The Worse of the Sex Recession in Japan, the Government Has Made a Special Agency

Tokyo – Sex recession Of Japan getting worse. The government finally decided to form a special agency to handle it. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stressed that his country’s problems of low birth rates and an aging population must be addressed immediately. To that end, the Japanese government will form a special agency. According to … Read more

“We will not turn a blind eye to such actions” – the Ethics Commission has a stern attitude about Grevcova’s disrespect for Latvia’s history

Two weeks ago, scandalous member of parliament Gloria Grevcova’s reflections on the occupation of Latvia and the work of the Latvian Occupation Museum on the “TikTok” platform caused widespread indignation. While in the museum premises, Grevcova addressed her followers on the social network in Russian, speaking cynically about the history of Latvia and calling the … Read more

China Dizzy Because of ‘Sex Recession’, Counseling ‘Assisted’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chinese province of Sichuan will lift restrictions on unmarried people having children. This comes amid Beijing’s efforts to boost the country’s plummeting birth rate. Sichuan previously only allowed married couples to register the birth of up to two children. However, starting February 15, all residents, including those who are not … Read more

Car news: “Audi A5 Sportback”. Where sportiness meets a little family car

The current updated version of the Audi A5 Sportback came out at an unfortunate time, right at the beginning of the pandemic, but now it is as fresh as it was a year or two ago, and available at a price that already seems low even on the price pages of mid-size crossovers. How the … Read more

Viral: Neighbors beg a man to stop having sex every day at 6:00 am | United Kingdom | sexual intercourse | Mirror | Reddit | World

The call for attention was through a letter signed by “your neighbors at number 17”. A case of a residence in United Kingdom was known thanks to the medium The Mirror, after neighbors send a letter begging a man to stop having sex every day at 6.00 am “Just a reminder that you live in … Read more

Extends the emergency situation on the Latvian-Belarusian border

IeM reports that in January of this year, persons were prevented from illegally crossing the state border in 321 cases, in 2022 – in 5,286 cases, and as of August 11, 2021, persons were prevented from illegally crossing the state border in 4,045 cases. Migrant tent camp on the Polish-Belarusian border +12 Watch more From … Read more

Which movie does TV and radio personality Egon Reiter recommend to watch this week?

Action fans will appreciate this week’s selection of heroic films. This week, the line-up of the Great Film Festival is completed by director Christopher Nolan’s final film in the trilogy about Batman – “The Dark Knight Rises”, which tells the story of the return of the dark knight to fight for the existence of Gotham, … Read more

Cannabis helps women have multiple orgasms

AGI – Cannabis could be the key that women can use to achieve multiple orgasm. These, in a nutshell, i results of a study conducted by East Carolina University and North Carolina State University, and published in the Journal of Cannabis Research. Researchers believe that smoking cannabis before sexual intercourse or masturbation promotes relaxation in … Read more

Unnatural for a 2-star general’s wife

Monday, January 30 2023 – 17:21 WIB VIVA National – The Public Prosecutor (JPU) evaluates the defendant Princess Candrawathi unreasonable to wear clothes sex when leaving the house. This was because Putri was the wife of Ferdy Sambo, a two-star police general at the time. This was conveyed by the Prosecutor when responding to the … Read more