“A war has broken out”: the French-speaking padel federations in search of subsidies are torn apart

It’s the end of a suspenseful match: the Minister of Sports of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation on Monday granted AFT-Padel recognition as an official federation for padel, thus ruling out the candidacy of the competing federation AFPadel. Throwback to a little yellow ball war. The excitement around padel is more present than ever in Belgium. This … Read more

The government announces electricity subsidies • New electricity price records in the north • Latest news about the economy – Sundsvalls Tidning

About Sundsvall’s newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning, ST, is a daily newspaper that has been published since 1841. Providing news in Medelpad’s municipalities is a mission that we have had for over 180 years. With us, readers get both in-depth reviews and quick updates on the latest events around the clock. ST is available as a paper … Read more

The war caught insurance companies by surprise. He wants subsidies for ski courses

The Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) came up with the idea of ​​introducing an allowance for schoolchildren under the age of 15. He denied that he would play into the hands of ski resorts and ski lobbyists. It would understandably help parents, as well as school principals, who would otherwise have a problem … Read more

Ukrainians outraged. In the background, over half a million zlotys of subsidies from a state institution

As we have established, in addition to 540,000 PLN subsidy from the Polish Film Institute for the Ukrainian Film Festival, the Support Foundation received another subsidy this year – PLN 490,000. PLN for the organization of the “Eurazja International Film Festival”. This event will also be organized in 2023. In total, the Polish Film Institute … Read more

Project maintains subsidies for micro and minigeneration that request access to the distributor until 2024 – News

09/11/2022 – 10:40 Billy Boss/House of Representatives Russomanno: distributors create embarrassment for those who want to generate their own energy Bill 2703/22 extends until January 2024 the deadline for micro and mini electric power generators to request access to the distribution network without losing the current subsidies related to tariffs. The text, which is being … Read more

Trade unions react to private kindergartens receiving subsidies during the strike – NRK Trøndelag

The private kindergartens are largely financed by public funds. In 2020, private kindergartens got 24 billion kroner in public grants. 86 per cent of the income comes from the public sector, and the rest from the parents of the children. While the strike has been ongoing, the kindergartens have been closed or have had reduced … Read more

“Stop eating subsidies for electric vehicles”… The benefit period will be extended from 2 years to 3 years

As the ‘expedient financial technique’ of buying electric vehicles with purchase subsidies amounting to tens of millions of won and selling them at a premium in the used car market continues, the relevant authorities are strongly considering extending the subsidy subsidy period from the current two years to three years or more when repurchasing the … Read more

The state will give subsidies to electric cars, but not to private individuals

The Ministry of the Environment intends to subsidize the purchase of electric cars, but only to municipalities, regions, ministries, public benefit or non-profit companies. He can’t get at people. “After all, the price of electric cars is still such that they are not completely affordable. We want to support the growth of markets and shopping, … Read more

Will the e-car boom end because of expensive electricity and falling subsidies?

The e-car faces major challenges. The operating cost advantage over combustion engines is decreasing, and the high selling price premium continues to increase. How will buyers react? Marking at a charging station for e-cars: If electricity prices continue to rise, more and more parking spaces at charging points could remain free. Christian Ohde / Imago … Read more

Subsidies for expensive energy: Which ones are you entitled to?

1. Housing allowance It refers to households that spend more than 30 percent of their income on expenses related to housing, i.e. rent, energy, water and sewage, and services. In Prague it is 35 percent. This benefit will see an increase in norms that cap this benefit from October. For many families, especially single seniors … Read more