Catella Swedes buy student residence for 15.5 million euros

The student residence located near the Nova Business School, in Quinta dos Lombos, was purchased by the Catella European Residential Fund for 15.5 million euros. This is the first investment in Portugal by this fund, which is part of the Catella group, mostly from Sweden. The deal that provides for the concession and management of … Read more

This EXCEPTIONAL residence at 471 million € will be sold at -20%: short video visit

The sumptuous Roman villa of Princes Ludovisi Boncompagni, auctioned on Tuesday for nearly half a billion euros, has not found a buyer, the notary in charge of the sale told AFP. Property of an ancient family of Roman nobility, the Villa Aurora, or Casino de l’Aurore, was priced at 471 million euros, including 350 million … Read more

[SC이슈]’Residence in Jeju after divorce’ actress Kim Hye-ri, sudden ‘declaration of diving’. ‘It feels like something is creaking’ Why?

What’s going on? Actress Kim Hye-ri made a ‘diving declaration’. Hyeri Kim recently posted on her Instagram, a picture that looked like it was taken in an airplane, and said, ‘I’ve been thinking a lot these days.. I wonder if I’m doing well… Something creaking… Diving for a while…’. In the photo, Hyeri Kim looks … Read more

Upload Video of Drones Attacking Trump’s Residence, Twitter Delete Accounts Related to Khamenei

loading… Upload videos of drones attacking the residence of former US president Donald Trump, Twitter deletes accounts related to Khamenei. Photos/Gizmodo SAN FRANCISCO – Social media giant Twitter said they had permanently deleted the account associated with the supreme spiritual leader Iran , Ayatollah Ali Khamenei . It was done after the account uploaded a … Read more

Jonquière: suspected presence of explosives in another residence

A police operation took place at the end of the day Thursday in Jonquière because of the suspected presence of explosives in a residence. • Read also: Deadly explosion in Saguenay: the Human Rights Commission opens an investigation According to the Saguenay Police Service (SPS), there is “no connection” with the powerful explosion of criminal … Read more

Imam Toujgani’s lawyer lodged an appeal against the withdrawal of the right of residence

The lawyer of Mohamed Toujgani, principal imam of the Al Khalil mosque in Molenbeek, has lodged an appeal before the council for the litigation of foreigners cagainst the decision of the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Sammy Mahdi, to withdraw his client’s right of residence in October, he indicated on Friday. He will … Read more

Mountains full of illegal landfill in the park garden of the former Antwerp governor’s residence

The former governor’s residence on the Koningin Elisabethlei in Antwerp has become one large landfill. There are piles of garbage and broken washing machines. The so-called Huize Herbosch at the provincial government building is a protected building, but is in decline. Governor Cathy Berx has now raised the matter with the Construction and Environmental Inspectorate. … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle IN DEBT? To afford their residence, they had to make a loan of 9 million dollars

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have offered themselves a beautiful residence in Montecito, California. For this little paradise on earth with multiple rooms, a swimming pool, a cinema and other enticing activities, the Sussexes had to shell out 14 million dollars. A modest sum that would have put them in debt… After getting rid of … Read more

Index – Domestic – Residence, presidential office and millions of salaries can be expected for Katalin Novák

The term of office of János Áder will expire on 10 May 2022, before which his successor must be elected thirty to sixty days, ie in March or early April at the latest. Fidesz’s candidate for the position is Katalin Novák, the former vice-president of the party, Minister of Family Affairs until the end of … Read more

65 housing market still have to support the business Recovery depends on Omicron epidemic control – Post Today

65 housing market still have to support the business Recovery depends on the containment of the Omicron epidemic. Date 31 Dec 2021 time 14:05 Kasikorn Research Center Looking at the housing market in 2022 Residential ownership transfers in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region grew by 1.8%-7.3%, while the opening of new projects is within the framework … Read more