Katherine Heigl’s reaction to discovering the sexual significance of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” – E! Online Latino

Turns out that Watermelon Sugar It’s a great sexual innuendo… Did you already know that? Katherine Heigl and a handful of Harry Styles fans just realized that the theme of the summer is actually an ode to the female anatomy. Specifically, Harry sings about oral sex. If you already knew, feel free to see Katherine’s … Read more

Bayr: Sexual education is essential for children and adults

Sex education has been a teaching principle for 50 years Vienna (OTS / SK) – “Sexual education can be of vital importance for children and adolescents as well as later for adults. Sexual education has been a teaching principle for 50 years. I use this milestone birthday to point out the importance of sexual education … Read more

50 years of fundamental decree on sex education! | Sexual Education Platform, November 23, 2020

PSB: Sex education in schools turns 50 and is now made more difficult by the pandemic Vienna (OTS) – The Sexual Education Platform celebrates the 50th anniversary of sex education as a teaching principle. On November 24, 1970, the Federal Ministry for Education and the Arts published the decree “Sex Education in Schools” (circular no. … Read more

Zuria Vega and other celebrities who support the sexual diversity of their children

Actors White Vega Y Alberto Guerra, who were married six years ago, have formed a family that draws sighs to more than one, since they usually share photographer of his two sons, three and one year old. However, this time they surprised their followers by showing, openly, their son minor using a dress that belongs … Read more

There are three victims of a lawyer arrested for sexual abuse

A 20-year-old girl became the third victim of lawyer Willy Wilfredo AZ (62), denounced for sexual abuse. The accused was apprehended in flagrante delicto when he abused a 21-year-old girl, whom he offered a job as a secretary. The police report states that the apprehended captured his victims in the street offering them a job … Read more

Subject who sent and requested sexual photos of girls falls

(CRHoy.com) A 38-year-old man was arrested in Liberia, as he is suspected of sending images with sexual content to girls. As reported by the Liberian Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), in February and March In the past, a series of complaints were received from mothers of minors, as they received messages from two telephone numbers that … Read more

Sexual relationship with a minor: the offending teacher suspended by the school

. The school’s physical education teacher was arrested Thursday morning by the Central Investigation Division in Brisée-Verdière. A shock wave rocked a college in the East during the past week. The school’s physical education teacher, whom everyone had known for a year, was arrested Thursday morning by the Central Investigation Division of Brisée-Verdière. Brought to … Read more

Sexual inactivity affects half of postmenopausal women after breast cancer

To know in depth the influence of the most effective drugs against breast cancer and its possible link with the sexual desire of postmenopausal women who are survivors of the disease. That is the purpose of the latest study carried out by the Chief of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Quirónsalud Campo de … Read more

Study finds risk of sexual transmission of covid-19 and male infertility

A study by the University of Miami School of Medicine found that COVID-19 can damage testicular tissues and, therefore, affect male fertility and even suggests that it could be transmitted sexually. Research from the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, and echoed by local media on Tuesday, reveals that covid-19 can invade the tissue … Read more

“He’s gay”: Cynthia Rodríguez revealed an actor’s sexual preferences in the middle of the party

A few too many glasses can cause people to do things that are unthinkable or that they should not, this is what happened to Cynthia Rodriguez to whom alcohol led her to air the sexual preferences of one of her fellow actors. More Soccer on video This anecdote was aired during her participation in the … Read more