Empty Vaccine Injections to Students Make Medan Doctors Threatened with Crime

Jakarta – The public is shocked by empty vaccine injection doctor to elementary students in Medan city, North Sumatra. The incident went viral because it was caught on a cellphone camera. In the circulating video, a student is being vaccinated. But the injection held by the vaccinator looked empty.The narration in the video mentions that … Read more

Heboh Nakes Inject Empty Vaccine to Medan Elementary School Students, From Viral Video to Doctor Apologize Page all

MEDAN, KOMPAS.com – A video shows health workers (nakes) allegedly injecting empty injections in the vaccination agenda. The video made people react. Seen in the viral video, a female nakes removes an injection from a plastic wrapper. It doesn’t look like he’s filling injections with vaccines. At first glance, the injection also appears not to … Read more

Revealed, the kicker of offerings was once a student…

Saturday, January 22, 2022 – 12:48 WIB Hadfana Firdaus is suspected of kicking offerings at the Mount Semeru disaster site (left) and the Regent of Lumajang, Thoriqul Haq (right), Saturday (22/1/2022). Photo: Sugiri for jpnn.com jatim.jpnn.com, LUMAJANG – The suspect who kicked the offerings on Mount Semeru, Hadfana Firdaus, turned out to be a student … Read more

Matera, the car ends up on an escarpment, three twenty-year-old students die on the provincial road to San Basilio

Dramatic accident late yesterday evening on the Pisticci-San Basilio provincial road. The Mini Cooper in which the boys were traveling ended up in an escarpment. They were called Lucio Lopatriello, aged 21, Simone Andriulli (21) e Luciano Carone (20), and they were all students of Pisticci (province of Matera), the victims of the road accident … Read more

Catella Swedes buy student residence for 15.5 million euros

The student residence located near the Nova Business School, in Quinta dos Lombos, was purchased by the Catella European Residential Fund for 15.5 million euros. This is the first investment in Portugal by this fund, which is part of the Catella group, mostly from Sweden. The deal that provides for the concession and management of … Read more

In the lab, long lines of Covid-19 test are created by students who want to return from quarantine / Day

Stella Lapiņa, Chairman of the Board of the Central Laboratory, admitted to LETA that the situation has escalated this week, as demand for Covid-19 testing using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method has increased significantly, almost tripling. For example, on January 4, the Central Laboratory tested 4,064 test samples per day, and on January 17, … Read more

For a pediatrician, it is “discriminatory” that Paysandú school requires a vaccination certificate from students | the daily

Published Yesterday Friday, January 21, 2022, 10:31(GMT-03, Montevideo, Uruguay) The Liberty School asked the relatives of the students to report on the vaccination status of the children because the protocol in the event of the presence of positive covid-19 in the classrooms “will vary according to the vaccination schedule of each student,” he points out. … Read more

In laboratories, long lines of Covid-19 testing are created by students who want to return from quarantine

Long queues for laboratory Covid-19 testing could be reduced by sorting out the issue of testing students and teachers so that they can return from quarantine, according to the surveyed laboratories. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “Central laboratories“Stella Lapiņa, Chairman of the Board, admitted that the situation has escalated this week, as the … Read more

the students of the Kourtrajmé film school in Ladj Ly, at work

Published on : 21/01/2022 – 07:48 In Senegal, the Kourtrajmé school in Dakar was inaugurated in the middle of the week. A free film school, with no qualifications. It is the first in Africa, and the third of its kind, after those launched by the collective in Montfermeil and Clichy-sous-bois-, in the Paris region-, and … Read more

Sultan turns his selfies into NFT

One student in Indonesia did fortuna transforming a selfie collection in token-non-fungibili (NFT) because he thought it “would be fun”. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are gods digital certificates of authenticity representing a new frontier for art. Through the blockchain, that is a digital register of data that cannot be changed, they establish theuniqueness and the … Read more