Czech Christmas Cookies Recipe |

The program “My choice: Latvia” about inspiring women who have chosen to live and work in Latvia can be seen on TV3 channel every Sunday at 5:45 p.m. and on the TV3Play platform. Here is Katažina’s recipe for the Czech favorite Christmas cookies. Photo: PROGRAM ARCHIVE Ingredients 250 g milti 150 g of butter 100 … Read more

A different “Honey” will also be suitable for Christmas: the blogger shares a very successful recipe

The specialist, who hosts only vegetarian dessert recipes on her exclusive blog, usually makes carrot, chocolate or honey cakes for holidays. The latter, according to her, is a classic and always gets a lot of compliments. I had to try more than once There are a lot of “Medučis” recipes on the Internet. You can … Read more

Why You Should Eat Grapes ‘with the Skin’ [푸드인사이트]

This is a corner that points out foods or foods that cause hot issues that are good to eat at this time.Clinical nutritionists introduce the nutrition and efficacy of foods, how to choose, how to store, and how to eat. The grapes are tangy and soft, and the sweet and sour taste is excellent. There … Read more

What if your back is stiff when you wake up in the morning? Ankylosing spondylitis should be suspected…

It is different from normal back pain. After waking up in the morning, the stiffness of the lower back continues for more than 30 minutes, and the pain disappears only when you move. It is most common in young men between their late teens and early 20s. Starting from the hips and climbing up to … Read more

Bauer Publishing closes magazines Best Such is life recipe for health release

In a statement sent to, Wydawnictwo Bauer stated that the decision was made “due to the current economic situation in Poland and the drastic increase in costs”. “This painful step is necessary to secure the long-term viability of our company and therefore hundreds of jobs,” the company wrote. Among the closed titles, “Naj” has … Read more

the fastest recipe you can prepare

Ingredients for preparing coffee pudding As I have told you, the preparation of this coffee pudding involves using very basic ingredients and traditional ones that you surely have at home and that you will also be able to make the most of. Take note of what you are going to need and do not miss … Read more

«Al-Akhdar» .. recipe for the development of Arab football

Murad Al-Masry (Dubai) The historic victory of the Saudi national team over Argentina 2-1 in the “World Cup 2022” came as a “recipe” that the development of football in the Arab region is possible, with the conditions of working according to a clear methodology, especially since it was not the result of coincidence, but the … Read more

Katka Jakeš has a recipe for SIMPLE APPLE CAKE

Katka Jakeš is a full-time mother, and she makes sure she always has cooked and baked goods at home. The dancer spends a lot of time in her beautiful kitchen and often brags about her recipes on Instagram. Only recently she added a recipe for a simple and effective French cake tarte tanin. Try it … Read more

‘World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day’… “Inhalants are ineffective if not used properly”

November 16 every year is World COPD Day. It was established in 2002 to raise awareness and interest in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the top 10 causes of death worldwide in 2020, placing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as the third leading cause of death. By 2050, chronic obstructive … Read more

The recipe for annoying warts that you can’t get rid of no matter what you do is clear! Two materials in the house are rooting out

If you want to get rid of warts, first of all you need to strengthen the immune system. In short, if you have a weakened immune system, you are susceptible to the papillomavirus. This virus causes skin cells to grow and warts to develop. WHAT IS A WART? Warts that appear on the upper layer … Read more