Australian Winter Olympics team confirms short track speed skating athletes

  Original title: Australian Winter Olympics team identifies short track speed skating athletes The Australian Olympic Committee announced on the 17th that short track speed skater Brendan Corey was selected for the Australian Winter Olympics team and will compete in the men’s 1000m and 500m events. This will be his first time participating in the Winter … Read more

Dragon TV’s “Beyond” broadcasts three generations of short track speed skating people tonight

Dragon TV’s “Beyond” broadcasts three generations of short track speed skating people tonight 2022-01-17 14:18:22Source: Xi’an News Network Xi’an News Network News is directed by the State Administration of Radio and Television, produced by Shanghai Radio and Television, Heilongjiang Radio and Television, and Shanghai Ningmeng Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., directed by Zhang Xiaobo … Read more

Sex scene in the Acropolis of Athens, the short film of the scandal shakes Greece: “Shameful”

A sex scene filmed at the Acropolis in Athens is causing a lot of discussion in Greece. The authors of the short film that is circulating online speak of a political gesture to claim LGBT rights since the protagonists are gay, but the authorities are looking for those responsible for what they deem an “illegal” … Read more

Tunisian cinema at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

The 44th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, from January 28 to February 5, will be face-to-face In a press release, the festival team spoke of its pleasure in “reconnecting with the vitality and jubilation of a flesh-and-blood edition, in the screening rooms as well as in the aisles of the Film Market. And … Read more

11.01.22 BTC / USD technical analysis – short breakthrough support and quick redemption

Bitcoin (BTC) had a pretty interesting development yesterday, as the exchange rate fell below $ 40,000 for a short time. However, I was suspicious for two reasons. On the one hand, something similar happened in September last year, and on the other hand, selling pressure somehow did not increase. On the contrary, the price drop … Read more

China Golden Globe Awards start short list of Shandong Taishan players | Golden Globe | China | Shandong Taishan_Sina News

Original title: The selection of the China Golden Globe Awards starts with Shandong Taishan players leading the shortlist China News Service, Beijing, January 11. The reporter learned from the Golden Globe Awards Selection Committee that the 5th “China Golden Globe Awards Selection” with the theme of “setting a Chinese football example” was officially launched, and … Read more

Kazakhstan. A short lesson for Ukraine – news from Ukraine, Politics

In 2014, in the most difficult times for Ukraine, we at chose to write the truth. Many publications were bought. Many publications were closed. They wanted to take everything from us. We have chosen the path of resistance. From the first day of the Maidan, we hosted LIVE, which was read by millions. And … Read more

Egypt – Will the Earth swell or shrink, and when will it lose its atmosphere?

(MENAFN– Youm7) Our blue planet is constantly undergoing very big changes, since its formation to this day, and although humans do not directly notice them, because of its very short life compared to the age of the Earth, it is possible to estimate it scientifically. According to the “Sputnik” website, our blue planet, like the … Read more

More than 10 percent do not take a booster: ‘Protection probably short, but important’

“We are in a lockdown to gain time for the booster shots. If we do not vaccinate now, we will not use that time well, says vaccinologist Anke Huckriede of the University of Groningen. “That can cause problems in the hospital.” ‘Feel me a pincushion’ And Ben van der Zeijst, vaccinologist at the LUMC is … Read more

Bolek ends up in Karviná after short circuit with Sparta, Baník welcomes reinforcements from Pilsen

The first football clubs FORTUNA: LEAGUE have started winter training. The teams of Karviná, Ostrava and Pardubice met. The first player changes also took place. Today, the Karviná footballers began preparations for the spring part of the premier league season with the defender Adam Jánoš, who is catching up with possible guest appearances from Baník … Read more