Very Tough! This Vespa-like electric motorbike is equipped with advanced safety features, capable of penetrating rain and flooding

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Producer electric motor from South Korea, MBI also launched electric motor stylish scooter retro similar Vespa. MBI officially introduces MBI V as variant electric motor unique design scooter retro typical of Italy. Classic effect MBI V This is very visible from the rounded curve of the body like Vespa current matic. Read Also: … Read more

The successor to the Volvo XC90 has a premiere date! The EX90 will be the safest Volvo in history

Volvo has confirmed the premiere date of the new EX90 model. The electric SUV will eventually replace the existing XC90 and become the safest Volvo in history. Volvo gives us a first look at the model’s successor XC90, but instead of the appearance of the car, the focus is on its safety. The presentation was … Read more

Elections, the five key words of the party campaign: work, business, family, rights and safety

The election campaign played around five themes: work, businesses, families, rights e safety. At least this is what emerges from the analysis of election programs deposited on the Viminale website in view of the political elections on September 25th. The program used allows you to make a quantitative study of the text of the agenda … Read more

Afghanistan, Biden revokes the status of strategic ally – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 23 SEPTEMBER – Joe Biden has revoked the status of “strategic ally” not a member of NATO from Afghanistan. A measure announced by the American president last June. The special status was awarded to the country in 2012, by then President Barack Obama, as a “strategic ally”. Afghanistan has received military assistance … Read more

Volvo EX90 preliminary information | Drive

Did you know that up to a hundred different computer systems work in a modern car? Smart networks run throughout the car, each serving a different function, according to the suppliers’ best knowledge. Volvo’s new flagship will be very safe LiDAR during the day LiDAR during the day Share a photo: The new Volvo is … Read more

Slap Trump, FBI Can Use Seized Documents – World

Legal reverse for Donald Trump in the FBI investigation into classified documents seized in Mar-a-Lago: overturning the decision of a federal judge, a three-judge appeals court has allowed the State Department to continue to use one hundred of documents, establishing that the public interest prevails in the investigations, as national security is at stake. Ginni … Read more

Melons at Arenile di Bagnoli, safety risk. The committees: “A trap, we will avoid clashes”

With the decision to hold the final meeting at Arenile di Bagnoli, tomorrow evening, the closure of the electoral campaign of the Brothers of Italy has become a matter of public order rather than politics. A surprise decision, that of Giorgia Meloni’s party: Bagnoli is a former workers’ district, historically left-wing and politically active with … Read more

How do the parties plan to improve traffic safety? / Script

Saeima elections are coming soon. In order to analyze the offer of the parties and make it easier for the citizens to make their choice, the research company SKDS, commissioned by Latvian Television, conducted a survey of the citizens on the problems that should be solved the fastest in various sectors. Here’s what residents had … Read more

It is not necessary to spend thousands on alarms and other security. The best safety features are free – Autozine

No one wants their car stolen. And so he does everything to prevent that from happening. Someone decides to invest a lot of money in various security elements. These are, for example, alarms, but also steering wheel locks or gear lever locks. All these things cost something and to be objective – an experienced thief … Read more