Mechanisms were outlined for technologies

The government outlined the mechanisms by which it is planned to stimulate the technological development of Russia until 2030. Among them, according to Kommersant, are loans secured by intellectual property, the commercialization of developments in the defense sector and subsidies for “reverse engineering”. Because of the sanctions, the industry is threatened with “technological degradation,” officials … Read more

Ganjar’s Response If Not Supported by PDIP Goes Forward in the 2024 Presidential Election – The Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Ganjar Pranowo responded to the potential of not being supported by the PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) to run for the upcoming 2024 presidential election (pilpres). According to him, this matter was fully handed over to PDIP Chairperson (Ketum) Megawati Soekarnoputri. “Yes, that’s PDI Perjuangan business, Bu Mega … Read more

Guntur Soekarno Chooses Ganjar over Puan: The President Doesn’t Have to Be Trah Soekarno

thunder soekarnoputra. ©2023 – Soekarno’s first son, Guntur Soekarnoputra, emphasized his choice of Ganjar Pranomo over Puan Maharani. In his opinion, the Indonesian president does not have to be of the Soekarno family. This was revealed by Guntur alias Mas To during a special interview with Liputan6 at his home, quoted by, … Read more

10 Celebrity Fashion Trends With Green, You Can Copy For Slicker Styles in 2023!

Singer with a melodious voice Lyodra is known as one of the celebrities who has a simple but still elegant fashion style. In this photo, he appears to be wearing a green knit shirt layered with a blazer. Copyright: credit: instagram/lyodraofficial/tmd

Turns out to be a billionaire, this is a row of sources of wealth from Gading Marten – becoming a famous actor and owner of a football club

Ivory Martin currently enjoying holidays with his daughter, Nora Marten’s joy and also his ex-wife, Gisella Anastasia. While in Europe, at least ivory has visited several countries, such as England, France and Switzerland. Interestingly, at this holiday moment, Gading Marten is in the public spotlight, not about his closeness to Gisel, but netizens highlighting Gading … Read more

7 Portraits of Gewa, the late children of Glenn Fredly and Mutia Ayu wearing Hanbok, Salfok to their eyes, which are very similar to their father – Through social media, Mutia Ayu is quite active in uploading photos and videos of her daughter Gewa. Recently, a portrait of Gewa, the son of the deceased Glenn Fredly managed to steal the show. When participating in school events, Gewa appears wearing a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. Even though his face is … Read more

Calling Divorce the Biggest Regret, Portrait of Gading Marten and Gisel on Vacation – Mesra Like Husband and Wife

Netizens regretted the divorce between Gading Marten and Gisella Anastasia some time ago. But apparently, Gisel himself also admitted that this was his biggest regret. What is the portrait of Gading Marten and Gisel together during a vacation abroad? Let’s peek at the photos here!

This was the PC of the Steam player in 2022: Intel and NVIDIA dominate another year

Today marks the first week of 2023 and arrives accompanied by the usual Steam hardware and software survey that is published at the beginning of each month of the year and that allows us to know what the average PC of the players of the previous month is like and, in this case, of last … Read more

Meet Sarah’s Big Family in Switzerland, Anang-Ashanty Talk About Azriel’s Marriage? – Family Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty chose a year-end vacation in Europe while visiting the parents’ house Sarah MenzelAzriel Hermansyah’s lover who is in Switzerland. According to Anang and Ashanty, being at Sarah Menzel’s parents’ house was so much fun. They were warmly welcomed and welcome to stay. “It was fun traveling yesterday. I … Read more

How to WhatsApp Not Seen Online So Not Disturbed During the Holidays – For some people, seeing their WhatsApp online is sometimes uncomfortable. It could be that they don’t want to be bothered with chats or calls from people at that time. WhatsApp also understands it. Not everyone has the same needs. Likewise with the online visible status which, according to an internal WhatsApp survey, is … Read more