Premier League: Ren Meulensteen: “Paul Pogba is by no means a first-class player”

Premier League The former Manchester United assistant gives his opinion on the French footballer at Stadium Astro Paul Pogba and Ren Meulensteen. Paul Pogba has had to endure harsh criticism after his performance this weekend against Arsenal. To the Manchester United midfielder He was accused of being clumsy after committing an unnecessary penalty on Bellern. … Read more

Chainlink, REN and BAND decouple from Bitcoin. This is what it means for the market

Bitcoin it has shown immensely promising to investors over the years, even though its growth may have currently been constrained due to a consolidating market. Despite the stagnant growth period, the coin has been yielding 49% in YTD. Due to a strong correlation between BTC and most of the major alts along with other cryptocurrencies, … Read more

In the case of REN, the government is at zero

According to the data registered in the information system of the State Real Estate Cadastre, there are more than 820,000 real estate owners, legal possessors or users in the country. Almost every second inhabitant owns something, and a roof over your head is needed by absolutely everyone. If the real estate tax increases significantly due … Read more