Asia Argento accuses Rob Cohen of sexual abuse after GHB | Stars

In an interview with the Italian newspaper The Corriere della Sera explains Silver: “He made me drink GHB. I didn’t really know what that was then. The next morning I woke up naked in his bed. ” The actress says she didn’t understand what had happened to her at first but later learned more about … Read more

The Mossos are looking for a double sexual aggressor in Barcelona

The man, dressed as a deliveryman, attacked two women on Friday night in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi The Mossos d’Esquadra have opened an investigation, of which for the moment they have preferred not to give much data, for two crimes that occurred from Friday night to Saturday in the Sarroà-Sant Gervasi district. In one case it would … Read more

Celebrities accused of undesirable acts of sexual abuse

The power and influences that are gained from fame and the money, the position or the social or media position, have led to several famous a commit o se accused of undesirable acts of sexual abuse that have unleashed great scandals media. DAUGHTER OF ANGÉLICA RIVERA SHARES PHOTO WITH PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN Whether by filling … Read more

6 famous Mexicans accused of sexual abuse

We present a list of the most controversial episodes that some of the Mexican celebrities have experienced He sexual abuse It is a delicate issue that was normalized throughout the world for a long time, however, due to the relevance of the movement #MeToo in 2017, many women from all over the planet decided report … Read more

Sexual harassment: the victim would not have been fired, according to the company’s lawyer

Sexual harassment declared last August The facts denounced occurred in the middle of last year. An employee of a commercial store in Fort-de-France declared on August 6 that he was the victim of sexual harassment from his superior. A few days later, the latter announced his dismissal. The young man, salesman on CDD, claims nearly … Read more

A telepreacher is sentenced to more than a thousand years in prison for sexual abuse

In the framework of a macro-trial against 236 people, a court in Turkey sentenced to more than a thousand years in prison a controversial Muslim telepreacher accused of espionage, organization of a criminal gang and sexual abuse of minors, among other charges. According judicial sources, the main defendant is Adnan Oktar, founder of the sect, … Read more

Turkish man sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for sexual exploitation

Adnan Oktar, 64, is a preacher, writer and television producer from Turkey Renowned for his programs on Islamic values ​​in which he danced and sang with large groups of young women and men whom he called his “cats” and “lions.” According to the Turkish news agency ‘Anadolu’, Oktar was sentenced to 1,75 years in prison … Read more

An international actor, abuse and prostitution: the incredible sexual confessions of Moria Casán and Benito Fernández

The actress Moria Casán and the designer Benito Fernandez they got together on the tables of the Coliseo theater for a double interview, in conversation format, in which both put all their modesty aside and told their most intimate secrets. Both revealed that they suffered abuse in childhood, but also revealed how they managed to … Read more

In Senegal, controversy over the introduction of a sexual and reproductive education program in schools

Senegalese high school students during a bac test. Credit: DR Senegalese teachers’ unions denounced, at the end of December, an attempt to introduce modules of sexual education and reproductive health into school curricula for children from the age of 5. This information provoked the outrage of religious families and Islamic associations, forcing the head of … Read more

Sexual education in the school program: Ndiassane’s spokesperson at Serigne Mountakha

The religious want to fight against the supposed introduction of a module on homosexuality in the school curriculum. It is in this sense that the General Caliph of the Khadres, Cheikhal Becaye Kounta sent to Touba, a strong delegation led by the spokesperson of the Khadres, Serigne Pape Abdourahmane Kounta. The delegation was first received … Read more