Former “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” director Mateusz Kanik founded a new game studio “Blank.” #CD Projekt RED (194269)

The members of the new game studio “Blank.” include other former CD Projekt RED developers, and will jointly create doomsday-themed games. The current team has 10 people and plans to expand to 60 people. Mateusz Kanik, who previously served as the game director of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077”, … Read more

Africa REN finalizes the shareholder reorganization of the Senergy solar power plant

(AFRICA REN) – Pioneer of renewable energies in Africa, Africa REN announces a change in the shareholding of the Senergy 2 solar power plant. The historical shareholders are selling their shares to the new investment vehicle set up by Africa REN and its partners. Located in Bokhol, northern Senegal, Senergy 2 was commissioned in 2016, … Read more

68-year-old Ren Dahua’s “minus 15 degrees low temperature” filming was shocked and disappeared for a time | Artist News | Hush!star news

Ren Dahua was shocked and lost contact for a time.Picture/cut from Weibo 2023-05-05 09:53 Hush!Star news editor March rabbit / comprehensive report Ren Dahua, the Hong Kong film star, is currently filming his new film “Looking Like a Tiger”. For this reason, he went to Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province to shoot scenes. The 68-year-old … Read more

The game industry does not want E3 exhibition?The organizer revealed that Microsoft, Sony, and Ren Ren were very enthusiastic at first, but suddenly changed their faces | Game Corner | Digital

The well-known game exhibition E3 recently announced the cancellation of online and offline activities in 2023 due to insufficient attention.According to a report from, a media affiliated to the organizer ReedPopAt first, every major game company was very enthusiastic, but in the end they changed their faces one by one. Christopher Dring, Head of … Read more

A direct hit from Snow Man Ren Meguro and Koji Kato What are the lyrics that will blow you away when you are worried?

Snow Man Ren Meguro is the TBS series “Kono lyric ga stabbed!” broadcast on the 31st! Gutto Phrase” (from 7 o’clock). Da-iCE Sota Hanamura and miwa appear for the first time (From left) Motohiro Hata, Kentaro Obuchi, Koji Kato, miwa, Sota Hanamura (C) TBS This program, where Koji Kato (Gokuraku Tonbo) serves as MC, is … Read more

What action did Snow Man Meguro Ren take to the crying Koji Mukai? Echoing the relationship between the two “I cry too” “Memekoji is the best”

Snow Man Ren Meguro and Koji Mukai will appear on the TBS series “I Am Adventure Shonen Spring Escape Island 4 Hours SP” (from 7:00) on the 27th. The friendship between the two has become a hot topic. Ren Meguro & Koji Mukai give a high five with a breathtaking title call At the beginning … Read more

King & Prince Ren Nagase look back on “Welcome back Monet” “It was really difficult”

King & Prince’s Ren Nagase will appear on the radio “Ren Nagase’s RadioGARDEN” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / every Thursday from 23:30 to 23:45), which will be broadcast on the 23rd. He talked about the trumpet that he tried in the NHK TV series “Welcome back Monet”. Ren Nagase, trumpet was “really difficult” On this day, … Read more

“Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077” achieves full light pursuit 4090 and canonize again | XFastest News

NVIDIA announced that CDPR, the developer of “Dian Yu Ren Ke 2077”, will release an upgrade patch, enabling the game to realize Path Tracing for the first time, the so-called “Full Ray Tracing”: This technology can not only accurately simulate the light and shadow effects in the real environment, but also completely change the game … Read more

Live-action film starring Ren Meguro (Snow Man)! What is the reason why “My Happy Marriage” is attracting attention now?[Free trial reading]- with class – Kodansha Official

The cumulative circulation of the series has surpassed 5 million copiesand on March 17, a live-action movie starring Ren Meguro (Snow Man) will be released, and an anime release is scheduled for July. Do you know My Happy Marriage? * Includes novels, comics, and electronic versions It’s a popular manga that has been overwhelmingly highly … Read more

Jessie, Yoshitaka Hara and others thoroughly dissect Snow Man Meguro Ren, laughing out loud at the words of his teacher interviewed by “A-Studio +” – Music Natalie

This page isNatasha Co., created and distributed by the music Natalie editorial department. Snow Man / Meguro lotus / Kis-My-Ft2 / Taisuke fujigaya / Shofukutei Tsurube / Ayuko Tsukahara / Yoshitaka Hara / jessie / SixTONES Please see the link for the latest information. Music Natalie delivers the latest music news, centered on domestic … Read more