Pork recipe on cumin

Who wouldn’t know pork on cumin from old canteens and restaurants. Of course, it is still done today. I tried to cook this recipe according to the ČSN cookbook (Hot Food Standards). How did it taste? Was it edible? Give it a try! I wish you good taste, Brept.

To the best of everyone! Diana Kubasova reveals her favorite Midsummer cheese recipe

Preparation: Put gauze over the pot Put the milk on the stove Beat eggs with kefir and salt Kefir / egg mass is added to the milk mass when it starts to throw foam and small buns Continue stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot When the whey separates, … Read more

Twin pandas at Ueno Zoo are 1 year old! Looking back on the growth from the “pink” appearance at birth to climbing trees and “very scenes” (1/3) | 8760 by postseven

The twin pandas Xiao Xiao (male) and Ray Ray (female) at Ueno Zoo have celebrated their first year of birth. To commemorate that, we look back on our growth so far. Twin pandas born on June 23, 2021. The newborn Xiao Xiao weighed 124g and Ray Ray weighed 146g, which was small enough to fit … Read more

It treats cancer, the benefits are endless! Here is the recipe for the miracle potion…

The ABC drink, which consists of apples, red radishes and carrots, is called the miracle elixir. This potion, which is a healing store, can be consumed hot or cold. If you wish, you can make this elixir more effective by adding lemon juice and honey while preparing it. RICH IN VITAMINS AND MINERALS ABC drink … Read more

Companies have found a recipe for expensive gas. They want to bring it themselves and cheaper

Czech industrial companies have fallen into the trap of expensive energy and their products are already losing competitiveness on the world market. “The Americans told me straight away that I could not get a business like this. That they have gas for $ 11, so what do we do when it’s around $ 140, “describes … Read more

“Mis Pastelitos” improves the Pronto flan recipe by ignoring the indication in the box

There are many content creators involved in the lifestyle segment, which has a vast audience on social networks. The influencer’s decision was to skip a simple step of the Pronto boxed recipe and demonstrate how virality recognizes these stories. The facts proved that the recipe book has been printed for a long time with a … Read more

Di Maio: ‘The M5s recipe is not clear. Pd goes up, we go down ‘- Politics

“Our recipe for the country is not clear and this explains why in our coalition the Democratic Party goes up and we go down. Maybe because we don’t have a clear recipe for our country”. So the foreign minister Luigi Di Maio talking to journalists in Castellamare. “I simply allowed myself to pose topics to … Read more

Surprising hay fever recipe from scientists: Make love regularly

It’s that time of year when hay fever sufferers start making sure their closets are stocked with nasal sprays, antihistamines, and various medications to fully prepare for the seasonal fight against pollen. Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is characterized by nasal discharge and congestion, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing attacks and sinus pressure … Read more

The defender, who discovered LKL, offers a recipe for how clubs in smaller cities should work

Arnas Beručka grew up in the Vilnius “Rytas” system and still has many friends in this capital’s club. After revealing himself in the Perl team, he jumped into the main Vilnius team, but the young defender had to wait for his hour in Lithuanian basketball. The former player of the Lithuanian national teams did not … Read more