Juno probe spotted familiar lightning on Jupiter

Jafra News – A strange sight was spotted by several spacecraft that visited the largest planet in our solar system, including NASA’s Juno probe, where clouds made of water hide under the brown ammonia clouds that cover Jupiter. As on Earth, lightning is often generated within these clouds The data obtained by Juno provides new … Read more

Saudi Arabia, US Urge Sudanese Generals To Adhere To Armistice

Saudi Arabia, US Urge Sudanese Generals To Adhere To Armistice. PHOTO/Reuters KHARTOUM – Arab Saudi and United States of America (US) reaffirmed the importance of the ceasefire signed by the warring parties in Sudan . The Saudis and the US urged the generals to stick to their commitments. “The Saudi and US facilitators noted with … Read more

Threats, intimidation, hostage taking: journalists in Sudan ‘do not feel safe at all’

The few journalists still working in Sudan play an important role in a battle that is not only fought with weapons, but also with (mis)information. But their job is being made increasingly difficult, especially by the warring factions who prefer to put forward only their truth. The journalists still working in Sudan – especially Sudanese … Read more

Khartoum Residents Tired Of War, Want To Return To Normal Life

Khartoum Residents Tired Of War, Want To Return To Normal Life. PHOTO/Reuters KHARTOUM – Airstrikes and clashes between warring factions in Sudan still heard in the capital Khartoum on Sunday (21/5/2023). Residents of Khartoum hope the fighting will end soon, and life can return to normal. Hope arose after the emergence of a one-week ceasefire … Read more

NASA is on a mission to search for life on Saturn

Jafra News – The US space agency “NASA” plans to send a robot in the form of a “snake” to one of the 83 moons of “Saturn”, in search of an environment capable of supporting life. The American New York Post said that the “snake robot” is about 4 meters long and weighs about 100 … Read more

Sudan’s Capital Rocked by Airstrikes and Artillery Fire

The Sudanese capital has been rocked by airstrikes and artillery fire as the fighting between the warring factions escalated sharply. Photo/Daily Sabah KHARTOUM – Airstrikes and artillery fire rocked large parts of the capital Sudan Khartoum and its neighboring cities on Tuesday (16/5/2023) as fighting between the country’s warring factions escalated sharply. Fresh fighting between … Read more

The tragedy of two Egyptian female doctors in Sudan.. They were killed by the bombing of their house and buried in its garden

Egyptian doctor Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid Published in: May 13, 2023: 02:31 PM GST Last updated: May 13, 2023: 02:52 PM GST A real tragedy among other human tragedies left behind Clashes in Sudan During the past days, two Egyptian female doctors disappeared for days and no trace was found of them, and it … Read more

The Emirates receives 4 planes carrying 253 people from Sudan

Abu Dhabi (WAM) Since the day before yesterday, four evacuation planes have arrived in the Emirates carrying 253 people from a number of countries, bringing the number of planes coming from Sudan, which has been witnessing clashes since the middle of last month, to 9 planes. The UAE continues the process of evacuating the most … Read more

UN Urges Major Countries to Help Resolve Sudan Conflict, Wagner Group Denies Involvement

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PBB urged influential countries in Africa to help end the conflict in Sudan after reporting progress on ceasefire talks between the army and the rival paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF). The ensuing clash rocked Halfaya, the entry point to the capital, Thursday morning, May 11, 2023, when residents heard warplanes circling above … Read more