Founder of a successful start-up: Without STEM, it is very difficult for a business to move forward

We worked hard to build a high enough level of trust in the company so that there was no need to re-examine someone’s work or doubt that a person would have to work from home or elsewhere for a week. Where do you physically stay most often – in which country, office or home? I … Read more

Chilean startup Examedi obtains US$17 million in financing together with an important US firm | Grades

Led by General Catalyst, the funding will be used for product development and geographic expansion. Examedithe company of medical services at home born in Chileand which seeks to improve access to exams and other health benefits in Latin America, announced the closure of its Series A at 17 million dollars (more than 15 billion Chilean … Read more

The dismissed CEO of Barclays has turned a million into a £ 600 million start-up

Jenkins’ business is 10x Banking Technology, a player in London’s thriving financial technology scene. It was valued at about £ 600 million ($ 756 million) about a year ago, and Jenkins’ own stake is worth £ 200 million. Sponsors of the start-up include JPMorgan Chase & Co., Blackrock Inc. and Ping An Insurance Group Co. … Read more

Startup Actors Must Know, These Are 4 Financial Management Mistakes That Companies Often Make – Financial management is one of the main aspects that the company must pay attention to in order to support its business continuity. These activities consist of planning, managing, storing, and controlling funds and assets owned by a company. With good money management, companies can maintain smooth cash flow, maximize profits, and anticipate business … Read more

Ratings of startup companies are declining after golden years.. How can they adapt?

A number of start-ups in Egypt are facing bearish funding rounds, which occur when a company offers additional shares for sale at a lower price than it was sold in the previous funding round, but not as severely as what is happening in global markets. I got close Favorable global financial conditionsThe company that allowed … Read more

A bottle-sized portable wind turbine charges three mobile phones per hour

Shine’s new and unique portable wind farm weighs supposedly better performance than a thermoelectric generator, water turbine or solar panel. That is 13.3 watts per pound of weight. It is about the size of a bottle per liter of water and weighs only 1.6 kilograms. However, its rotor blades still generate energy of up to … Read more

Revealed! This is the reason behind many startups laying off employees

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A hurricane of layoffs is hitting start-ups or startup. Even in May, recorded that there were 16,935 employees startup which must stop in May 2022. This number is the highest since May 2020 which was the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, what’s behind the layoff phenomenon? startup? The pandemic … Read more

Qubit, the start-up that wants to discover drugs through quantum physics

Do not expect to find benches here equipped with microscopes, beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks or other devices worthy of the perfect little chemist’s kit. In the Paris offices of Qubit Pharmaceuticals, a young start-up launched in 2020 and specializing in simulation and computer-aided molecular modeling, researchers busy discovering new drugs manipulate data rather than test tubes. … Read more

Curevac gets new manager and takes over biotech startup

With the takeover of the Amsterdam biotech start-up “Frame Cancer Therapeutics”, the Tübingen vaccine developer Curevac wants to strengthen its competence in cancer therapies. Frame’s platform offers, the company said in a press release, “potential for the development of standardized and personalized cancer vaccines targeting novel families of neoantigens.” Frame Cancer Therapeutics is primarily engaged … Read more

An American start-up plans to deploy data centers on the moon

To safeguard “data essential to humanity”, the American start-up Lonestar plans to deploy data centers on the Moon. “We are dependent on data for almost everything we do and it is too important to our species to store in the increasingly fragile biosphere that is Earth. The largest satellite on Earth, our Moon, represents the … Read more