Sanctuary of Storms 100% in Demon’s Souls Remake

The Shrine of Storms is the fourth world what will you visit. If you are following our guide, you will come here after complete the Latria Tower. Changes in the Trend of the World These are the events that can change the trend of this world, not counting online events: Defeat bosses (there are 2): … Read more

Michael Bay, in negotiations to direct the Ambulance remake

The original 2005 film tells the story of a war veteran who robs a bank with his brother after arriving from Afghanistan Michael Bay He is one of the most peculiar directors in cinema. He has an inordinate passion for action cinema, as well as exploiting everything you can imagine on a screen. Good proof … Read more

Resident Evil 3 Remake has exceeded 3 million copies sold

The Resident Evil saga is currently experiencing its best moment. Thanks to the remakes of their first titles, they have managed to remaster two of their most legendary video games from this incredible franchise. To date, the production of the new films of this universe full of the undead has just resumed, which is expected … Read more

Plantean el remake de Prince of Persia: Warrior Within usando Unreal Engine 4

We are getting used to many editors presenting us with remasters that in many cases barely make adjustments to textures and modeling. But the community of modders, and some users eager to learn how to use other technologies, tend to consider much more ambitious projects. On this occasion, we attend an interesting initiative in which … Read more

Laporta: “The roads open to remake Barcelona”

FC Barcelona Happy for the decision taken by Bartomeu Joan Laporta may present a candidacy for the presidency of Barcelona. AP 0 commentsComment Josep Maria Bartomeu resigns “There was a date in Messi’s contract” Lthe reactions to the resignation of Bartholomew they did not wait. Laporta showed his satisfaction on social networks: “It was about … Read more

Demon’s Souls Remake for PS5 will have voices in Spanish

Demon’s Souls Remake for PlayStation 5 will have voices in spanish. The adaptation of Bluepoint Games and PlayStation Studios of the original work of FromSoftware for PS3 have a better localization to our language, since the Demon’s Souls original had voices in English and texts in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German in their European … Read more