Review ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition, a special design inspired by the space station. with superior specifications Intel Core i7-12700H 4K OLED screen and lightweight only 1.4 kg

Review of the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition, a new notebook from ASUS that celebrates the 25th anniversary of ASUS sent its first notebook, the P6300, to space for a mission to the MIR space station Mir with a special pattern that matches the Space Edition. There are also interesting specs ranging from a … Read more

TNI AD Must Buy It! ATGM MMP Made by MBDA France One Level Superior to Javelin – Medium Range Missile (MMP) is ATGM a new breed whose name is getting more and more prominent. Because ATGM MMP itself is a new type of weapon from MBDA French whose role is quite vital. Also Read: China Gets Hot After Taipei Calls Taiwan Strait an International Waterway: Pretext for Manipulating Problems Launching … Read more

they are superior to those of the rest of the world. But why? –

from Federico Rampini The grain reserves stored in Chinese silos exceed 140 million tons: much more than what is missing on the market due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But why did Xi Jinping arrive so prepared for this shock? How will he use the “treasure” he’s sitting on? There is a country in … Read more

Sony launches a phone with superior specifications and an unbelievable price

After many rumors, the Japanese company Sony launched its new phone, Sony Xperia Ace III, which is next in the category of economic phones, but it comes with many advantages and wonderful equipment, as Sony is still keen on the most prominent feature in smart phones over the past decades, which it also made sure … Read more

Vario 160 and Aerox 155 Competed in Which Dynotest is Superior? Surprising Results!

Popo/ Dynotest competition between Honda Vario 160 and Yamaha Aerox 155 – When a drag race on a straight track, it turns out to be a Honda Vario 160 can leave Yamaha Aerox 155. Then what are the results when pitted on a dyno machine, of course, to see the power and torque at … Read more

HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro, Ceramic Edition, elegant and smooth white. Functions that are superior to friends

Go one step further HUAWEI Watch GT 3 Pro The latest smart watch from HUAWEI, the model that has been reviewed will be the Ceramic Edition model, which has white color for both the strap and the case, with an upgraded function from the non-Pro version with exit mode. 2 new fitness modes: Diving and … Read more

Rodrigo Sepúlveda and the death of Francisca Sandoval: “Not being a journalist is one superior” | TV and Show

The communicator wanted to reflect on this case, taking into account comments that have emerged these days on social networks. This morning Rodrigo Sepulveda, Through his informative space on weekends, he reflected on the murder of Francisca Sandoval, journalist who covered the incidents that occurred in Barrio Maiggs on May 1. It must be remembered … Read more

Vivo X80 flagship phones are launched in the global markets..with superior specifications and an attractive price

The Vivo X80 series of phones is scheduled to be launched in the Indian markets and the rest of the markets next week, specifically on May 18, and the group consists of two main phones, the vivo X80 and the vivo X80 Pro, according to The Times of India. The vivo X80 Pro comes with … Read more

9 Best Superior Junior High Schools in Cianjur Regency, West Java Version of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s UN Average Score, Is Your School Included?

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – Check out the list 9 SMP the best featured in the district CianjurThe following are recommendations for students to enter the New Student Admission (PPDB) 2022. SMP the best and featured in Cianjur this can be used as a mold GDP 2022 to help determine school choices the best for students and parents. … Read more

There are SMAN 2 Ngawi, here are 8 top SMA/MA/SMK in Bondowoso, Lamongan, Ngawi and Ponorogo, East Java

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – The following is recommendation 8 SMA/MA/SMK superior in the district Bondowoso, Lamongan, Ngawiday Ponorogo, East Java who are included in the list of TOP 1,000 LTMPT Schools as reference to register for New Student Admission (PPDB) 2022. Regency Bondowoso, Lamongan, Ngawiday Ponorogo are 4 (four) autonomous regions out of 38 regencies/cities in the … Read more