Disclosed the cost of the new Skoda Octavia in Russia – Motor

The new Octavia will appear on the Russian market with three petrol engine options. It is an “aspirated” 1.6-liter with 110 horsepower, a 150-horsepower 1.4 turbo engine and a two-liter turbocharged unit that produces 190 horsepower. The base 1.6 engine is combined with a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed “automatic”, a turbocharged 1.4 TSI … Read more

The smallest Skoda retired a year after the premiere – Motor

Skoda’s chief marketer made it clear that the company’s priority is to release larger and more marginal models. One of these is the successor to the Citigoᵉ iV in the Skoda battery range, the new electric crossover Enyaq. In some European countries the Citigoᵉ iV has disappeared from Skoda’s local configurators, but in the UK … Read more

Škoda wrote off the cheapest model. He was definitely “killed” by the new Enyaq – AutoTN.cz

The Škoda Citigo electric mini-car was sold out in the Czech Republic in the middle of the year, when this year’s quota of 200,000 cars for the domestic market was exhausted. It has already been sold out all over Europe and the smallest Škoda apparently will not get another chance. “Citigo is out of the … Read more

Professional mechanics recommend Czech Škoda cars among cars over 200,000 crowns. Hyundai cars were the worst

A unique survey conducted by a network of independent car repair shops, where 239 professional mechanics graded the fifty most popular vehicles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, also evaluated cars at a price range of over two hundred thousand crowns. The Škoda Octavia III became the winner, while the cars of the South Korean … Read more

Today, the Škoda 110 R is a prized veteran, and in his time he also ruled the races. He celebrates 50 years

There are a lot of fans of Czechoslovak cars from the times of communist totalitarianism, as well as a lot of opinions on which car from that time is the most beautiful. Some say that the “papaláškára” Tatra 603, for others it is a Škoda Felicia convertible – and others do not allow the “erko”, … Read more

Electric vs. diesel SUV. How is the comparison of the Škoda Enyaq with the Kodiaq sister model based?

The arrival of Škoda’s first electric crossover, the Enyaq, sparked debates about its price. It exceeds one million crowns. It is therefore high for the conditions of the Mladá Boleslav carmaker, but it is quite acceptable among electric cars. Interestingly, we compared the Enyaq to a similarly sized, well-equipped Kodiaq SUV. The day before yesterday, … Read more

The Škoda Citigo, including the electric version, is definitely coming to an end. A successor is not considered

You will not order the smallest model of the Mladá Boleslav carmaker today, you have to rely on warehouse cars. The city’s Citigoe iV will probably end up completely without a successor. The Škoda Citigo is a sibling of the Volkswagen Up! and Seatu Mii. Although its future was uncertain years ago, the Mladá Boleslav … Read more

Škoda Enyaq Škoda Kodiaq: What will you (not) get for 1.2 million?

The arrival of Škoda’s first electric crossover sparked debates about its price. It is high for the conditions of the Mladá Boleslav carmaker, but it is quite acceptable among electric cars. For interest, we compared it with the bloated Kodiaq. The day before yesterday, the Škoda carmaker officially introduced the electric SUV Škoda Enyaq iVwhich … Read more

The Škoda Enyaq iV will take part in the Tour de France. He will drive like a director’s car

Only shortly after its official unveiling, the Škoda Enyaq IV awaits its premiere in a sharp position. The electric crossover will take part in the famous cycling race. Škoda has been the official partner of the famous Tour de France cycling race for many years. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, it is still taking place this … Read more

The new Škoda Enyaq will lead the competitors on the Tour de France, it has received the necessary modifications

In the electric SUV Enyaq iV, the first Škoda standing on the modular MEB platform, the director of the Tour de France plant, Christian Prudhomme, will drive the 183-kilometer stage from Gap to Privas. It is a pity that Enyaq will use its above-standard equipment to keep the race running smoothly. Designers and painters thoroughly … Read more