COVID-19 is rarely severe or deadly for children

We believe that COVID itself does not cause harm to children on a significant scale London (ANTARA) – Children and adolescents are far less likely to catch a severe case of COVID-19 infection than adults. Additionally, deaths from the disease among children are extremely rare, according to the British study published on Thursday. According to … Read more

LIVE | Merkel warns of severe winter months during pandemic | Inland

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that the fight against the coronavirus will be more challenging in the coming months than it was during the summer. According to her, the virus must be prevented from spreading further while “we spend within time. At work, in schools and at home. ” Merkel said at a press … Read more

Drug Reportedly Reduces Risk of Developing Severe Form of Coronavirus by 79% | World | News | The voice of the east

Che inhaled therapy uses beta interferons, a natural protein that is involved in the body’s response to viruses. The study was performed on a relatively small sample of patients – 101 – and has not been peer reviewed, but it could revolutionize the way COVID-19 is treated. According to Synairgen CEO Richard Marsden, this could … Read more

A protein suspected of playing a role in severe forms | News | The Daily

SAccording to these works, published Thursday in the journal Cell, there is “a very high rate” – 100 to 1000 times more than normal – of this protein, calprotectin, in patients with a severe form of COVID-19. “Our results suggest that calprotectin may be responsible for the worsening of COVID-19,” said lead author of the … Read more

Vitamin D to counter the severe effects of COVID-19?

The study shows that people who have low levels of vitamin D in their blood have a 50 percent death rate ten days after hospitalization. Conversely, those with higher vitamin D levels only have a 5% death rate. Ten times less … “It could be one of the factors that contributed to the explosion of … Read more

The coronavirus pandemic is generating panic attacks and severe crises

The pandemic it deepened gaps and also sufferings. And in times of reduced links to virtuality, it made the work of those who from the Health accompany and are convinced that mental health is addressed through containment nets. This is translated into “a strong demand in recent times”, points out Jésica Redondo, director of the … Read more

New discovery on tissue regeneration after severe burns

THE ESSENTIAL The research team has identified a new category of specific cells in the dermis. Genetically modified, these progenitor cells could allow the development of a treatment for regeneration of the skin after a serious burn. Will people who have suffered severe burns and / or a large part of their body soon be … Read more

“I will be isolated in Rome. I have severe headaches and fatigue “

Men and women, a former Coronavirus positive suitor: «I will be isolated in Rome. I have severe headaches and exhaustion ». Fresh from holiday in Sardinia, the former blonde suitor of Luca Onestini, announced that she is positive about Covid 19 through a post on Instagram. Read also> Francesco Totti, the daughter Chanel ends up … Read more

Dietary supplements for shorter illnesses and less severe symptoms – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Do certain dietary supplements reduce the severity of illness? Taking daily multivitamin and mineral supplements that contain zinc and high levels of vitamin C appears to help older people become ill and have less severe symptoms for shorter periods of time. Can vitamins in dietary supplements reduce the duration of illness and reduce the symptoms … Read more

Because There are Severe COVID-19 Patients and Those Without Symptoms – COVID-19 patients can experience deteriorating health conditions that require intensive care in the hospital. Reporting from, on the other hand, there are also people without symptoms or OTG and do not need treatment. Why is it different? “There is an immediate drop, high mortality. Some are without symptoms or mild symptoms. What … Read more