Farhat Abbas continues to insinuate, Razman Nasution is angry: Many stories are like cowards!

Razman Arif Nasution. [Adiyoga Priyambodo/Suara.com] Abbas even in his Instagram Story uploads always mentions Razman Nasution as a ninja turtle. SuaraRiau.id – Razman Arif Nasution involved in a feud with several parties, from Hotman Paris, He Will Go, Denise Chariesta until Farhat Abbas. Recently, Farhat Abbas touched on the issue between Razman Nasution with his … Read more

Netflix will continue working with ISPs to make stories accessible

Netflix announced at this year’s Partner2Connect (P2C) Digital Development Roundtable its continued efforts to work with internet service providers to make stories made globally more accessible locally. As members of the P2C Digital Coalition, Netflix is ​​committed to partnering with neutral internet exchange points and data centers to deploy content caching servers in least developed … Read more

bigg boss love stories: Let this be a new beginning: Dilsha gives flowers to Dilsha, Dilsha says she really misses Robin .. – dr robin and blessly love story in bigg boss season four

Dilsha and Robin were once the talk of the Bigg Boss season. Rob’s love for Dilsha was most celebrated on social media. The audience enjoyed Dilsha’s words that Rob is in love and not in love but in friendship. But Rob’s return was completely unexpected. This came as a big shock to Dilsha too. Now … Read more

Ukrainians Share Stories About Russian Filtration Camps: ‘Like a Prison’

More than 900,000 Ukrainians are said to have been brought to Russia since the invasion began. The Russian authorities released those figures last month. In order to enter Russia, these citizens must first undergo a forced screening. This takes place in filtration camps: camps set up in areas occupied by Russia, such as Donetsk or … Read more

The death cult around Russian super soldiers keeps the war going. But something is very wrong with the hero stories.

Russian soldiers pass through the city of Mariupol. The city was razed to the ground when the Russians attacked. Several thousand civilians were killed. In Russia they are hardly mentioned. But the Russian soldiers who died in the attack are celebrated as heroes. Russian Major Andrei Kunakov was killed in the fighting. The brigade he … Read more

Are your Instagram stories repeating themselves? Here’s how to fix the problem

If you’re still seeing the same Instagram Stories, don’t worry. It’s not your fault and you’re not living in a constant loop. This is a bug reported by the social network that has been repeated for a few days. Since Monday, several users have pointed out that the stories Inside, the app kept going back … Read more

Instagram victim of a bug that makes review the same stories in a loop

Social networks like TikTok and Instagram take advantage by constantly offering new via videos, real or stories. All you have to do is wave your hand to go from content to content. But sometimes, a bug stops the machine. Many Instagram users are currently affected by an annoying bug. The social network always offers the … Read more

Instagram has a problem where users keep seeing the same stories | NOW

Instagram faces a problem where users keep using the same stories be shown. They have to watch everything over and over again before they can see new stories. The problems started on Tuesday. It is unclear exactly how big the problem is. Many people are complaining on social media that it is bothering them. It … Read more

Action can wet his chest: ‘even cheaper business’ opens store in the Netherlands | You should not miss these Rotterdam stories

When you enter the store on Korte Hoogstraat in Rotterdam, you will find yourself in a souvenir shop in Turkey. At the entrance hang the well-known Turkish blue amulets with the evil eye and there are many colorful ceramic plates and home accessories. “You don’t have to go to Bodrum for it,” says Hilmi Acar … Read more

5 Korean Dramas With Love Stories Between South Korea and North Korea

Korean dramas with love stories between South Korea and North Korea can be watched in Crash Landing on You. Photo/tvN JAKARTA – Korean drama with a love story between South Korea and North Korea can be said to be similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet considering the background of political relations between the … Read more