Trump’s departure leaves Vox without its American reference

Paloma CervillaFOLLOW Madrid Updated:30/11/2020 02:13h save In 2018, in Valdemoro (Madrid), a young Manuel Mariscal (Talavera de la Reina, 1992), Vice Secretary of Communication for Vox, gathered the heads of the media from the provincial committees in a workshop to instruct them on the party’s politics in this matter, within a few days of training. The … Read more

The Banileja Library, an online catalog with access to books and reference material, is launched

Peravia. A group made up of young entrepreneurs from Baní launched the “Banileja Library”, an online catalog with free access to thousands of books and reference material. “We want to encourage the education of our young students, facilitate their access to pedagogical and literary content, collaborate with the development of their skills and professional competencies, … Read more

Error Etica signs the new Concerns Music Ltd reference //

Víctor Martínez signs with his alias Error Etica the tenth reference of the limited series of the seal Concerns Music, owned by Kalter Ende. Titled Parallel Universe, is an EP consisting of “five different songs that move from electro and syncopated rhythms to the deepest and most direct techno” of which three are original by … Read more

DIF gives Álamos Conference in reference to Breast Cancer

Photo: Courtesy BEAUTIFUL, SON.- On the occasion of International Breast Cancer Day celebrated last October 19; System Municipal DIF of Álamos in coordination with the General Hospital, they gave a conference called “Importance of self-examination to Prevent Breast Cancer”, by Luisana Ortiz Barreras. The president of the DIF System of the Magical Town, Rebeca Barriga, … Read more

Did you make fun of Boca? River fans rave about Closs’s reference to the Superfinal

River thrashed Liga de Quito at the close of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores to take the first place in their area, and the last goal made the fans of ‘millionaires’ delirious. Is that the rapporteur, Mariano Closs, seemed to make a reference to the Superfinal that River won against Boca in Madrid. … Read more

KKR and Tencent remain as reference investors of Epic Games (Fortnite)

The Tencent and KKR funds are the reference shareholders of the company Epic Games, owner of the popular multiplatform video game Fortnite. Both investors remain at the helm of the company after the latest round of financing developed this summer to increase capital. Fortnite has been a worldwide success since its launch in 2017 by … Read more

Trump denies having suffered from a mini-stroke: “Perhaps they are referring to another candidate, from another party!”

The surprise visit by the septuagenarian head of state to a military hospital in November had sparked speculation about his state of health. LUS President Donald Trump swept aside rumors on Tuesday that he suffered from a series of “mini-strokes” last November that would have forced him to hospitalization. The surprise visit of the head … Read more

Totti’s daughter in bikini: Moige denounces People to the Order – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 24 – “It is unacceptable and perverse to publish on the cover of a magazine the image of a thirteen-year-old with her side B in evidence; moreover, making explicit reference to it and how much it resembles that of her mother, there is doubt in this regard because the face is … Read more

The first Bentley Continental GT came off the line with a reference to Pikes Peak

The British luxury car company originally planned to start production of the 15-piece limited edition earlier, but Bentley delayed the global coronavirus pandemic. But now it is the first piece in the world and in September all cars should travel to their rich owners. The car was created based on the great success of the … Read more

GeForce RTX 3090 photos published in reference design: graphics card – super giant

The first live photos of the reference sample of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card have been published on the web. The card really uses an irregularly shaped PCB, an unusual cooling system with a massive radiator and two large fans, which are located one on each side. The front side of the GeForce … Read more