Jailyne Ojeda rides a jet ski and shows off her rear in a red bikini

the american model Jailyne Ojeda upsets Instagram when riding a jet ski where she shows off her rear in a red bikini that leaves little to the imagination. The 24 year old she has no qualms about showing off her voluptuous rear, while taking a ride on a jet ski, which undoubtedly steals sighs from … Read more

The world champion in ski mountaineering fell from Mont Blanc – eXtra.cz

Two-time ski mountaineering world champion Adele Milloz died after falling from the Mont Blanc massif in the Alps. The twenty-six-year-old athlete left competitive skiing, so that she can train as a mountain guide. According to the Sky News portal, however, one of her trips turned out to be fatal. Adele Milloz and her 30-year-old companion … Read more

Mont Blanc, the yellow on the death of ski mountaineering champion Adele Milloz: “The route was open, but the shelters closed due to landslide risk”

She was a champion of Alpine skiing with the dream of becoming one mountain guide. One step away from being realized. The life of Adele Milloz, 26, broke apart just before taking that last step. Friday 12 August, in the afternoon, his body was found lifeless together with that of a thirty year old French … Read more

Jelínková, a native of Brno, will ski for the Czechia instead of the Netherlands

For the first years of her life, Jelínková lived with her parents in the Netherlands, from where they moved to Austria at the age of eleven. But she was interested in representing the country where she was born when her mother was visiting. “I thought about moving to the Czech Republic several times during my … Read more

Can you find the skis in the optical illusion in less than 28 seconds? Then they say you are a record holder

Can you find a pair of skis in a tropical optical illusion? If you spot them in less than 28 seconds, you’ll be a record holder, according to The Sun. But in a picture full of summer sunbeds and umbrellas, crabs and starfish also appear to confuse people even more. How fast you can find … Read more

An individual jumps from the Wandre bridge and is rescued by a man on a jet ski

Published on Sunday, July 3, 2022 at 9:44 p.m. Par Romain Cammereri This Sunday, around 7:50 p.m., an individual jumped into the Meuse from the Wandre bridge. He was able to be rescued. This Sunday evening, around 7:50 p.m., the Liège firefighters were called to Wandre where they were told that a man had just … Read more

Ledecká decided on another surprising breakup. There are millions more in the game

Neither the company itself nor the skier has officially announced the new cooperation yet. The information brought by the daily Blesk, however, was confirmed by Sport.cz, a well-informed source, stating that Kästle was able to offer Ledecká better financial conditions. The Czech star is now to collect 9 million crowns a year for using the … Read more

Details of the transfer of the year. Ledecká changes skis, it was acquired by the Czech-Austrian brand

In the world of sports equipment, it is a similar bomb, as if athlete Zuzana Hejnová moved from Nike shoes to Czech Botasky at the time of her greatest glory. Ester Ledecká, the biggest star of Czech skiing, ends at Atomik and moves to the Czech-Austrian brand Kästle. The information provided by the dailies sport.cz … Read more

The Norwegian Ski Association was slaughtered in 2019 – now the numbers are even worse – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– After Christmas in 2020, I could not take it anymore, the motivation was not at its peak, says Amund Hårstadhaugen (15) to NRK. In 2019, Amund was involved in both cross-country skiing and football, and He then met NRK at training with the cross-country team Runar. When NRK met him again two years later, … Read more