Will the government spend tens of billions of zlotys on subsidies in a non-target way?

The government’s introduction of a carbon additive only for households that use this type of fuel shows that the government is very reactive. Takes action in response to events that arise. He does not act actively before they happen, does not take the initiative, does not prepare action plans. What next in the case of … Read more

Inverter, the technology that allows you to consume up to 70% less energy

When buying a appliance, consumers analyze many variables that go beyond the final price: the value of the brand and its presence in the market, quality, guarantee and design. But there is a feature that is becoming more and more important these days: energy efficiency. In a macroeconomic context with rising inflation and a imminent … Read more

Solar panels not only on the roof: Price, subsidies, efficiency and durability

How do solar panels work? Solar or more precisely photovoltaic panels produce electricity from sunlight. For this, they use the photovoltaic phenomenon, in which a semiconductor material creates a direct current due to the impact of the sun’s rays. This is converted by an inverter into alternating current that can be used in ordinary electrical … Read more

Poles rushed to the CEEB declarations. Coal subsidies more effective than government fines • www.rybnik.com.pl

Instead of coal for 1,000 zlotys, 3,000 for coal A new idea of ​​the government – a one-time carbon allowance in the amount of PLN 3,000 zlotys – appeared immediately after the earlier “cheap coal” turned out to be a misfire, at the maximum price (PLN 996.60 per ton). Each farm – under certain conditions … Read more

The authorities are going to reclaim millions of subsidies for Agrofert

“The projects are in the process of administrative proceedings, until the conclusion of the proceedings individual cases cannot be commented in more detail due to the possible influence of the process,” David Hluštík from the press department of the ministry told Práv on Friday. However, the Ministry of Industry has already started proceedings some time … Read more

Why will the cost of gas in Colombia increase?

This Wednesday the Colombian Association of Gas Traders (Agremgas) and the Colombian Association of LPG (Gasnova) made a presentation on the concern of the prices of LPG (propane gas in cylinders) in Colombia. (Also read: They identify from space a methane leak in the high seas) The above, since from this Friday, the first of … Read more

Where to get subsidies for photovoltaics

“Compared to last year, the interest of our customers has increased by roughly one hundred percent,” said Tibor Jonáš from the company Envi energy Czech, which supplies and installs power plants. According to him, customers’ efforts to secure cheaper electricity in the future began last year after the failure of Bohemia Energy and were then … Read more

Jumia. Employees choose how they want to work and receive up to 1525 euros per year in subsidies

Giving workers the possibility to choose how they want to perform their functions and granting them subsidies: these are the two policies that are part of the strategy of African technology to attract and retain talent in the technological center of Porto.

The UK is refusing subsidies for electric mains-powered cars

This subsidy was launched in 2011 to encourage the British to abandon polluting diesel and petrol cars. Nearly half a million cars have been bought with the subsidy since then, the Department for Transport (DfT) said, stressing that it was “always a temporary policy”. Sales of all-electric cars in the UK have risen from less … Read more

o Make subsidies for electric bicycles

Along with electric cars, electric bicycles are a potentially important tool for tackling global warming. With rechargeable batteries that allow them to travel long distances, they can replace road trips for work in dense and growing urban areas around the world. Emissions from transportation account for about 29% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making … Read more