Tens of thousands of tourists stuck on Chinese island due to sudden corona lockdown NOW

More than 80,000 tourists have been trapped in the town of Sanya on the Chinese island of Hainan since Saturday. Local authorities have put in place a lockdown due to a resurgence of the coronavirus. On Friday, 263 positive tests were reported in the city, after which authorities imposed a lockdown on Saturday. Essential businesses … Read more

Mail car got stuck – destroyed Hans väg – Nerikes Allehanda

About Nerikes Allehanda Nerikes Allehanda, NA, founded in 1843, is the leading morning newspaper in Örebro County and one of Sweden’s largest local newspapers. NA conveys news and events as well as examines and exposes, touches and takes a stand. Today we exist as a paper magazine, e-magazine, website, app, newsletter and social media.

Got stuck in the car – died

The Oldham family from Poland in the state of Maine in the USA were on a camping trip on Tuesday this week, when they were taken by surprise by a violent storm. This led to two large pine trees falling on the family’s campsite, writes The Independent. The incident must have happened at around 16.15. … Read more

Global Aids Fight Stuck – Metrotime

The number of new HIV infections worldwide has not declined in one year, the UN program UNAIDS notes. Progress in the fight against AIDS is faltering and inequality is increasing, the organization warns in a report. This will be published in the run-up to the international AIDS conference, which starts Friday, July 28 in Montreal, … Read more

Protect the life of her son, beautiful woman stuck Russian missile fragments

Wednesday, 27 July 2022 – 10:30 WIB VIVA – A dramatic event occurred in Zaporizhzhia Oblast (Province), Ukraine. Yulia (30), a Ukrainian civilian bravely protects her son from a missile explosion military Russia that fell in in the region. In the quoted report VIVA Military from Pravda, it was not stated when the Russian military … Read more

K. Durant’s stuck exchange – Heat saves, J. Tatum does not want changes in Boston

Waiting for exchange for a month Kevin Durant has not been receiving good news lately. The Brooklyn Nets are negotiating with the National Basketball Association (NBA) clubs, which K. Durant named among the priorities, but the negotiations are stalled both because of the team’s high expectations and the lack of offers. The Miami Heat are … Read more

Denies Paspampres explanation, car user: I’m the one who got stuck

Tuesday, 26 July 2022 – 15:57 WIB LIVE Subway – Francine Widjojo, a car driver whose video went viral after arguing with Paspampres guard Ex vice President RI, denied the explanation given by Paspampres. He emphasized that he did not try to block the view of the former vice president’s entourage and never tried to … Read more

Russia is stuck, HIMARS Ukraine Successfully Destroys 100 Valuable Targets, Moscow is Called in Terrible Condition

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Battle between Russia and Ukraine has entered a new phase. The fighting, which began in February, began with air strikes, fighter jets and drones. Then in June, fighting moved to densely populated areas, where attacks from fighter jets were no longer efficient. Interestingly, Ukraine with “less” air power several times managed to outperform … Read more

Thalys broken again, travelers stuck for hours in sweltering train without air conditioning | Abroad

The train came to a halt around 5 p.m. A second train departed from Paris around 7 p.m., arriving at the scene an hour later. By 9 p.m., all stranded travelers had transferred to the new train. The train is expected in Antwerp around 11 p.m. they should have arrived there at 6:28 pm. According … Read more

The car overturns with a man on board who gets stuck between the metal sheets: fear on the provincial road

ANCONA – Accident this morning in Albacina along the provincial road 256. A man driving his car overturned due to causes still to be ascertained. The firefighters immediately intervened on the spot and extracted the driver from the sheets. According to what we learn, he was conscious and was entrusted to the care of the … Read more