Rodrigo González talks about Ricardo Morán and his concept of ‘mom’: “Ridiculous and every day he talks more nonsense” Farándula | SHOWS

Rodrigo Gonzalez disagreed with recent statements by Ricardo Moran in around the role of mother in her family indicating that it was ‘an imposition’, the same ones that generated controversy in social networks. MORE INFORMATION: Ricardo Morán responds to criticism after giving his concept of ‘mother’: “My comment was misrepresented and misunderstood” Ricardo Morán said … Read more

Marcela Tauro targeted Tini Stoessel after the separation of Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs

Marcela Taurus pointed against Tini Stoessel in intruders after the controversy separation of Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs. “He is to blame but the woman also chooses to go out with someone who is engaged and who has just become a fatherwhy would she not be responsible? ”Said the panelist without filters. Thus, Taurus … Read more

Rodrigo de Paul caused a couple conflict with Tini Stoessel by telling on TV what his sexual frequency is – Paparazzi Magazine

They no longer hide, they no longer try to maximize an operative lock to live their love. Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul enjoy the feeling that magnetized them months ago and now they go out to shout to the world that they swim through the waters of falling in love. After hiding from prying … Read more

Karen Schwarz responds to criticism from Rodrigo González’s followers: “I see that clowns miss” | SHOWS

The last friday Rodrigo Gonzalezalso known as ‘Peluchín’, was wanted by the Police after giving an opinion on the defamation trial that Johnny Depp won against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Referring to Susana Umbert, Karen BlackCathy Saenz and Lourdes Sacín, was reason enough to seek their police intervention. The law enforcement officers arrived at the … Read more

Captain of the Latvian national team Rodrigo Ābols / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio 1

Regardless of the outcome of the games, my phone has only positive news and support from the fans, it was said by its captain and guest of this show Rodrigo Ābols, according to the Latvian national team in the last games at the World Hockey Championship. Purposefulness, sharpness of mind and talent – qualities that … Read more

Melissa Paredes: Why did you say “Hello, handsome” to Rodrigo Cuba after the ampay?

Melissa Paredes tells why she said Hi, handsome to her ex-partner after the ampay. (Photo: Instagram) Melissa Paredes account that between Rodrigo Cuba and she had a complicity, above all because things were clear from the beginning between them, or so she believed. It is for this reason that the model dared to greet him … Read more

Rodrigo Cuba: There is a ‘chat bomb’ of Melissa Paredes’s ex-husband and a third person confirming separation, according to Janet Barboza | America today | entertainment

New revelations! After Melissa Paredes exposed new WhatsApp chats with Rodrigo Cuba to defend, the driver Janet Barboza He stated that there would also be a ‘bomb’ conversation that could threaten the footballer’s version. According to the former vedette, in the messages the ‘Gato’ Cuba confirms her separation from the actress before the ampay with … Read more

Magaly Medina to Melissa Paredes after uncovering chats: “Her lies fall like cards” | Rodrigo Cuba ampay show business RMMN | SHOWS

After spreading chats that show that Melissa Paredes wanted to recover her marriage with Rodrigo Cuba, Magaly Medina launched a strong criticism against the actress considering that she has been publicly denied again. READ ALSO: Thais Casalino feels sorry for Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo: “Change the tenure regime, I don’t know why it’s going” For … Read more

Rodrigo Lussich made a strong release against Negra Vernaci

Rodrigo Lussichwhich breaks it with Adrian Pallares in front of Partners of the show (eltrece)surprised to make a very strong unloading against the Black Vernaci. “I had to eat a garrón this morning. Of those dry blows that treacherous people always give you“Rodrigo expressed in his radio program, ATR (POP FM 101.5)before naming the driver, … Read more

Rodrigo González exploded and called Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda funny PHOTO criticized photo session with daughter Amor y Fuego entertainment | SHOWS

Rodrigo González had a tough stance against Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda, whom he questioned for having organized a photo session with the model’s daughter. After that, the controversial ‘Peluchín’ threw harsh qualifications at the couple, which he called funny. More information Rodrigo González destroys Melissa Paredes and assures that he ‘envies’ ‘Gato’: “You look … Read more