Caterina and Melissa exchanged in cradles at birth: we will watch “Sisters forever” together on Raiuno

“The fiction? We will all look at it together in my house, with handkerchiefs in hand and without looking each other in the face to avoid tears. Like this Marinella Marino, 50 years old, biological mother of Caterina Foderà (but called Melissa), one of the two girls who on New Year’s Eve 1998 were swapped … Read more

Ellien witnessed a fatal accident with two sisters: “Mi… (Antwerp)

Antwerp – On Monday, the Fietsersbond campaigned for more road safety at, among other things, the intersection of Plantin and Moretuslei with Mercatorstraat in Antwerp. One of the participants was Ellien Stinissen. She witnessed the fatal traffic accident in Lange Leemstraat last week. “My confidence in the organization of traffic in Antwerp is gone,” she … Read more

Muhammad Sami kisses Mai Omar at his sister’s engagement party (video) | news

Director Mohamed Sami always expresses his great love for his wife, the artist Mai Omar, and flirts with her in any picture he publishes for her. Mohamed Sami shared his fans with a video of him with his wife, Mai Omar, as they dance a romantic dance at his sister Reem Sami’s engagement party. We … Read more

Jewish sisters who died in accident already buried: “How can…

The intersection in Antwerp where two sisters died on Tuesday morning after being hit by a truck had been made conflict-free a few months earlier. As a result, pedestrians and cars did not see the green light at the same time. But that decision was reversed. The two girls were already buried in Putte in … Read more

Donia Batma and her two sisters in swimsuits and exciting moves that anger the followers

The Moroccan actress raisedDonia Butma​ A sensation on social networking sites, after her sister posted on her personal page on the social networking site, a photo and video of her with her two sisters from inside the swimming pool.The sisters wore a bathing suit, and the pictures showed the upper part of their bodies, but … Read more

The Story of Twin Sisters Called The Oldest Prostitute, Has Served 335 Thousand Men

Amsterdam – Louise and Martine Fokken are dubbed the oldest sex workers in Amsterdam. The twin sisters have been in the world of prostitution for decades. After retiring, the two shared their experiences while working in the ‘dark world’. This Dutch twin duo are legendary commercial sex workers because of their stories. Louise and Martine’s … Read more

Aislinn Derbez: who are the other sisters of the actress that few know | Instagram photos | MEXICO

Aislinn Derbez She has become one of the best actresses in Mexico and is known for being the oldest of the Derbez. Although much of his personal life is public knowledge, few know who all his loved ones are, especially on the side of his mother Gabriela Michel. The Mexican actress She has maintained a … Read more

Video| Laila and Malak Ahmed Zaher dance at Rana’s sister’s wedding

02:39 PM Friday 30 July 2021 I wrote – Mona El Mougy: Young artist Malak and her sister, actress Laila, daughters of artist Ahmed Zaher, were keen to attend the wedding of their friend’s sister, the young artist Rana Rais, which was held yesterday in a hotel in Greater Cairo.And the bling.weddings page on Instagram … Read more

Fan Zhendong leads the training coach: set an example for juniors and younger sisters to reflect China’s strength | Fan Zhendong_Sina

Original title: Fan Zhendong leads the coach: set an example for juniors and younger sisters to reflect China’s power Source: CCTV News Client On the evening of July 30, in the men’s singles final of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese players Fan Zhendong and Ma Long joined forces to contribute a wonderful duel. In the … Read more

Stars who outperformed their sisters .. How was Afaf Shaker a reason to discover her sister Shadia?

Many of the art stars who achieved wide fame and stardom had brothers who preceded them in the artistic field, and this was one of the incentives that prompted these stars to start their career, and there are famous artistic families whose members achieved many successes and wide fame, and some of them achieved fame … Read more