Cadillac unveils Escalade V. The super SUV could get an eight-cylinder with a compressor

The American carmaker Cadillac has confirmed that it will launch a sports version of its largest model. The Escalade V will thus become another member of the V-Series family, which includes more sporty cars of the traditional luxury brand. Cadillac has not yet revealed much detail, released just a few photos of the pre-production model, … Read more

After years of standing, the rare Porsche was completely engulfed by vegetation. The rescued car is waiting for sale

Have you ever seen a car that has become part of the vegetation? There were even several in one backyard in Wales. The land belongs to an interesting guy named Rein Adamson. After 2000, this car enthusiast alternated and drove various interesting cars. When one broke down, he put him in the yard and started … Read more

The brutal Toyota Yaris GRMN is produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces. Unfortunately only for Japan

If the Yaris GR is a complete revelation today, then we no longer know what to call the arrival of an even sharper Yaris GRMN model. A lighter and more powerful version of the sports Yaris will be offered in a limited edition of 500 pieces in Japan. As we informed you at the beginning … Read more

When M8 Competition is not enough. The German trimmer came up with an increase in output of 200 horsepower

The German tuning tuner Manhart presents a limited edition of the BMW M8 Competition model. The 10-piece limit is even more brutal than a serial colleague from Munich. The original BMW M8 Competition offers an amazing 625 horses. However, Manhart was not satisfied with this and got 823 horsepower from an eight-cylinder biturb engine with … Read more

Alpine A110 reports to the service: You just want such a police check!

Some time ago, we informed you that the French gendarmerie will be behind the wheel of Alpine cars again after several decades. Now they present themselves to the world in all their beauty. The French Ministry of the Interior has ordered a total of 26 sports cars Alpine A110. It is serving the Gendarmerie Nationale, … Read more

The new generation Audi R8 will be 100% electric

The Audi R8 supersport as we know it will probably end with this generation. The successor will be electric. The Audi R8 will always have a special place in the brand’s history, as it was the first sports car with a motor in the middle to significantly influence the public’s view of the premium brand. … Read more

Why did the Egyptians call all SUV models Jeep?

07:57 PM Monday 06 December 2021 Books – Muhammad Al-Rubi: All SUV models were known in the Egyptian street as Jeep for several years, until the Egyptians started using the Internet, and the culture of different car classes spread, and many realized that Jeep was just a car brand and not an entire class. “Jeep … Read more

The Germans built a police Porsche 911. But the road pirates will not be prosecuted

In addition to the police colors and lighthouses, the Porsche 911 Targa also received a new body kit, stands on new wheels and there are also minor cab modifications. If you want to customize your car today, you can choose from an inexhaustible number of parts and accessories. However, it is important to realize that … Read more

Subaru introduced the WRX S4 and Levorg STI Sport R, but only for the domestic market

The Japanese carmaker introduced other special versions of well-known models, but only for its domestic market. Less than two months after the introduction of the new generation of the Subaru WRX model for the American market, the premiere of a sports sedan for the domestic market, ie the Japanese market, is also coming. The JDM … Read more

Tesla Model S Plaid will receive carbon-ceramic brakes, but for a hefty surcharge

In addition to the steering wheel, the brakes are also a frequent target of criticism of the Tesla Model S Plaid, but this should change next year. The Tesla Model S Plaid is truly a very impressive electric car that continues to amaze with its performance. After all, he has already won the title of … Read more