After the election, there are shots in Utena’s basketball: one speaks of revenge, the other of political repression

E. Skersis joined the administration of Utena’s “Juventus” club in 2007, at that time Žydrūnas Urbonas, who came to the Aukštaitija club in 2009, first held the position of playing assistant to the head coach. This duo grew together with the club, rose in positions and won many memorable victories and awards for the city … Read more

Catanzaro, Vivarini: “It’s also my revenge, after so many wickednesses. And that semi-final against Padova…”

The words of the Giallorossi coach, arithmetically promoted to Serie B since yesterday Il Catanzaro flies to Serie B after an extraordinary championship (and difficult to repeat by others, given the stratospheric numbers of the Giallorossi team). His coach, Vincenzo Vivarini, 57, enjoys another medal on his resume: “My revenge? Yes, because I’ve received a … Read more

How Bergen aan Zee became the setting of a revenge attack in the international drug circuit

“Yes, we’re coming home. We shot with those Colombians,” says Macedonian Enes I. in a voice message that the police will later intercept. It is a little past four thirty, on February 16, 2021. He talks quickly, hurriedly. “Do you know what happened? Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Prrr, prrr, bababambambam.” And: “I think … Read more

Revenge porn: an influencer sues her ex-boyfriend for more than 6 billion

A Florida influencer is suing her ex-boyfriend for leaking intimate sexual photos of her without her consent. Mikayla Saravia, 25, who has more than 8 million Instagram followers, is filing a $6.3 billion lawsuit from Nicholas Hunter, with whom she was in a relationship for five years. Their relationship ended last October. The young woman, … Read more

“You can’t stop school violence with anger and private revenge”… Homework left by Jung Soon-shin and ‘The Glory’

The Netflix drama ‘The Glory’ Part 2, which deals with private revenge for brutal school violence, is driving box office hits as soon as it was released on the 10th. Interest is so strong that it ranks first in the TV viewer ratings not only in Korea but also in the world within three days … Read more

Revenge sleeps with 12 men, this woman is hurt by her husband cheating on her even though she has been together for 25 years, here’s the story

Illustration of an affair. GridPop.ID – Infidelity is a terrible scourge for married couples. Reporting from the page, one of the factors that causes people to have an affair is because of sexual desire. The desire to have sex can motivate some people to cheat, including unmet sexual opportunities or needs. Thus, they look … Read more

Wife Takes Away from an Affair, This Man’s Revenge Is No Less Painful

While – Infidelity can be very painful, both for the person who cheated and for their partners involved. Cheating often violates the trust and commitment made in relationships, which can cause feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger, and loss of trust. Partners who are cheated on often feel let down, unappreciated, and feel that their relationship … Read more

Office of the President of Ukraine one year after the Mariupol theater bombing: We will take revenge / Article

The giant inscriptions with the word “Children” on both sides of the theater were designed in such a way that they could also be seen from the air. This did not prevent the Russian forces from dropping a particularly powerful bomb on the theater from a fighter plane. The official number of those killed is … Read more