Cammsys surges 6% ahead of closing… 2500 won is in front of recovery

(Graphic = Naver Finance Capture) [이코노뉴스=어 만 기자] Cammsys is on the rise. Cammsys is trading at 2,475 won, up 6.22% (145 won) from the previous trading day, as of 3:22 pm on the KOSDAQ market on the 16th. The company is on a steep ups and downs ahead of the close. The company recorded … Read more

September blues, lightness will save us against the stress of restarting

The heat, during the day, deceives us and makes us dream. Darkness, at eight in the evening, brings us back to reality. Less than a week and it is Autumn. While thoughts, nostalgia and desires still make the mind and body turn towards the summer just passed. Suddenly it is melancholy. The idea prevails of … Read more

European markets return to recovery with the support of the banking sector

Has stepped up European stocks With the support of banking shares, after the markets showed signs of recovery from a sharp sell-off caused by bets on a large interest rate hike around the world. The pan-European Stoxx 600 index rose 0.3 percent after falling for two consecutive days. US inflation data caused a sell-off in … Read more

OFFICIAL – Florenzi injury, recovery times revealed: the press release

Bad news for Alessandro Florenzi. Recently, Milan, through an official statement, revealed the conditions of the blue winger following the injury remedied in the match of Reggio Emilia against the Sassuolo. Unfortunately for Florenzi it is a injury to the proximal hamstring tendon of the left thigh, which forced him to a surgery. As you … Read more

“Health on the margins of the political agenda and no adequate recovery plan”: Gimbe’s analysis of the programs of all parties

Everyone wants to reform the health care, but no one explains how to do it in a sustainable and possible way. The says so Gimbe Foundationwho analyzed all the programs of parties in view of elections of 25 September. According to Nino Cartabellottapresident of the Foundation, “if initially all the political forces converged on the … Read more

Researcher Anouk Hiensch: exercise promotes cancer recovery

Anouk Hiensch has done a lot of research in four years. One of her findings is the importance of a person’s ability to cope with stress and problems. People who can handle stress well exercise more quickly. People who are less able to cope with stress should actually exercise more to promote their healing. Yet … Read more

Narae Park, walking without braces…”Crucius ligament recovery class”

Park Na-rae. photo| Park Na-rae SNS Comedian Na-rae Park, who recently underwent cruciate ligament surgery, revealed her recent status in rehabilitation. Park Na-rae posted a short video on her Instagram on the 5th with the caption, “The first treadmill without braces. What is this? Everyone is healthy.” In the video, Narae Park is slowly walking … Read more

Causes of Inhibited Hypertension Recovery – MerahPutih

HYPERTENSION It is a chronic condition that cannot be completely cured. Hypertensive patients should continue to take medication and medical control for the rest of their lives. A person has hypertension when blood pressure is above 130/80 mmHg. Alodokter said hypertension is a type of disease that requires immediate treatment so that it is not … Read more

The SET has limited recovery, and the uncertainty in interest rate hikes still pressures.

SCB Securities Estimated Thai stocks (SET INDEX) to recover limited. Uncertainty continues to raise interest rates, leading to downside, with support at 1,610-1,600 points. Today’s top stocks NRF, PTTEP On September 5, 2022, SCB Securities (SCB Securities) assessed the SET INDEX limited recovery, with the upper frame being a resistance at 1630-1640 points, as the … Read more

Emirates News Agency – “Health” conducts 194,778 examinations and reveals 400 new cases of coronavirus, 566 cases of recovery, and no deaths during the past 24 hours

Sunday, September 4, 2022 – 2:00 pm ABU DHABI, 4th September / WAM / In line with the plan of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection to expand and increase the scope of examinations in the country with the aim of early detection and inventory of cases infected with the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” and … Read more