[Breakfast Landmines]Milk Corn Flakes Hidden High Sugar Trap Dietitian Reveals 5 Types of Breakfast Have Cancer Risks – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Food Safety

The so-called daily plan is in the morning. Many people agree with the importance of breakfast, but some nutritionists pointed out that the common breakfast in daily life, such as fruit juice, bacon, sausage, milk and cornflakes… actually have the opportunity to increase many diseases risks, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, and … Read more

“Do you like team spirit and discipline?” : Full card for the defense, prevention and safety at school option

“Are you interested in jobs related to defence, prevention and security? Do you want to prepare for the defense or police entrance exams? Do you like rigor, team spirit and discipline? The aspirant training for defense professions is for you!”. The presentation made by the Athénée Royal Jean Rey in Couvin for its new option … Read more

Helmet for scooters and new driving test, towards the new Highway Code – Safety

<!– Stampa Scrivi alla redazione Condividi Suggerisci –> To stop the massacres on the roads it is necessary to act on prevention and promote the ‘culture of safety’. The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Galeazzo Bignami, is convinced of this, who, speaking at the #FORUMAutomotive underway in Milan, proposed a crackdown both for … Read more

We will stick to classic buttons, says Hyundai’s design chief

Recently, the interiors of Hyundai cars stand out in one thing – they contain a lot of physical buttons. A number of other manufacturers abandon them in favor of controlling everything imaginable through a touch screen, but according to Hyundai’s chief designer, this is not to the benefit of the cause. “We’ve been using physical … Read more

Bignami: yes to scooter helmets, safety comes first

“Those who use scooters, even in sharing, must use a helmet”. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Galeazzo Bignami, who, speaking at the #FORUMAutomotive underway in Milan, spoke about the possible changes to the highway code. “There are discussions with companies – he underlines – and we are firm … Read more

The Mazda MX-30 hybrid received the highest rating in the stringent Euro NCAP safety tests

In the crash test, both versions of the MX-30 model – both electric and hybrid – achieved impressive scores in all four main Euro NCAP assessment categories: 91 percent. 87 percent of the possible scores for assessing the safety of adults. – for the safety of children, 68 percent. – for the safety of vulnerable … Read more

Crossings will be guarded by robots: Experts want to increase pedestrian safety, children have come up with their own ideas

A number of experts already deal with the safety of pedestrians at crossings. CIIRC or Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at CTU or Technical University of Munich. The problem is that the emerging electric cars are usually silent – so visual signaling could play a bigger role at crossings in the future than ever … Read more

【Supermarket Search】Food Coloring E150c Can Produce Carcinogens 13 Types Contain No Pigment 0 Add Soy Sauce – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Food Safety

Soy sauce is an essential condiment for cooking, but many soy sauces will add additives such as pigments, flavor enhancers, and preservatives, and some soy sauces use caramel III (E150c) and caramel IV (E150d), which may cause cancer. thing. TOPick inspected the common soy sauces on the market, and found a list of 13 soy … Read more

Discover the latest advances in safety of Chinese SUVs

The safety technology that modern high-end vehicles incorporate allows us to drive more calmly and confidently. This offers us GPS navigation systems, ultrasonic sensors, rear cameras, speed assistants, involuntary displacement alerts and other tools that improve our driving experience. One of the characteristics that distinguishes the SUV cars It is precisely the technology that they … Read more

Covid. Aifa suspends the antiviral molnupiravir: “No safety problems, but lack of benefits”

The decision of the Italian medicines agency follows the negative opinion of the EMA’s CHMP of 24 February: lack of demonstration of benefits in terms of reduction of mortality and hospital admissions. 10 MAR – The Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) suspends the use of the antiviral drug against Covid-19 molnupiravir. No particular safety problems related … Read more