Chaotic Election of General Chairmen at the XIX IPPNU Congress Destroyed Nahdlatul Ulama: Why Are Female Students Violent?

Jakarta – Chaos occurs during implementation Congress XIX 19th Nahdlatul Ulama Women’s Student Association (IPPNU) at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory Jakarta, Saturday (14/08/2022). The election for the General Chair of the IPPNU Central Executive was chaotic and there was an act of throwing chairs at each other. This disgraceful incident went viral through videos that … Read more

The integration of sports and education has yielded great achievements in the provincial games for high-tech students

The integration of sports and education has yielded great achievements in the provincial games for high-tech students 2022-08-16 21:17:08Source: Xi’an News Network A few days ago, the reporter learned from Xi’an High-tech Zone that at the 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games, 159 athletes from Xi’an High-tech Zone fought hard and moved forward on behalf of various … Read more

Almost 10,000 students are still in the housing queue – NRK Rogaland – Local news, TV and radio

Today, the start of the semester and godfather’s week are in full swing around the country. But for many of the students it has so far been impossible to find a place to live. Fresh figures from the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions show that, as of 15 August, there are a total of 9,988 … Read more

Chemistry lab students predict spread of COVID-19 with kinetic models

Chemist Jixin Chen looked at the rapid spread of COVID-19 early in the pandemic and saw a new opportunity for his kinetics lab, where they study reaction rates. When he first led the lab in the spring of 2021, undergraduates concluded that social regulations such as lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing were effective ways … Read more

Play with FUN and start school! ASUS launches exclusive discounts for teachers and students on Intel Evo laptops

Buy a machine before the end of September, log in, send a gift, and then draw a GoPro travel group. To welcome the wave of computer purchases at the beginning of the school year, Asustek launched a preferential education plan for laptops. Before the end of September, students above high school will be[1]or faculty[2]apply for … Read more

Three goals and two assists. The students of Baník emphatically argued for a place. We connected well, which pleased young Jarona

The assist for the winning goal was also recorded by Filip Kaloč, the fourth student of Baník, who intervened in the match against Zlín. “We connected well,” 20-year-old striker Petr Jaroň was happy about the contribution of the club’s wards. The goal from the 34th minute and the assist on Bucht’s goal were his first … Read more

Xincheng students show style and achieve good results in the provincial games

Xincheng students show style and achieve good results in the provincial games 2022-08-15 19:43:49Source: Xi’an News Network Xi’an News Network News The just-concluded 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games is a comprehensive sports meeting with the largest scale, the highest level of competition and the strongest radiation driving effect in the province held every four years. The … Read more

The perpetrators of the murder of elementary school students in the classroom were arrested by the police, the motive was allegedly because of revenge – Perpetrators of the murder of elementary school students (SD) in Deli SerdangNorth Sumatra, was arrested by the police. The perpetrator was arrested in the Medan Krio area, Sunggal District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra. The police had a hard time catching the perpetrators. The reason is, after doing what he did, the perpetrator … Read more

Tourist Bus Transports Dozens of Students Falling into the Gorge in Malang

A bus carrying dozens of students from Madrasah Sanawiah Annur Sawahan, Turen, had an accident and fell into a ravine in Plandi Village, Wonosari, Malang Regency, East Java, Saturday (13/8/2022). Iptu Anwari Sidiq Kapolsek Wonosari said the bus carrying a group of 28 students and two teachers fell into a ravine approximately three meters high. … Read more

Champion Bagnaia MotoGP 2022 Champion, Marquez Reveals the Weaknesses of Valentino Rossi’s Students

TRIBUNKALTARA.COM – Marc Marquez uncover weaknesses Francesco Bagnaia even though they look out for students Valentino Rossi it won MotoGP 2022. Currently Francesco Bagnaia will be the favorite again to become world champion MotoGP 2022 after his great performance at the Silverstone Circuit last weekend. On the race MotoGP england 2022, Francesco Bagnaia managed to be … Read more