my wish is to serve the cinema of my country Morocco

Actress Houda Idrissi began her career in the early 1990s, as a presenter on Moroccan television (Channel 1), while enrolling in ISADAC to have a greater performance in the profession she has. always loved. But fate would have it otherwise, because Houda Idrissi left for Egypt, settled there and made a fine career as an … Read more

“Channel 7HD” prepares to serve happiness “Good drama 7HD, good drama, press 35”, bringing together actors to show mini-concerts to meet fans on 19 June.

Sunday, June 19, 2022, 11:30 a.m. I’m back!! After recovering from an ON GROUND fan meeting due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation But most recently, Channel 7HD is ready to send fun to fans to get closer together with the event “Great drama 7HD, good drama, press 35”, bringing together actors from 3 dramas, 3 … Read more

Microsoft’s PC Game Pass service adds a performance indicator that players can confirm whether the PC hardware specifications are compatible and improves the interface navigation and search functions (178713)

On the whole, Microsoft should make statistics based on the playing experience of many players, so the system indicates that the game can be played smoothly. It may be in low-resolution picture quality, or the minimum hardware specifications can be used, but at least it can allow players to play in the actual situation. Before … Read more

NOPE and Jordan Peele serve an insane taste

NOPE will be discussed a lot this summer. The third film in which Jordan Peele is both director and screenwriter follows up his Oscar-winning debut Get Out and Us. Two horror films with underlying satire and social commentary. Now comes the mysterious NOPE, which hopefully has some of the same ingredients. Jordan Peele describes this … Read more

Sheila Al-Ruwaili, the first woman to serve on the board of directors of the Saudi Central Bank

It included the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to appoint members of the Board of Directors The Saudi Central Bank “SAMA” Other than government employees, Sheila bint Atheeb Al-Ruwaili was appointed as the first Saudi woman to be a member of the bank’s board of … Read more

The CEO profile that Starbucks is looking for should serve as an example to Latin American executives

Starbucks seeks “fresh blood” for the profile of the new CEO Howard Schultz said they will decide by the end of the year and that they are looking for someone from outside the company. The Starbucks business has changed and they need someone who thinks differently. Starbucks is looking for a new CEO. However, although … Read more

enhance profitability and better serve customers

The use of digital and hybrid work formats has predominated in the different sectors in the last couple of years, which is why it is essential for companies to find strategies that allow them to sustain their productivity. According to a 2020 NAPCO research study, workflow automation may be an answer, improving job profitability, increasing … Read more

Towards a license with points in Belgium? “It would serve to punish serious repeat offenders”, assures Vias

The vast majority of citizens are not at risk of losing their license, the system would aim to punish above all “big repeat offenders”, he develops. During the week, the former “Belgian Institute for Road Safety” announced that it had completed a new study on the points-based license, analyzing the Belgian system for monitoring repeat … Read more

This cheap meal that Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz chose to serve at their estimated 3.5 million wedding reception

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz pose for the cover of the UK edition of magazine Vogue on the occasion of their wedding celebrated on April 9th. 500 hand-picked guests had joined the coasts of Florida in Palm Beach to celebrate the wedding of the son of David Beckham and the daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz. … Read more

FACTS A widow makes a 16-year-old man a slave of lust, forced to serve repeatedly, allegedly given strong drugs

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Unfortunate fate befell one teenagers a 16 year old man with the initials R. The victim is now traumatized after being forced to serve a janda initials SR repeatedly on the bed. Even, janda 43 years old is suspected of force-feeding teenagers with strong drugs. The case is currently being handled by the … Read more