The mother of the murder suspect was afraid of the son: – Not surprised that he shot his father

Kjærvik was found shot and killed at home on Røa in Oslo on Monday 12 April. Kjærvik had recently turned 70 and had a long professional career as a defense lawyer behind him, including a number of high-profile cases such as the Orderud case, the Nokas case and the Landås case. Removed with mental problems … Read more

Iran appoints suspect in nuclear complex attack

The Iranian government has designated a suspect for the attack on the nuclear complex in Natanz last Sunday. It concerns a certain Reza Karimi, reports state television. The man is said to have fled Iran before the explosion and power outages occurred. According to state television, the “necessary steps” are being taken to arrest and … Read more

Her husband is a suspect in the persecution of nurses at Siloam Hospital in Palembang, Melisa opens her voice about the victim’s treatment and speech to her child: I Dare to Testify in Court! – All Pages

GridHot.ID – Some time ago the action went viral persecution towards nurses at Siloam private hospitals, Palembang. Launching, the police have arrested the perpetrator of CRS, a female nurse at Siloam Sriwijaya Hospital in Surabaya. The perpetrator with the initials JT has now been named a suspect. JT also raised his voice about the … Read more

Police Determine Lecturer at the University of Jember as Suspect of Nephew Abuse

Jember – The police named a lecturer at the University of Jember (Unej) with the initials RH, as a suspect fornication towards his 16 year old nephew. RH was named a suspect after the police conducted a case title. “After the case was held at 9 am, the alleged perpetrator who was the lecturer was … Read more

Suspect in abuse case says he only played with girls

– Advertisement – In the high-profile case involving three Surinamese police officers suspected of abusing two underage girls who were reported missing, two more people were arrested. The Suriname Police Corps reports this. – Advertisement – The 29-year-old suspect TD and the 40-year-old suspect W. were arrested respectively on Saturday 3 April and Tuesday 6 … Read more

Iran vows to retaliate against its ships, US and Israel suspect

loading… TEHERAN – Iran will no doubt respond to an attack on one of its ships in the Red Sea once it has identified the culprit. The warning was issued by an Iranian military spokesman. “We will respond without a doubt to the attack on our ship Saviz in the Red Sea once we identify … Read more

They suspect that inside the Earth there are remains of the alien protoplanet Theia

Scientists from Arizona State University suggest that large rock formations located in the Earth’s crust surrounding the core may be the remains of the protoplanet Theia that supposedly impacted against the then prototype of the Earth 4,500 million years ago and led to the formation of the Moon, according to specialists during the 52nd Lunar … Read more

The Rainbow Statue of Liberty destroyed. The installation in Budapest aroused a lot of controversy. The police detained the suspect

The rainbow monument referring to the American Statue of Liberty and the Black Lives Matter movement, set on Thursday in the district of Budapest ruled by the opposition, was smashed on Friday. The police detained the perpetrator. READ ALSO: — OUR INTERVIEW. Pietrzak: Why would Poles kneel at Wembley? It is the Germans and the … Read more

No longer a suspect, Sjamsul Nursalim’s status of DPO will be for KPK to remove all pages

JAKARTA, – Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP) issue an order to stop the investigation (SP3) a case of suspected corruption of Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) on Thursday (1/4/2021). The SP3 was given to the suspect in a case that caused losses to the state worth Rp 4.58 trillion, namely the controlling shareholder of Bank … Read more