Yessenia Villanueva responds after statements by her sister Susan | Marshmallow | Tik Tok | NMRI EMCC | SHOWS

Don’t keep quiet! Yessenia Villanueva, daughter of comedian and son singer Pablo Villanueva ‘Melcochita’, comes to the fore after her older sister Susan shared aspects of her personal life without her permission. Also, she announced that she will publish compromising material. Through her Tik Tok account, Yessenia shared a video where she makes her disclaimers … Read more

Sabrina Carballo broke the silence about her atrocious statements against Jésica Cirio and gave a strange explanation

Sabrina Carballo broke the silence about his atrocious sayings against Jésica Cirio during a live broadcast for Instagram. The actress acknowledged that she had had a few too many drinks and left her mouth, but denied that she was talking about the Telefe host. At ex-participants of The Hotel of the Famous (The Thirteen) spoke … Read more

Analysis of financial statements: two-thirds of the retail sector increased revenues and operated profitably

Last year, the retail market experienced an upswing – after the end of the quarantine restrictions that had been in place for a while and as the society slowly returned to the normal rhythm of life, consumption grew, a significant part of which also went to physical stores and retail chains. The increased consumption was … Read more

Cioffi: From Pablo Marì to Simeone, from Tameze-Ilic to Barak: Here are all his statements VIDEO | TgGialloblu

Hellas Verona from Editorial board 06/08/2022 12:38 Cioffi: From Pablo Marì to Simeone, from Tameze-Ilic to Barak: Here are all his statements VIDEO From Pablo Marì to Tameze-Ilic, from the management of Simeone to Barak. Here are all the statements of Gabriele Cioffi before the official debut in the Italian Cup against Bari.

Jo Jakobsen, Gerhard Schrøder | The expert is scratching his head at Schröder’s statements about negotiations in the Ukraine war

On Wednesday evening, Germany’s former prime minister, Gerhard Schröder (78), made some startling statements in an interview with the German newspaper Stern. Then he said that the agreement on grain exports from Ukraine was “the first success”, and that “it may slowly develop into a ceasefire”. Schröder, who was German Prime Minister from 1998 to … Read more

The statements of Johnn Elkann and Massimiliano Allegri after the match at Villar Perosa |

Today took place the traditional match in Villar Perosa between team A and B of Juventus. During this annual event, Johnn Elkann and Massimiliano Allegri spoke in front of the microphones of journalists, discover their statements in this article. Massimiliano Allegri’s words: The tradition of Villar Perosa and current Juventus: “Today is an emotional day, … Read more

The Pentagon reacted to Shoigu’s statements about the destruction of HIMARS complexes in Ukraine

“We are aware of these recent statements by Minister Shoigu, and they are again patently false,” US Defense Department spokesman Todd Brussel told reporters. According to him, the Ukrainian military is using all HIMARS systems very precisely and effectively, which “the US, allies and partners have transferred to the country to defend against the brutal … Read more

Old statements by Pique put him in an embarrassing position

30 – July – 2022 Gerrard Pique Barcelona defender Gerard Pique was put in an embarrassing position because of old statements he made 9 years ago about his rival Real Madrid. The Spanish newspaper “Marca” published old statements by Pique dating back to 2013, in which he criticized the position of Real Madrid, but after … Read more

They accuse that ex-conventional Constanza Hube distributed documents with false statements about the NC proposal | National

The ex-conventional, Constanza Hube, was accused of delivering a document with false statements about the proposed New Constitution. About the document, her former co-worker, and also her lawyer, Daniel Stingo, pointed out that “he distributes them in the street without shame.” The ex-conventional, Constanza Hube, was accused of sharing a manual whose content has false … Read more

They described him as a “clown.” Biden’s statements about the recession anger the Americans – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

Followers of the American channel CNBC launched angry and sarcastic comments on President Joe Biden’s statements regarding the state of the American economy and its possible entry into recession. This came after Biden said yesterday, Thursday, that the current state of the country’s economy does not indicate a recession, despite the issuance of the Office … Read more