Benzema: I am a very special player and skilled players are the most fun to play – yqqlm

Original title: Benzema: I am a very special player and skilled players are the most fun to play Benzema: I’m a special player and skilled players are the most fun to play Live it on January 16th. Real Madrid striker Benzema, who just won the French Footballer of the Year, talked about his positioning and … Read more

6 communes present a popular initiative before the Convention to end sacrifice zones | Special

Friday, January 14, 2022 | 20:33 The mayors of Coronel, Tiltil, Huasco, Quintero, Puchuncaví and Mejillones presented a popular initiative before the Constitutional Convention to put an end to the so-called Sacrifice Zones. In turn, the authorities ask that the State guarantee the repair of environmental damage in the new Magna Carta and that a … Read more

Affair with the Pegasus system. NIK disclosed invoices for “purchase of special technology measures”

The invoice is issued to the Matic company, which, as indicated in 2019 by “Puls Biznesu”, was to act as an intermediary in the purchase of the system by the Polish services The TVN24 journalist also published a letter from the head of the CBA Ernest Bejda to Zbigniew Ziobro. It is a request to … Read more

Natalia Bunke celebrates her special anniversary in Dubai with her husband Edgar: the moment was unexpected and very exciting

The couple also mentioned this day this year – true, truly impressive and quite symbolic, as they are also currently in public in Dubai. A memorable moment that happened two years ago when Edgar knelt on the road, Natalia shared again and added that it is fun to mark such a date at the place … Read more

“Special mention for him”, exclaims the police!

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 11:35 a.m. This Wednesday, January 12, the Hauts-Pays police organized a control operation aimed at speeding on the roads in the area. No less than 603 vehicles were checked. Among them: a car flashed 3 times in the same place… Three checkpoints had been set up by the … Read more

OnePlus Mid-Month Special organizes mobile phone promotions, discounts of up to 50%, additional discount coupons of 500.-

OnePlus Mid-Month Special organizes promotions for mobile phones, headphones and accessories for the new year, discounts of up to 50% with coupons, discounts up to 500.-, distributed through online channels, Shopee and Lazada. Welcoming January with the New Year’s Festival OnePlus Mid-Month Special Organizes mobile phone promotions, headphones and accessories for the new year, it’s … Read more

Nokian has introduced a new all-season tire. Thanks to special fibers, it is resistant to puncture

Anti-puncture structure The new tires are called Nokian Outpost AT. They have an aggressively shaped tread to help drivers in the field. In addition, it is reinforced with a special structure, which Nokian calls Armid Shield. It is a network of fibers that are more resistant to punctures or punctures. Of course, the rubber compound … Read more

“We are not going to lend ourselves to a tongo”: they suspend a special session on lithium after the withdrawal of the opposition from the Chamber

During the afternoon of this Wednesday, a special session that was scheduled in the Chamber of Deputies to discuss the lithium tender had to be suspended. This after the opposition deputies decided to withdraw from the Chamber because of the delay of the biminister Juan Carlos Jobet in attending the instance and because today it … Read more

The creation of the new film ‘Land That Sings’ will be available on a special website

With the song “Riga dimd!” The film was unveiled at the Freedom Monument on January 11 at the Freedom Monument under the direction of the Riga Dome Choir School mixed choir.The land that sings“official website Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to the filmmakers of “Delfi”, on the newly opened website you … Read more

Coronavirus. Left MPs with a special banner in the Sejm. “PiS is to blame for this”

– How many people are going to die? Yesterday we learned that the official number of people who have died from the coronavirus has exceeded 100,000. If you do not act realistically, other inhabitants of our country will die – said Marcelina Zawisza in the Sejm. – When yesterday after the health committee one of … Read more