Quarantine has been imposed at the Vidzeme hospital from next Monday

Relatives will be allowed to visit patients only with the permission of the attending physician, if the patient’s health condition is assessed as very serious. Visiting the patient is allowed for one person at a time, staying with the patient for no longer than 15 minutes, using an FFP2, FFP3 respirator or a surgical face … Read more

“Your leadership is leading the country to destruction,” – the former journalist of Russia’s “First Channel” sends a package to Putin

On her Facebook page, Agalakova published a photo with awards and a note addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It says that Putin’s leadership is “leading the country to destruction” and that she considers the awards unacceptable. She also published a photo with a postal receipt showing the address “Moscow, Kremlin, for Vladimir Putin”. On … Read more

At the airports of St. Petersburg and Moscow, all men are heavily screened

It is mainly asked when the ticket was bought, whether the person is subject to military service and whether he has received a summons. According to the users of social networks who shared their observations, basically everyone manages to get to their flights. However, due to the slow check-in procedure, there were heavy traffic jams … Read more

The Story of a Man Having 8 Wives: Busy Sex Schedule

Friday, 23 September 2022 – 03:00 WIB VIVA Lifestyle – A practitioner polygamy from Brazil, called “sporn-sexy‘ finally shared his story and opened up about his busy married life, saying several of his wives demanded that he keep his “self” available at all times. Last year, Arthur O Urso made headlines after marrying eight women … Read more

Orban wants to achieve the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia by the end of the year

Sanctions were “imposed on Europeans by Brussels bureaucrats”, Orbán was quoted as saying by the pro-government newspaper “Magyar Nemzet”. On Wednesday evening, Orban addressed the conference of the ruling party “Fidesz” in Balatonalmādi. “These sanctions are causing economic problems, an energy crisis and inflation,” the prime minister said. Orbán has continued to maintain good relations … Read more

5 Latest Facts About ABG Being Sex Slaves by Mami Erika

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya expose underage prostitution. Prostitution is carried out by a pimp who resides in a number of apartments in Jakarta and Tangerang. The suspect, a woman with the initials EMT alias Mami Erika (44) enslave the sex of the new big boy (ABG) for many years. Mami Erika worked with a … Read more

ESPN ranks Porzingis as the 86th best player in the NBA alone

Before the previous season, the Latvian center took the 50th position in the ESPN rating, but the best indicator for Porzingis was before 2017/2018. season, when he ranked 22nd. “Porzingis was great after joining the Wizards at the end of the trade deadline. He averaged 22.1 points, shot 60.6% from the field, which would be … Read more

Behind the curtain: propagandists call for returning Ukraine to the Stone Age

Along with the discussion of the current situation at the front, where the emphasis is placed on the war not with Ukraine, but with the “collective West”, the second most relevant topic of conversation in the propagandists’ programs is the Shanghai cooperation forum in Samarkand, in which Putin participated. Propagandists claim that the mentioned forum … Read more