A professor had virtual exchanges of a sexual nature with about 200 teenagers

The Tournai public prosecutor’s office on Thursday requested an 8-year prison sentence against a professor who officiated in a college in Comines. The man, now 32, is being prosecuted in a case of grooming, a practice which consists of manipulating a minor to extract intimate photos from him. Between 2015 and the summer of 2018, … Read more

Gibran Oversees Case of Alleged Sexual Harassment of Taekwondo Instructor

Solo – Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka is overseeing a case of alleged sexual harassment by a taekwondo instructor against three of his students who are underage. Gibran admitted that he had coordinated with the Solo Police. “The chief of police has followed up yesterday, the report came last week. Yesterday the victim was around … Read more

After Release from Prison, Emon, the Sexual Predator of Hundreds of Sukabumi Children, Becomes a Banana Trader

Sukabumi, tvOnenews.com – Andri Sobari alias Emon, who had stirred up the residents of Sukabumi, West Java for the sodomy case against 120 children in 2014, is now able to breathe free air after serving his sentence. Emon was released on February 27, 2023 from the Cirebon Class 1 prison. Now he is busy helping … Read more

Magaly criticized that Chola Chabuca “hides” the name of the Uchulú aggressor: “You have to say the name” | Magaly TV The Firm | The blowout of La Chola | Tony Rosado | sexual harassment | Ernesto Pimentel | SHOWS

Magaly Medina took a few minutes from his program to criticize how the Chola Chabuca presented the sexual harassment case to the I’m going to die and he did not mention the name of the attacker, limiting himself to calling him “a person” without publicly identifying him. “Ernesto Pimentel says ‘a person’, but ‘Does that … Read more

MMA | Betting scandal, now a bold act. The UFC fighter admitted his sexual orientation

Molina released an emotional statement on social media at the end of last week, which was also a response to his private video, which was unfortunately leaked online. It was supposed to be a sexual act with another man, and a number of people therefore began to supply Molina with a good volley of questions. … Read more

Ivory Coast: the sexual tontine among young people is devastating at school

The phenomenon raged in the past in some neighboring countries of Côte d’Ivoire. But today, the sexual tontine has appeared in several schools in the Ivorian capital. Indeed, this unhealthy practice consists for groups of adolescents to regularly raise funds, which can be estimated at around 2,000 FCFA per day and per individual, in a … Read more

Eersel ‘horror breeder’ goes further than everyone knows: from sexual assault to selling spoiled meat | Don’t miss these stories

RESEARCHEERSEL – The man known as the horror breeder from Eersel has previously been convicted of assault and money laundering. In addition, Jan P. still has an illegal trade in spoiled meat, while nobody intervenes. This is evident from research by this newspaper. “He has shit on everything and also gets away with it.” Richard … Read more

Why does the Japanese media silence Mr. Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual assault … What I talked about in an interview with the British BBC Why did Japan’s leading publishers yield to pressure | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

“If you don’t put up with this, it won’t sell.” “Johnny Kitagawa is protected by the media and the police even if he dies.” Predator: The Secret Scandal of J-Pop aired on March 7 at 9:00 pm (local time) primetime on BBC Two, the British public broadcaster. In it the reporter said: Image = BBC … Read more

Akiko Nogi’s depiction of Okinawa and sexual abuse of women. Talking about “Serial Drama W Fence” with Producer Taku Kitano | CINRA

Set in Okinawa, home to one of the world’s largest US military bases, WOWOW will broadcast WOWOW from March 19th. The screenplay was written by Nogi, who has produced many social entertainment such as the drama “Unnatural” (2018), “MIU404” (2020), and the movie “Sin no Koe” (Originally written by Takeshi Shioda, 2020). Akiko. Producer Taku … Read more

Pope Francis criticizes the handling of cases of sexual abuse in the Church – Observer

Following the disclosure of cases of sexual abuse in the Church in several countries, including Portugal, Pope Francis left a warning about this crime: “Your work in favor of protecting the most vulnerable is urgent and essential”. And he criticized those who “minimize” the victims’ stories. Francis has been Pope for ten years. The debates … Read more