How to fight in Pokémon GO against your friends in a simple way

If you want to test your skills against a friend online at Pokémon GO, is now completely possible and is as simple as ever. All you will need is a stable connection on your smartphone, and of course some friends who are willing to fight. To access the menu to fight friends in Pokémon GO, … Read more

Deactivating Xing tracking: It’s that simple

Page 1 of 12 Back forward Xing is and will remain a relevant business network in Germany. In order to finance itself, Xing has also implemented an advertising and tracking network in its applications. In “How to” we explain how you can deactivate Xing tracking. The entire marketing and communications industry still talks almost exclusively … Read more

OpenAI manages to create images from simple sentences

OpenAI once again impresses artificial intelligence specialists. (Drawing) – Pixabay / geralt The company OpenAI, specialized in artificial intelligence, has present Tuesday January 5 a tool allowing to generate images from a simple text, reports 01Net. Called Dall.E, it is a neural network that is based on GPT-3, the language model developed by the company … Read more

Covid in Sporting: opacity and generalizations

The covid crisis It has resulted in a great external controversy around Sporting and an internal storm in the sports entity. And, in addition, it has become a great added difficulty for the trackers of the Ministry of Health and the club itself in their attempt to follow in the footsteps of the ten infections … Read more

Protect yourself from future illnesses by following these simple tips | News from El Salvador

In 2020, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, he reconfirmed the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to strengthen the immune system. Unfortunately, pandemics can appear at any time, and the COVID-19 that we still suffer from will not be the last, scientists estimate. Given this reality, the best that the population can do … Read more

Manchester United and Chelsea’s goal has become ‘a great player’ by ‘doing the simple things right’ at West Ham

Tony Cascarino believes that West Ham midfielder Declan Rice’s ability to do simple things exceptionally will propel him to the top of the game. The England international is having another brilliant campaign for the Hammers in midfield in his impressive start to the season. . or licensees Rice has been linked to a move to … Read more

How to restart the Bluetooth, WiFi and data connection of your Xiaomi in a simple way – Xiaomi News

It’s probably not the first you see that the connection WiFi your Xiaomi fails. The same may have happened to you with the data connection or even the Bluetooth, impossibility at the time of link to other devices or problems in which we don’t have internet connection that we can solve with a simple adjustment. … Read more

We tested Microsoft ICE, the simple free program to make panoramas

It is impossible to know everything. Until a few days ago I was using Adobe Lightroom to make panoramas. I didn’t need another one and I assumed that I couldn’t count on the possibility of having all the photographs that formed it in layers … That had to be paid for … But now I have discovered (late) Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE), a free panoramic program that works almost perfectly.

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James Gunn’s speech was hilariously simple –

Writer and director James Gunn reveals how he released Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to Marvel Studios and the process was very simple. James Gunn release for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 it was so simple. The filmmaker tackled the MCU through 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which quickly became a hit. Given … Read more