Sputnik V production in Turkey: Dependence on foreign sources decreases

The production of Sputnik V in Turkey is important in terms of decreasing foreign dependency. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca’s announcement that Turkey has signed an agreement to receive 50 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine from Russia within 6 months, that production will be made in Turkey and that this vaccine has been given urgent … Read more

NASA Made Map of Ice Deposits on Mars, Guidelines for Finding Water Sources

ESA / Björn Schreiner 2018 / FU Berlin Korolev Crater on Mars containing ice deposits. Nationalgeographic.co.id—Team of scientists outer space combined has created map new aims to identify sources ofwater sources best at Mars. This effort is made because water is considered an important resource to support exploration activities Red Planet it is in the … Read more

Sources: Unified vaccination of 55+ people will start next week, mass – from May 31

Mass vaccination, when everyone who wants to can get vaccinated, will start on May 31, BNS confirmed several unrelated sources participating in the meeting of the Minister of Health Arūnas Dulkis with the mayors of municipalities taking place on Thursday. The common registration system is promised to run from May 17th. According to the data … Read more

An assailant killed a policewoman with a knife in a section near Paris, he was shot

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen will visit the Rambouillet police station today. PHOTO: Reuters An attacker fatally stabbed a policewoman in a police station near Paris before he was shot and detained by her colleagues, AFP reported, citing sources from the prosecutor’s office, BTA reported. Today’s attack took place in Rambouillet, 60 kilometers southwest of … Read more

The Tokyo Olympics still faces four challenges less than 100 days after its opening

Original Title: International Observation | Tokyo Olympics still faces four challenges less than 100 days before the opening In the history of the human Olympics, there may not be an Olympic Games that is as tortuous as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic last year brought huge challenges to the hosts … Read more

Bain Capital Considers Formulation of Toshiba Acquisition Plan = Related Sources | Reuters

On April 21, Bain Capital was considering a proposal to acquire Toshiba, according to two sources. The photo is the Toshiba logo. Taken in Tokyo in February 2017 (2021 Reuters / Toru Hanai) [Hong Kong, 21st Reuters]-Bain Capital is considering a takeover bid for Toshiba, two sources said. On the 20th, Toshiba announced that it … Read more

Our sources confirm the resignation of Juventus President Agnelli from his post

Agnelli’s resignation comes against the backdrop of the controversy surrounding the European Super League project, after five clubs announced their official withdrawal from it until the moment of writing these lines. And information was released late Tuesday confirming Agnelli’s resignation, before some specialist newspapers returned and denied the resignation. Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool … Read more

It’s important, Bun! Sources of Essential Amino Acids for Stunting Child Cageh

Jakarta – The right foods can support growth and development optimal little one, Mother. One of them is by meeting the needs of essential amino acids in animal protein. According to the Pediatrician, Specialist in Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases in Children, Prof. Dr. dr. Damayanti Rusli Sjarif, Sp.A (K), contains 9 essential amino acids (AAE) … Read more

Politico sources explained why the United States had canceled the deployment of warships in the Black Sea

Ship movement trajectories are often changed depending on changes in operations or technical support plans, the source says. This particular deployment operation was canceled for “many reasons”, including the reluctance to provoke Moscow at such a difficult time, writes Politico. According to the source, the planned deployment of the ships was not intended to send … Read more

WhatsApp | How to change the letters of the app on the iPhone | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Apple | Trick | Tutorial | Viral | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | SPOR-PLAY

Updated on 04/02/2021 10:00 am Do you have an iPhone and you can’t change the letters of WhatsApp? Here we explain it to you. Although this can be done easily on Android terminals, there are some restrictions in the Apple operating system, such as the possibility of not being able to install APK. However, this … Read more