Electrifying rhythm: Cumbia singers receive an electric shock in full concert in Arequipa [VIDEO] | Camaná | strong electric current | human settlement Upper Huarangal | Arequipa | electric shock | The International Taz and the Sweet Illusion | | PERU

Two of his vocalists from the musical group ‘El Internacional Taz y la Dulce Ilusión’ almost died when they were electrocuted, one of the musicians ended up injured after falling off the stage due to the strong electric current. During a concert commemorating the 48th anniversary of the Alto Huarangal human settlement, in the province … Read more

Vibrate to the rhythm of summer thanks to these 10 festive events in Trois-Rivières

The summer season promises to be particularly festive in Trois-Rivières with an impressive line-up of events that will take place from June to October. In addition to strolling down rue des Forges and in the historic district of Vieux-Trois-Rivières, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of crowded terraces and take part in a host of … Read more

The British royal family dances to the rhythm of Lionel Richie and Take That to close the celebrations for the coronation of Carlos III | People

A coronation lives not only from religious liturgies. On Sunday, after the thousand-year-old ceremonial displayed on Saturday, May 6 at Westminster Abbey, the matter became lighter and the chalices were exchanged for cardboard cups. The United Kingdom continued with the celebrations in honor of their kings, Carlos III and Camila, throughout the warm day. After … Read more

To the rhythm of Muchachos, Argentina had its festival of vaccines, music and color – PAHO/WHO

Buenos Aires, April 27, 2023 (PAHO/WHO). “Boys and girls, we have to take care of ourselves, now we are going to get vaccinated,” intoned the singer of La Mosca, Guillermo Novellis, before an audience eager to hear the new version of what was the hit for Argentine fans during the last World Cup in Football … Read more

Launched a new mobile game THE [email protected] Shiny Colors Song for Prism in the form of a rhythm game. Ready to reveal the gameplay to watch in a nutshell

Sunday, April 30, 2023, 4:29:28 AM, Indochina time. a few hours ago Twitter of THE [email protected] Shiny Colors Song for Prism has come out to hold an event with various updates and important announcements for games from the series. THE [email protected] Shiny Colors Which is a game from a famous series and has different sectors … Read more

To the rhythm of “Muchachos”, PAHO and the Ministry of Health promote vaccination

The 21st Vaccination Week in the Americas will be musicalized by the song “Muchachos”, which became a hymn for all Argentines after the Qatar 2022 World Cup. From April 22 to 29, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) together with the 45 countries and territories of the region, will seek to promote the application of … Read more

Work in the rhythm of ofiSPA: more motivation, less fatigue

It is already the third year that the usual workplace, time and organizational forms have fundamentally changed. The emerging changes were given impetus by the pandemic, which left no choice and moved the majority of people to work from home. Meanwhile, organizations all over the world started searching for new forms of leadership, team, and … Read more

K. Maksvytis on “Žalgiris” marathon before the series with “Barca”: “It’s better to stay in rhythm”

All this, before next week’s responsible Euroleague quarter-final series with the Lithuanian “Barcelona”, but Kazys Maksvytis, whose pupils crushed the “Milk Stars” 88:61 in Pasvaly on Thursday, is not complaining about the schedule. “The final phase of the season is approaching, so we asked the players to concentrate more. They did it in this match. … Read more

Vertical rhythm helps you move passively?Take a quick look at the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of rhythm, weight training and aerobic-HealingDaily-Health News

In recent years, rhythm machines, rhythm machines and other machines that mainly use vertical rhythm to assist exercise have become very popular. Can vertical rhythm really replace exercise? In fact, in addition to vertical rhythm, there are also passive rhythm instruments such as horizontal rhythm, each of which is suitable for different needs. But who … Read more