In the second final of “Eurovision 2022”: Ireland dropped out, Serbia continued with a song about Megan Markle

Ireland failed to qualify for the grand final of Eurovision. Brooke Scalion performed the pop song “That’s Rich”, but did not ensure success for his country. The country has competed 54 times, triumphing in a record seven times, but has not won since 1996 with Amir Quinn’s “The Voice”. Brooke from Ireland Photo: BTA Although … Read more

Serbia is reacting sharply to the recognition of the Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church

Zoran Cvorovic, a law professor in Kragujevac, said on the decision of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to the Macedonian Orthodox Church that only the Serbian Orthodox Church has the right to grant autocephaly to its organizational unit, Beta reported. Cvorovic commented that Bartholomew “invaded the canonical territory of the SOC” and that he declared the “schismatics … Read more

Serbia shows off the new Chinese missiles: it is alarm in the Balkans (and beyond). Vucic: “We will no longer be a punching bag for anyone”

A muscular performance. Serbia showcased the Chinese-made anti-aircraft missile system that arrived in Belgrade just a few weeks ago. The handover, announced by the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Minister, Zhao Lijian – “regular military supplies,” the Beijing official hastened to say – had already alarmed the West and the rest of the Balkans.

Serbia Introduces Chinese-made FK-3 Missile to the Public, Its Target Fire Reaches Hundreds of Kilometers – For the first time Serbia has introduced its air defense to the public, namely the FK-3. FK-3 is an air defense system in the form of: missile made of China. Serbia proudly showcases the latest addition to its arsenal. Also Read: There are strong reasons why some Indonesian women don’t want to leave … Read more

“Putin stabbed Serbia in the back.” This is the first such situation since the outbreak of the war – o2

According to the European Western Balkans, criticism of Vladimir Putin was published in one of the leading pro-government media – “Srpski telegraf”. It was a reaction to Vladimir Putin’s statement that the so-called The Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics can decide about themselves – without asking for the opinion of the central authorities – to … Read more

A call from the United States for sanctions against Serbia, which did not contribute to Russia

“It simply came to our notice then Serbia has a long cultural and economic history with Russia“Said Sen. Democrat Chris Murphy, a three-member delegation of representatives from both major US parties, who met with Serbian President Alexander Vucci. “At the moment, however, there is a great risk that we, as a democratic community, will not … Read more

Serbia. A rally of support for Putin took place in Belgrade. Thousands of Serbs took to the streets [ZDJÊCIA] † Wiadomo¶ci ze wiata

On Friday 15 April a rally in support of the Serbian capital was held Russia. Thousands of people took to the streets carrying photos of Vladimir Putin. Watch the video Suski demands that the PO “exclude Serbia from the PE club”, although she is not there Serbia. A pro-Russian demonstration passed through the streets of … Read more

Media: Secret Chinese operation in Serbia

On Sunday, media and military experts announced that six Chinese Air Force Y-20 planes landed at Belgrade Civil Airport on Saturday morning and flew ground-to-air missile systems for the Serbian military. Chinese cargo planes with military insignia were photographed at Nicholas Tesla Airport in Belgrade. The Serbian defense minister did not immediately respond to the … Read more

Rarely Realized! Participants in Group G of the 2022 World Cup Qatar have been together since 2018 in Russia

JOURNAL SOREANG – Rarely realized, G group participant World Cup 2022 Qatar always together since World Cup 2018 in Russia. I don’t feel it, World Cup 2022 Qatar will be held from November to December 2022. A total of 29 countries have qualified for the World Cup 2022 Qatar, and there are only 3 slots … Read more

The 3 Most Feared Dark Horse Teams in the 2022 World Cup have been absent for decades in the semifinals, here are their profiles

JOURNAL SOREANG – With the biggest fight in world football almost a few months away i.e World Cup 2022, it is important to note which national teams have clearly established themselves as potential contenders for the gold trophy. World Cup FIFA 2022 is sure to be a unique event, given that it is the first … Read more