Dead Space Remake sells less than half of The Callisto Protocol in its debut in a UK weekly top where Forspoken crashes – Dead Space (Remake)

This last week has been quite full in terms of new releases. As the main protagonists of the physical stores we have el remake de Dead Spacecarried out by EA Motives and released last Friday the 27th, and The prophesieda title of Square Enix y Luminous Productions which arrived on Tuesday, January 24 on PC … Read more

Comparison shows improved image of Dead Space remake after PS5 patch

© New Dead Space Remake Patch Available, fixing a resolution/graphics bug that was in the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC versions. To give you a better idea of ​​how much this patch improves the look of the game, here’s a comparison of how the remake looked before and after the patch. Dead Space Remake on … Read more

Dead Space remake forced developers to greatly improve the capabilities of the Frostbite engine

© The Frostbite game engine, well known to players from the Battlefield series, first began to be actively used after 2008 in many games released by Electronic Arts. The remake of Dead Space, which currently uses its most advanced version, was no exception. The developers of the updated horror from the studio EA Motive admitted … Read more

British chart: Dead Space remake started worse than The Callisto Protocol

Analysts reported that the remake Dead Space started from the first line of the British charts. However, in terms of sales on physical media, it was more than twice behind the debut. The Callisto Protocol. Experts believe that several factors contributed to this outcome. Horror from Striking Distance Studios came out around Christmas and … Read more

Dead Space Review – Demo Remake

Survival horror movies have been making a spectacular comeback lately, and fans are slowly wondering what to watch next. One project after another is announced and it looks like another “golden era” could be upon us. One of the projects that was definitely among the most anticipated was the remake of the space horror movie … Read more

Dead Space Remake review score revealed ahead of January 27 release

reveal review score game media cycle Dead Space Remake The most famous survival horror game. Before it is scheduled to be released on 27 Jan. On January 27, 2023, the first review score for Dead Space Remake was revealed, with many media outlets rating in the same direction. This is the new standard for game … Read more

The authors of the Resident Evil 4 remake presented atmospheric screenshots of the game

© Capcom offers to brighten up the tedious waiting for the release of an updated version of Resident Evil 4 by introducing users to a new batch of screenshots of the game. The Japanese branch of the company on the official pages of the horror presented several shots of the remake with a demonstration of … Read more