Seconds This Man Kills Stepfather Because Mother Is Persecuted and Sister Raped, Perpetrators Are Intercepted By Victim When Wanted To Report The Police page all – A man in the Regency Musirawas, South Sumatra, with the initial Jef (18), is determined to kill his stepfather named Johan Saputra (49). Jef killed his stepfather because the victim often mistreated his mother Suryani (48). Not only that, the victim also raped her sister twice. The murder incident occurred in the village … Read more

Chronology of Candidates for Brides in Palembang Killed by Neighbors, Starting from the Will to Turn on the Motor – a man in Palembang, South Sumatra, named Rio Pambudi Wicaksono (25), a resident of the Griya Macan Lindungan Residential Complex, evidence of Kelurahan Baru Baru, Ilir Barat District 1, died after being beaten by four of his own neighbors. The victim died after suffering a stab wound in the left rib due to … Read more