“We feel forgotten”: the covid leaves foreign students in Paris on the brink of poverty

The coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of foreign students in France on the brink of poverty. Away from their loved ones, confined to their small rooms and unable to work, many barely survive thanks to food banks. “Before arriving in Paris, I knew it was going to be difficult, but the pandemic complicated everything,” Jesús … Read more

Loans to train students and apprentices – College, LGT, LP, CFA Don Bosco

To meet the expectations of companies and to allow future graduates to acquire a good mastery of new tools, we must constantly improve the equipment of our technical platforms. For this fall 2020, the carpentry sector has acquired an ONIX 3-axis machining center. [1] On November 24, 25 and 26, 2020, the team of aluminum … Read more

The City Council closes the municipal music program with the participation of 900 special education students from 23 centers – Present

The Seville City Council, through the Education Delegation, has concluded this edition of the ‘Music especially for you’ program in which 900 students from specific classrooms and Special Education centers have participated. This proposal is within the catalog of activities that the City Council offers to all city centers “reinforcing and improving the tools available … Read more

Riedenburg: ‘high level of acceptance among the students’

Take it easy: Teacher Christian Grepmeier and his students from class 10b of the girls’ secondary school in St. Anna don’t let the face masks slow them down in their eagerness to learn. Erl Riedenburg However, all of this is no longer possible since it is mandatory to wear masks all day in class. Recognizing … Read more

Conape: students will pay more in 2021 for loans due to the rise in interest rates

Institution says it will be forced to do so Drafting- Students who have any debt with Conape, could pay more next year after a “forced” increase in the interest rate that the entity will have to do. Conape warned this Wednesday at a press conference that if its loan portfolio was sold to Banco Popular, … Read more

Mario Ernesto Patron condemns climate of insecurity against university students

By condemning the murders against university students, the installation of the agenda of the Democratic State of Law and the reform of the police in the state remains pending, after nine months of the multi-crime of the two medical students from UPAEP and one from BUAP, in addition to the Uber driver, the rector of … Read more

They ask for COVID insurance for students and that classes are optional – El País

Parents of the country proposed to the Government the provision of COVID-19 insurance for students and that the blended classes (every other day) be optional. This was made known by the National Association of Parents in a meeting with the Minister of Education, Adrián Quelca, according to ABI. “We have asked (the Minister) that the … Read more

Local support contracts: the future of priority education?

Secretary of State Nathalie Elimas announced in the press on Sunday, November 22 a project of experimentation in three academies of “local support contracts”, which could foreshadow changes in priority education policy from 2022. The SE -Unsa alert on several points of vigilance. What restructuring of priority education? For three years, rumors have been running … Read more

Crystal students – El Sol de Durango

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted educational institutions to decide to teach online classes. Given the conditions, this method, unknown to the vast majority of teachers and students, was the only alternative to save the school cycle, however, the mechanism has uncovered the low furnaces of the educational system in Mexico. As we know, in social networks … Read more

Covid-19 forces many Latino students to drop out of university

Latinos, the most economically affected in the US 3:08 (CNN Español) — Efren Berrones took her luggage and booked a flight of more than 4,400 km to her home in Houston for fear that her mother was very vulnerable to covid-19 and was alone. In the past seven months, Berrones, a sophomore at Hawaii Pacific … Read more