Husband Who Stabbed Wife on Roadside Bandung Arrested!

Bandung district – The Bandung Police Criminal Investigation Officer managed to secure the stabbing suspect in Manglid Village, Margahayu Selatan Village, Margahayu District, Bandung Regency. The suspect is the victim’s serial husband. Previously, the RI suspect (36) and the victim RM (25) were involved in a family dispute on the side of the road. When … Read more

Viral Video of Husband Stabbing Wife in Bandung, Hysterical Mothers Asking for Help, Perpetrators Run Away

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Viral on social media videos of seconds of stabbing a woman by a man who is husbandnya. It was later discovered that the stabbing took place on Jalan Manglid, Margahayu, Bandung Regency. In the video, the perpetrator and the victim are initially seen bickering over their domestic affairs. Initially there was a woman … Read more

Seconds of Husband Stabbing Wife After Fighting on the Roadside of Bandung

Bandung – A husband has the heart to stab his wife with a knife when he is involved in an argument. His wife suffered severe injuries to her stomach and hands and had to undergo treatment in the hospital. Roni’s reckless action (36) was caught on camera and was busy on social media. In the … Read more

After the tragedy of the stabbing, Satpol PP data on residents of PW Pangandaran

The Pangandaran Regency Government through Satpol PP began recording data on residents in the Tourism Market. Photo: Entang SR / HR. Pangandaran News, (,- After the tragedy of the stabbing of residents at the Tourism Market (PW) of Pangandaran Regency, the Government Pangandaran Regency through Satpol PP, they began to collect data on residents in … Read more

Stabbing incident in asylum seekers’ center Limburg: seven injured | Inland

Five of the seven injured were taken to hospital, the two seriously injured by air ambulance. The stabbing occurred around 10.15 pm Wednesday evening in a building on the grounds of the azc. The reason is still unclear. All victims are asylum seekers. Several police patrols went to the scene, among other things to prevent … Read more

Five People Stabbed in Attack on Albanian Mosque

loading… TIRANA – Five people were injured in the stabbing attack on a mosque in the capital Albania , Tirana, Monday (19/4) after the midday prayer. “A 34 year old man was quickly arrested for the attack,” said a police statement. Local media reported that the perpetrator was suffering from depression and was wanted by … Read more

2 People Allegedly KKB Bakso Tendering Team in Intan Jaya Arrested

Intan Jaya | – A mobile meatball vendor in Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, was hacked by an unknown person suspected of being an armed criminal group (KKB). The victim, named Asep Saputra (50), was severely stabbed. Previous news, persecution KKB allegedly committed against Asep using a sharp weapon on Sunday (18/4), around 14.30 WIT … Read more

One of Britain’s richest men killed after stabbing – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Sir Richard Sutton (83) was pronounced dead at a property near Gillingham in Dorset, in the south of England. A woman in her 60s, who is probably his wife, was also stabbed. She is critically injured in hospital. The businessman is one of the richest in the UK. The fortune was valued at £ 301 … Read more

Stabbing and Burning Perpetrators in Pangandaran Buried in Ciamis

Pandega Pangandaran Hospital. Photo: Water / HR Pangandaran News, (, – The perpetrator of the stabbing and burning of the house in Pangandaran died after being shot by the police. The family finally took the body of the perpetrator at the Pandega Regional Hospital. The family of the perpetrator while picking up the body in … Read more