Perfect scrambled eggs, the secret ingredient is not the milk: the recipe

Scrambled eggs are a seemingly simple dish to make. Sometimes, however, you get a mixture that is a little too dry and then often in the recipes we find the advice to use milk to get perfect eggs. In reality, the secret ingredient for the success of your dish is another! Whole, skimmed or partially … Read more

Stef Wijnants on the Leipzig recipe for success: “Variation, surprise and intelligence” | Champions League

RB Leipzig is in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The criticism of the new rich man’s club gradually fades. Scorned by the German fan because it wants to knock off the traditional Bundesliga teams from the throne, the much richer Paris Saint-Germain awaits on Tuesday. Stef Wijnants believes in the opportunities of the Germans. … Read more

When a 1000-year-old medieval recipe breaks down an antibiotic-resistant film

Since the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics, the most dangerous bacteria have also adapted to survive. And currently, a large number of antibiotic molecules have become ineffective against these microorganisms. This is the famous antibiotic resistance that we hear more and more often. Indeed, Jessica Furner-Pardoe, from the University of Warwick (England), and her … Read more

A thousand-year-old recipe helps against dangerous super bacteria

The brown and transparent stuff from an ancient medical text is actually an eye ointment. The book it is called is Bald’s Leech Book and was written by a person named Cild on behalf of Bald. Who immediately attached his name to the book and the ointment. Copper kettle Researchers from the University of Warwick … Read more

Reduce or avoid the intake of these medications; a recommendation from doctor Abigaíl

Without specific treatment or drugs and without a vaccine, the only defense that our body has against Covid-19 is the immune system. ► Read in: Covid-19: how our immune system works and how it fights the coronavirus There are medications that weaken our immune system and it is important to know what they are to … Read more

“New” SRAS-CoV Virus Created by Researchers in US Laboratories, What’s the Use? – Reportedly researchers made the “new” SRAS-CoV virus in a United States laboratory. The virus was allegedly able to infect cells and interact with antibodies, such as the original SRAS-CoV-2. However, this virus does not have the ability to cause severe illness. However, this research is actually considered as good news for Covid-19 vaccine … Read more