Giuliana Rengifo, her representative insults Karla Tarazona VIDEO: “When they change the moron, we’ll talk there” entertainment | SHOWS

IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. Giuliana Rengifo She was totally uncomfortable when a reporter from ‘D’ Mañana’ intercepted her to get some statements from her, however, it was her manager Liz Benítez who exploded and insulted the host of the program Karla Tarazona Calling her “stupid”. READ ALSO: Tepha Loza patches Janet Barboza LIVE for asking if … Read more

Galaxy S23 flagships will be presented in early February, confirmed by a Samsung representative

Samsung will unveil the new Galaxy S23 series of flagship smartphones in early February 2023 as part of the Unpacked event to be held in the US. An anonymous source from Samsung itself spoke about this in a conversation with Korea JoonAng Daily. Image Source: GSMArena “S23 will be unveiled as part of the Unpacked … Read more

‘National representative’ Kim Min-kyung, 19th in female shooting international competition

Minkyung Kim. Photo|Workout Dung, IPSC KOREA Broadcaster Kim Min-kyung, who has been reborn as a ‘national representative’ shooter, recorded a high score in the TOP20 at an international shooting competition. Kim Min-kyung scored a total of 663.2281 points at the ‘2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot’, an international shooting competition held in Pattaya, Thailand. He ranks … Read more

“The World Cup is passing me by.” Polish representative disappointed with his situation

Szymon Żurkowski hardly plays for Fiorentina this season, which is why he lost his place in the Polish national team. The midfielder admitted during Monday’s press conference that he felt a missed opportunity. The 25-year-old has managed just 78 minutes for the club this season. Nevertheless, Czesław Michniewicz called him to the World Cup, but … Read more

The Polish representative ends his career. He will replace the former selector

The Radomians are doing very poorly this season. In the PlusLiga volleyball table, they occupy the penultimate place, having won only two matches. Currently, they are continuing a series of as many as seven defeats in a row – the last one happened to them a few days ago against PGE Skra Bełchatów. Sebastian Świderski: … Read more

EDIFIER joins hands with Pili Ye Xiaochai to launch the PILI220 true wireless headset limited edition combination package, combining Ye Xiaochai’s representative color and family emblem as design inspiration (185872)

The audio brand EDIFIER announced the cooperation with Pili Puppet Show to launch a limited set of PILI220 true wireless earphones with the theme of “Sword Madness and Sword Crazy” Ye Xiaochai. In addition, it also includes collectibles such as Ye Xiaochai’s character calendar, famous sword charms and so on. ▲ PILI220 has an exclusive … Read more

Mundial 2022: Wojciech Szczęsny announced the end of his representative career!

– As of today, I cannot imagine that in 2026 I will be able to play football with the same fire I feel today, which means that I will not play football – Wojciech Szczęsny revealed in an interview with Jacek Kurowski in the program “Eye to eye”. Szczęsny has been the main goalkeeper of … Read more

‘Resurrection wings’ Shim Seok-hee “I followed a lot of luck… I will do my best as a national representative.”

Shim Suk-hee won the women’s 500m at the ISU Short Track Four Continents Championships. ISU SNS capture After many twists and turns, Shim Seok-hee (25, Seoul City Hall), wearing the Taegeuk mark and spreading wings of resurrection, said, “I will do my best while cherishing every moment from now on.” Shim Suk-hee, who recently participated … Read more

‘Resignation of agency representative’ Omega X, “I will not step down as much as I have courage”

While the CEO of Spire Entertainment, who caused controversy over verbal abuse and assault, resigned voluntarily, the group Omega X expressed their feelings. On the 9th, Omega X posted an article beginning with “How are our Poek (fandom name) doing well?” through the newly opened official SNS today (9th). Omega X said, “I want to … Read more

“Double” Zelensky from “Kvartal 95” ridiculed the representative of the Russian Federation in the UN, remembering the “fighting mosquitoes”

This is not the first time Yuri the Great has been entertaining the public with his funny videos on topical issues. Yuri the Great in a new parody / screenshot The actor of the Kvartal 95 studio, Yuri the Great, systematically releases parodies of Russians, which won the love of the audience. This time he … Read more