to virtual reality ready to open in the Mendès-France area

blocked Reserved for subscribers A play area dedicated to virtual reality will soon open its doors in the Mendès-France area. The two creators hope for the relaxation of health measures. Florian Dupeu and Eric Moullé founded VR68, in the Mendès-France area, in Chauray. | CO – GABIN CHAMEREAU Afficher le diaporama fermer Florian Dupeu et … Read more

The diocese gave three quarters of a billion for the Brno shopping center

“The investment in the Velký Špalíček shopping center is understood by the Diocese of Brno primarily as an investment in a unique property in the center of the second largest city in the Czech Republic,” said diocesan spokeswoman Martina Jandlová. The amount of the transaction was not commented on by the parties. The price of … Read more

Legal Guide on the use of virtual and augmented reality in advertising, Training and studies

IAB Spain and the Gómez-Acebo & Pombo law firm have presented the “Legal Guide on the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in advertising”. Both disciplines represent an opportunity for the marketing and communication sector, since they allow the consumer to interact with the brand and immerse themselves in the experience in a much … Read more

Stock market revolt in the reality check – The four errors of the Gamestop fairy tale

Small Investors Kill Evil Wall Street Hedge Funds For Billions? The Gamestop case sounds like a Hollywood script à la Robin Hood. But it’s not that simple. Victor Gojdka from Frankfurt Posted today at 10:37 am Small versus big: At the video game retailer Gamestop, financial professionals had bet on falling prices – small investors … Read more

Scientists have compiled a new “recipe for hair growth”

Photo: Unsplash The team is looking for partners to launch human clinical trials The results obtained will make the therapy for the restoration of lost hair a reality in the near future, the authors are sure. A team from the Riken Research Institute learned how to run a continuous hair regeneration cycle. Writes about it … Read more

Leaked: this would be Apple’s virtual reality glasses

Computers, cell phones, tablets and headphones could be “technology of the past” for Apple when it launches its virtual reality glasses. After the filtration of some of its supposed technical characteristics from The Information they put together a sketch of what the device would look like based on the description of the renders. “I’ve already … Read more

Apple’s work on mixed reality headsets revealed in new patent applications

Several Apple patent applications, released today, appear to be directly related to its long-rumored mixed reality headsets, and cover a variety of aspects including design elements, lens fit, eye-tracking technology and even software. The patents, filed by Apple with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, were released today and apparently relate to specific features of … Read more

Mixed reality: Meet the medicine of the future

MEXICO CITY.- Mixed Reality is supporting surgeons in various parts of the world to work collaboratively, benefit patients and lay the foundations for the medicine of the future. Microsoft is one of the companies that is trying to promote new tools in the medical field, in particular it sees a great opportunity for its Hololens … Read more

Billy Brown, the patriarch of the reality show “A Family Out of This World”, has died

A spokesperson for Discovery, the reality TV network, also expressed closeness to the family and Tmz said: “Billy has been in our family for years, we are all devastated. He was a pioneer, a lovely man and certainly one of a kind. Our heart is with his family and with all those who knew and … Read more