Covid in schools: no school trips until Carnival, no Saint-Nicolas celebration

Education ministers will meet over the weekend and will propose measures by Monday for group separation, extra-curricular activities, mask wear and ventilation, announced Prime Minister Alexander De Croo Friday, after the Consultation committee. “We know that the world of education is very heterogeneous and ministers will meet to put in place additional measures”, he added. … Read more

In Shanghai 3 cases of Covid, canceled flights and closed schools – Last Hour

(ANSA) – SHANGHAI, NOV 26 – Over 500 flights have been canceled, some schools have been closed and tourist trips have been suspended in Shanghai, after the detection of three cases of coronavirus, while China continues a strict policy ‘ zero-Covid ‘, also in view of the Winter Olympics in February. Beijing has managed to … Read more

China, three cases of Coronavirus in Shanghai: schools closed and 500 flights canceled

Three cases of Coronavirus they shut down Shanghai and cancel 500 flights in China. The positives are three friends who have returned from Shuzhou city, all vaccinated. The city government has ordered the cancellation of all interprovincial tourist packages. Six hospitals have closed all their services. “China has accumulated a lot of experience in the … Read more

OMT divided on closing schools, cabinet still has to decide

The team of experts from the OMT has presented the cabinet with two scenarios; the first scenario is to close all schools, but then the sectors must also close completely (a complete lockdown). Close at 5 p.m. A second scenario is keeping all schools open and tightening the current measures, but not a complete lockdown. … Read more

The Czech Republic will not enforce COVID vaccinations

The new government wants to use PCR tests on a larger scale. This information comes from the strategy to combat the epidemic, presented on Wednesday by the leaders of five parties of the coalition government, Petr Fiali. The future prime minister assessed that the current wave of the pandemic could not be stopped. A record … Read more

There will be no compulsory vaccination, we will not close schools. The new government has unveiled a plan to fight covid

The coalition, together with the Pirates and the STAN, which forms the new government, has promised not to close schools due to the covid-19 epidemic. The priority is to keep the impact on education to a minimum, said ODS chairman in charge of composing the government Petr Fiala at a press conference on plans to … Read more

Chief Epidemiologist: Good trends could end in the spread of the disease in schools

“In Lithuania, after the extended school holidays, we are seeing a declining trend in the morbidity rate,” L. Ašoklienė told BNS. “We are still seeing whether this trend will continue or whether the return of students to school will lead to unfavorable trends again, but we are likely to have a slow decline in morbidity.” … Read more

No to confinement for the unvaccinated and no to a vaccination card in schools, says MinSalud | BLU mornings

The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz Gómez, He assured that the Government of Iván Duque is not considering the possibility of confining people who are not vaccinated and that the requirement for a card in schools has not been contemplated either. The official also explained the operating mechanics for the giving booster doses to people … Read more

RIVM director Jaap van Dissel wants schools to remain open

OMT chairman and RIVM director Jaap van Dissel believes that schools should remain open. Even now that the virus is present in schools in full force. In a video by the RIVM, Van Dissel says that it is a ‘checkpoint’ for the OMT to keep primary and secondary education open. This reports RTL Nieuws. In … Read more