Money was raining on the American highway. From an armored car

A funny incident where people tried to collect dollars scattered on the road occurred on Highway 5 in California’s San Diego County. Police according to BBC she said that in the ensuing upheaval, the drivers left their vehicles and blocked traffic. “For some reason, money was falling out of the armored car. The banknotes flew … Read more

A plane crashed into a populated area in California. Authorities report dead

At least two people, including the pilot, died after a small plane crashed in the suburbs of San Diego. However, the number of casualties may increase, rescue services are still searching the wreckage. The plane damaged several houses and cars after the crash. Two residents ended up in hospital. A twin-engine Cessna plane crashed in … Read more

The nanothermite, the fall of a building that the plane didn’t crash into, and the mystery of molten steel. Conspiracy theories about the fall of the WTC are still alive

The fall of the World Trade Center buildings was such a shock and so changed the world that many people could not accept it rationally or emotionally. And so many have replaced the complex boring truth and difficult-to-absorb facts with simple and attractive conspiracy theories. There have been many incomparables and ambiguities in the reports, … Read more

The frightening revelation about the K-19 turns everything upside down

A study at the University of San Diego shows that COVID-19 is not a respiratory but a vascular disease, writes “Monitor”. According to scientists, this finding can be explained by the formation of blood clots, which are not classic symptoms of respiratory disease. To prove their theory, the experts created a “pseudovirus” that was composed … Read more

Rahm believed in karma, then the first Spaniard won the US Open. Kordová also celebrated

Golfer Jon Rahm played the role of one of the favorites, winning the 121st US Open and becoming the first Spanish winner of the tournament. At Torrey Pines in San Diego, he won with six shots under par and celebrated the premier title of the major category. American golfer of Czech origin Nelly Kordová was … Read more

USS Bonhomme Richard is still burning, 61 are injured

For the third day in a row, firefighters are fighting a fire on one of America’s multi-purpose helicopter landing craft Wasp moored in the harbor in San Diego, California. According to Admiral Philip Sobeck, the fire is still active, but added that the situation is developing well and firefighters have made significant progress. The fire … Read more