Do you know that you have to urinate after sexual intercourse? It can happen to anyone: Honeymoon cystitis!

Some women may feel a burning sensation in the urinary tract when they urinate after sexual intercourse. This painful condition that occurs after sexual intercourse is called honeymoon cystitis. WHAT IS HONEYMOON SYSTITIS? The painful condition that usually occurs after sexual intercourse and marriage can happen to any woman. As fun as it is, women … Read more

Munich. The report on sexual abuse does not spare even the former pope

Its Munich correspondent emphasized that the experts did not spare any of the church dignitaries who, in their opinion, share responsibility, even Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who has been the Archbishop of Munich since 2008, and his predecessor in 1977-1982, Card. Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Senior Benedict XVI. His testimony about the participation and complicity in the … Read more

“There is a sexual consequence of Covid-19 which can lead to a shortening of the penis”

Does Covid-19 really shrink men’s penises? A few days ago, an American patient with Covid spoke about this phenomenon. According to him, the size of his penis decreased after contracting the virus. The story was relayed in the United States and the media then spoke of “Covid dick”. Yahoo asked Antoine Faix, urologist and andrologist, … Read more

British prince Andrew blamed for sexual exploitation loses military honorary title / Article

Queen Elizabeth II has also agreed that the 61-year-old Duke of York, Andrew, is relinquishing the role of honorary patron of various charities, Buckingham Palace said on Thursday night. British media reported that he would no longer use the title of “His Royal Highness” in the official environment. The decision to disqualify the title is … Read more

Unesa Lecturer Perpetrator of Sexual Violence Deactivated for a Year and Promotion Postponed

The leadership of the State University of Surabaya (Unesa) sentenced a lecturer with the initials H to be suspended for a year and a two-year postponement of promotion and position for committing sexual violence against female students. Vinda Maya Setianingrum, Head of UPT Humas Unesa, said that the decision to disable lecturers who perpetrated sexual … Read more

Dutch television suspends subsequent broadcasts after allegations of sexual crimes

“All The Voice’s programs have been suspended until the charges are resolved,” a spokesman for the station told the Dutch Press Agency (ANP) on Monday. On Saturday, the television suspended the broadcast of “The Voice of Holland” with immediate effect – it was reported in the issued statement. “The allegations are very serious, shocking and … Read more

5 Things That Can Lower Sexual Desire, Beware of Disturbing Intimate Relationships – All Pages

MARC TRAN Illustration of sexual desire disorder – One of the factors that reduce intimacy with a partner is a decrease in sexual desire. Decreased sexual desire affects the intimate relationship that is lived with a partner. Disorders of sexual desire experienced by a person can be caused by several things. Then, what are … Read more

There are people in their 80s reporting sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

JN / Agencies January 15, 2022 at 8:46 pm The independent commission on sexual abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church validated, in less than a week, 102 testimonies, which contain “moments of deep pain and suffering”, revealed the coordinator, Pedro Strecht. In a note released to the Lusa agency, the coordinator of the commission, child … Read more

Chris Noth, aka “Mr Big”, accused of sexual assault: his wife in tears and without her wedding ring (video)

In December, a new woman accused American actor Chris Noth, famous for his role as Mr. Big in the series “Sex and the City”, of sexual assault, but will not be able to press charges, the facts that she denounces being prescribed. The total number of women who have spoken out against him now stands … Read more

Discomfort at the Brussels Conservatory after a student was accused of sexual assault

Several students from the Brussels Conservatory “have a ball in their stomachs” at the idea of ​​rubbing shoulders with one of their classmates. The latter is indeed suspected of having sexually assaulted several people outside the walls of the establishment. According to Pomegranates who investigated this story, 11 students out of the 13 present in … Read more