Lsjuee Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Beanie Plain Skull Knit Beanie with Soft Cuffs Unisex Men Women Daily Knit Hat: Clothing

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In EL UNIVERSAL we publish your literary skull

He Day of the Dead approaches and, as is tradition, THE UNIVERSAL invites its readers to put their creativity to the test and submit their literary skulls. Write a skull about politics, entertainment, culture or sport and send it to [email protected] or through a message on our official Facebook account The Universal Online o on … Read more

NBA: The biggest head start in the NBA: Miami Heat is tattooed on the skull

NBA Spectacular demonstration of love for some colors The wildest tattoo in the NBA Lto fever for Miami Heat is growing among fans of a team that, against the odds, qualified for the NBA Finals and whom only the Lakers could defeat. However, that madness for the Florida team has reached the extreme with this … Read more

Javier Ordóñez has 9 skull fractures: Legal Medicine

He Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, revealed this Friday that lawyer Javier Ordóñez, victim of the case of police brutality that has shocked the country and the world, died as a result of the blows that were inflicted on him, apparently, the policemen who took him to the CAI last Tuesday night. “There … Read more

So that his head was like a skull, this man pulled out his ears and stored them in a jar all

FINSTERWALDE, – A tattoo lover is willing to pull out his own ears so that his head looks similar skull. He claims to have spent more than £ 6,000 (Rp. 117.5 million) to fulfill his wish. The man also revealed that he kept a piece of his ear in a jar. Also read: The … Read more

A chip in the skull. Sign of the end of the human species?

September 05, 2020 Today at 02:10 Elon Musk and his start-up Neuralink praise the merits of a super-brain thanks to a chip implanted in the skull. As usual, he surprised everyone. Elon Musk unveiled his new futuristic project this week. The successful entrepreneur, boss of Tesla and Space X, began his presentation with a “It’s … Read more

“It’s like a smartwatch in your skull”: Elon Musk presents his new brain implant prototype

“It’s like a Fitbit (smartwatch) in your head,” Elon Musk enthused Friday, during an online talk about the progress of his brain-to-computer interface project, which is getting a lot of attention. skepticism in the scientific community. The futuristic entrepreneur (Tesla, SpaceX) presented a year ago a chip with ultra-fine threads, which can be implanted in … Read more

A Fitbit for your brain: Elon Musk showed the new Neuralink, the chip that is implanted in the skull

The chip that Neuralink is developing to read the activity of neurons thanks to filaments inserted into the brain, and eventually generate artificial orders that the brain takes as its own The fourth richest man in the world, Elon Musk (creator of the electric cars Tesla and the space transport company SpaceX, among other projects) … Read more

“Ubisoft reboots Skull & Bones and turns it into live storytelling game” – Gaming – News

Ubisoft is giving Skull & Bones a different twist, VGC sources report. The game announced and widely postponed in 2017 will be rebooted and will feature a live game model, with stories that change dynamically based on player actions. According to developer sources who want to remain anonymous, Skull & Bones struggled to differentiate between … Read more