LIVE TEXT. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Several rocket explosions sank in Kiev this morning

The G7 will ban Russian gold exports in an effort to prevent oligarchs from buying the precious metal to evade sanctions against Moscow, Britain and the United States said on Sunday. According to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the joint action “will directly affect the Russian oligarchs and hit [Krievijas prezidenta Vladimira] Putin at … Read more

In Norway, a Danish citizen is sentenced to psychiatric treatment for killing people with a gunpowder

The court ruled that Espen Andersen-Broten, 38, who was born and lives in Norway, could not be prosecuted for having paranoid schizophrenia. Andersen-Broten pleaded guilty in court. He said he did so because he wanted to be reincarnated in a better place in the next life. Both the prosecutor’s office and the lawyer called for … Read more

Duchess Catherine wants Prince William to get along with his brother

Once so close brothers now go their separate ways. Prince Harry spoke about his alienation in an interview in 2019. Meanwhile, Harry and his wife Megan’s interview with Opra Winfrey last year and subsequent public statements have only widened the gap between the two. Prince William and Harry meet at the opening ceremony of Princess … Read more

Before El hotel de los celebrities, Locho Loccisano participated in a sex reality show

Little was known, until now, about the media past of Locho Loccisanoone of the finalists The famous hotel. As told in LAM(América TV), Locho was a participant in a reality much more played than the one Pampita drives. Is about Playing with fire: Latinoa program in which people who had a certain “addiction” to sex … Read more

Germany announces the launch of the second phase of the gas emergency plan

“Gas is now in short supply in Germany,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck told reporters about the launch of the second phase of the three-step contingency plan. Moscow is using gas as a weapon against Germany in revenge for Western support for Ukraine after Russia launched an open full-scale war against its neighbor, Habek said. Germany, … Read more

Locho Loccisano participated in a reality show about sex addicts before entering El Hotel de los Famosos

Locho Loccisano participated in a reality show about sex addicts before entering The Hotel of the Famous. “We look everywhere for people addicted to casual sex and invite them to the best vacation of their lives. These wild singles will be able to do anything except what they think they’re here for…have sex. Every time … Read more

“Thank you for your care!” – Pabriks replies to Herman’s letter

It has previously been reported that Hermanis addressed the President of Latvia Egils Levits, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš and Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks with an open letter last weekend, asking a question to which he and the entire Latvian society hope to receive an answer. NATO armor and aircraft are training for a single … Read more

Two days of sex reported by woman as abuse have Paul Haggis in the spotlight in Italy

A judge on Wednesday ordered Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis to be held in a hotel in southern Italy while Italian prosecutors investigate allegations of a woman who claims to have been sexually abused by the director over two days, according to Italian media. After holding a hearing that lasted several hours in the Brindisi court, … Read more

Alcohol and sex prohibited: World Cup 2022, the rules promise to be very strict

Fans who travel to the World Cup this winter will have to comply with a series of restrictive rules. The journey of the Belgian supporters who will go to the World Cup in Qatar will not be like a cakewalk. Indeed, they will have to submit to a series of very strict rules in force … Read more

Elvis Presley: this strange reason that made him give up having a sex life with his wife Priscilla

The movie “Elvis” hits theaters this Wednesday. This biopic traces the life and work of Elvis Presley over two decades, from his rise to stardom to obtaining “of his unprecedented star status, as America goes through major socio-cultural upheaval and loses its innocence”. While his descendants participated in the preview in the United States, certain … Read more