Gold prices re-rise at the end of the week’s sessions… and the gram rises by 25 pounds

habit gold prices To rise at the end of the trading sessions this week, so the gram of gold rose by about 25 pounds, as 21 karat rose from 1040 to 1065 pounds per gram in trading in the goldsmiths market, after the global gold market closed at a rise of about 12 dollars, to … Read more

Ferrari has chosen its rookie for the two free sessions

Zapping Sports Auto Moto F1 – Max Verstappen: does he still have weaknesses? In 2022, the FIA ​​integrated into the sporting regulations the obligation for teams to run rookies in two free practice sessions 1. Laurent Mekies – sporting director of Scuderia Ferrari – recently indicated at the microphone of the Formula 1 that the … Read more

Include these 3 training sessions in your sports schedule for a fit body

It is well known that regular exercise is good for health. But because there are so many different alternatives and an infinite amount of information available, it’s easy to get confused about what works. Check out these three workouts to get you in the best shape possible. Put them together into a schedule for an … Read more

Health plans: understand the end of the limit for sessions with psychologists, speech therapists and other therapies | Economy

The Collegiate Board of the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) approved the end of limiting the number of consultations and sessions with psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting held on Monday (11). On July 1st, the ANS had already made coverage mandatory for any method … Read more

“Tenhag” takes Manchester United’s players in intense training sessions (Pictures)

Eric Tenhag, manager of the “Red Devils” Manchester United Take the team to practice at the STB Academy practice field on the morning of July 10th. After that, on July 11, 65, the “Red Devils” army will go to practice in the field of competition at Rajamangala.sportThe place where the practice round will be open … Read more

Teaching: should second sessions in secondary school be abolished?

The reform of school rhythms calls into question the second examination sessions. These second sessions are often held during the holidays, and in particular the summer holidays to avoid encroaching on the new school year. With the reform, this will no longer be allowed. The reform of school timetables reduced the number of exam days … Read more

‘Roller Champions’ is brutal 3 vs. 3 spectacle for short and marathon gaming sessions | games

gamereviewTwo teams of three players, a half-pipe circuit arena, one ball and most importantly, no red card when treating an opponent to a bone-crunching tackle. You’ll master the rules and moves in two minutes, but still refine them after the fiftieth match. ‘Roller Champions’ keeps it simple, but that’s part of its charm and strength. … Read more

Oil prices end the last sessions of the week on the rise… and Brent at $112.55 a barrel

Oil prices rose, as a planned European Union ban on Russian oil and an easing of COVID-19 lockdowns in China countered fears that slowing economic growth would hurt demand. Brent crude futures ended Friday’s session, up 0.46% at $112.55 a barrel, while US NYMEX crude rose 0.35% at $110.28 a barrel. Brent crude rose on … Read more

Saudi stocks lose 594 billion riyals of its market value in 10 sessions

The general index of the Saudi market fell by 1,300 points during only 10 trading sessions, to lose the main market about 9.5% of its value during the trading of the past two weeks, affected by the profit-taking of the leading shares. and comes Saudi stocks fell during last week’s trading, After it recorded the … Read more