【Health Crisis】Middle-aged man thinks his life is simple. Doctor predicts that he will die from heart disease in 10 years- Hong Kong Economic Daily- TOPick – Health- Health Information

▲ A middle-aged man thinks he lives a simple life, but the doctor predicts that he may die of a heart attack in 10 years. Urbanites want to be healthy, and their lifestyle and habits also play a big role. Liu Boren, an expert in nutritional and functional medicine from Taiwan, shared that a 55-year-old … Read more

Software Harvest (1/2/2023): a simple editor with a rich interface

ecode A lightweight and undemanding source code editor written for modern hardware. It is built on a framework eepp, which focuses on providing a rich user interface. It can highlight syntax, auto-completion, switch between dark and light appearance, set color scheme or set keyboard shortcuts. In addition, it supports LSP, has its own plug-in manager … Read more

“What Men Talk About. Simple Pleasures: A boring new comedy from the I Quartet

In the summer of 2019, Lesha (Leonid Barats), Sasha (Alexander Demidov), Slava (Rostislav Khait) and Kamil (Kamil Larin) are walking around Moscow. They drink alcohol, but they don’t seem to get drunk. They are constantly eating something, but they do not seem to be full. Sometimes in between times they joke a little, but also … Read more

How to lose weight without dieting ? Simple tricks to have a beautiful figure after the end of year celebrations!

How do you get rid of holiday excess? We give you some good advice to lose weight without depriving yourself! @BELGAIMAGE You want to lose weight, but you don’t want to embark on a diet that is too difficult and too strict? You tried several diets, but they didn’t work and you quickly regained your … Read more

Zofia Zborowska with new hair. It is simple and very clear. Fans delighted

Zofia Zborowska She was blonde for many years In November 2020, she dyed her hair dark brown. Delighted husband of the actress, volleyball player Andrew Wronathen stated that it finally looks like “the real thing Black Wrona”. Then Zborowska decided to take the next step and a visit to her favorite hair salon ended with … Read more

Free online photo editing experience and teaching of Photopea: No need to install a simple version of Photoshop, you can keep layers and save PSD files, and PS software can open and edit #pdf (187908) – Cool3c

If there is a temporary need for photo editing but Adobe Photoshop is not installed on the computer, you can try the free online photo editing service Photopea in such an emergency. After the actual test, the functions are more complete than expected, and even the shortcut keys can be used. It works like It … Read more

A 2014 roguelike reaches peaks of 20,000 players on Steam and the reason is very simple: it’s free, but only for a few days – Dungeon of the Endless

For a few days, Dungeon of the Endless enjoys a Second life within reach of very few proposals. As detailed the steam databasethe action title with roguelike elements reached a peak of almost 20,000 simultaneous players, a figure destined for highly anticipated and followed releases. However, this game of 2014 he got it almost a … Read more

Figure of Ambassador Prakosa in the Eyes of Ganjar Pranowo: Super Simple

Jakarta – The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, came to pay his respects to the funeral home of the Indonesian Ambassador (Ambassador) in Italy, Muhammad Prakosa, located in Bantul, Central Java. In Ganjar’s eyes, Muhammad Prakosa is a senior in PDIP who is super simple. “Very intellectual, egalitarian, super simple, and I never forget … Read more