Liberal Democrats Additional countermeasures against soaring prices Proposals for energy and food support | NHK

For the first time since it opposed the government’s budget proposal for the new fiscal year, the Democratic Party for the People held working-level consultations with both the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party. I requested a price reduction for propane gas. In light of the continuing rise in prices, including the successive hikes … Read more

Czech Republic: The business of this inflatable dummy weapons factory is soaring

A Czech company producing inflatable weapon decoys has seen its profits soar as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues. Although its officials have not openly said they are selling the decoys to Ukraine, its profits over the past 12 months are up 100% from a year earlier.(Video: AFP/chs)

PTG flags EBITDA soaring 8-12%, suggesting oil sales volume surge – stock dimension

Stock dimension – Mr. Pitak Ratchakitprakarn, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTG Energy Public Company Limited or PTG, revealed that in 2023, the company targets EBITDA growth of 8-12% from 2022 to 5,623 million baht. And set a target for oil sales through all channels to grow 8-12% from 2022 at 5,316 million liters … Read more

US Citizens Dizzy With Soaring Fuel Prices, Wallets Are Exploding

Jakarta – Supposedly, the price of fuel oil (BBM) in the United States (US) decreased because bad weather made US citizens lazy to go out. However, fuel prices have soared. According to AAA, quoted by CNN, Monday (30/1/2023), the average price of regular fuel jumped US$ 3.51 or around IDR 52,611 (exchange rate of IDR … Read more

sports halls suffering from soaring energy prices

Affected by a spectacular rise in energy prices, some sports halls are threatened with closure. In addition to savings, they are now considering raising their prices. The gyms are suffering. Like bakers or small traders, they have not been spared by the rise in energy prices, especially since they are often deployed on large surfaces. … Read more

Uehara Sakura Screams at Soaring Electricity Bills… Voices of Sympathy: “My House is 40,000 Yen” and “Nearly 50,000 Yen” – Maijitsu

Sakura Uehara (C) Maijitsu Talent Sakura Uehara updated her blog on January 18th. She cried out in surprise at the soaring electricity bill. Uehara posted an article titled “Electricity bills!”. She said that her electricity bill this month, including the gas bill, was about 50,000 yen. increase. Last year, there were months when the electricity … Read more

Dengue fever cases in Bima are soaring, patients are fighting for treatment beds

Kota Bima, IDN Times – Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Bima City, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) have soared. In fact, this spike in cases forced the patient’s family to scramble and stand in line to get a treatment bed. Public Relations of RSUD Kota Bima, Indri confirmed that the increase in dengue … Read more

When will you be able to eat cheap eggs when egg prices are soaring across the United States? | Egg Price | Egg Production | Epidemic

[The Epoch Times, January 12, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Marshanen Los Angeles) On the marketegg priceThe soaring rate of the virus is causing panic among ordinary American families: we will soon be unable to afford eggs! Families with backyards are starting to consider raising chickens to avoid high egg prices. Ms. Li from … Read more

Lottery Italy, here are the 5 golden tickets. The 5 million euro first prize in Bologna – Chronicle

It is Bologna to celebrate the 5 million euro super-prize of the Italian Lottery. The millionaire ticket of the 2023 edition (Series D 271862), in fact, was sold right in the capital of Emilia, where the hunt for the winner has already started. Lazio confirms itself as the luckiest region by winning three of the … Read more

Soaring IDR 12,000 per gram, see details of Antam’s gold price today

JAKARTA, – Not at all PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk’s bars soared today, Wednesday (21/12/2022). Quoted from the Precious Metals page, not the price Antam is priced at IDR 1,016,000 per gram or an increase of IDR 12,000 per gram compared to the previous price, IDR 1,004,000 per gram on Tuesday (20/12/2022). Price buyback … Read more