“Dead” assault suspect arrested because he got corona – VG

MANY ALIAS: The man who called himself Nicholas Rossi operated under several aliases. Now US authorities are demanding his extradition. Foto: USA TODAY Network / SipaUSA A man who faked his own death to avoid allegations of abuse in the United States was found alive in December – hospitalized with corona infection at a hospital … Read more

Drug Case Suspect Velline Chu and Husband Apply for Rehabilitation

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Dangdut singer Velline Chu and her husband, BH, submitted a request for rehabilitation to the South Jakarta Metro Police Satnarkoba investigator. It is known, Velline and her husband, BH have been named suspects in the abuse case narcotics kind of cannabis. “The application for rehabilitation is the right of the suspect, … Read more

KPK Collects Evidence, Investigate Involvement of Bekasi DPRD in the Case of Mayor Rahmat Effendi

Merdeka.com – Eradication Commission Investigator Corruption (KPK) is investigating the alleged involvement of the Bekasi DPRD in the gratification case that dragged the Mayor of Bekasi Grace Effendi aka Pepen. Currently, evidence is being sought to confirm the allegations. “Is it still possible to go to the DPRD (involved in the case?” Grace Effendi)? again … Read more

Here they found the car that was driving from an accident in the Damsgård tunnel – the police suspect theft

The car involved in the accident in the Damsgård tunnel on Friday afternoon was found abandoned a few hours later. The police work from the theory that it was stolen. Published Published Yesterday 16:09 Read the whole case with subscription Already a subscriber? sign in

Large-scale police operation in Lac-Saint-Jean: a suspect was arrested

A 35-year-old man was arrested Friday morning after an intervention that kept the police in suspense for more than 15 hours, in Girardville, Lac-Saint-Jean. • Read also: Up to 6% increase: get ready to pay more for your milk from here • Read also: Traders fiercely opposed to the vaccine passport The individual was barricaded, … Read more

New Facts about the Murder Case in Subang, Yosep-Yoris Suspect This Figure Besides Danu

BANDUNG, iNews.id – The case of the murder of the mother and daughter, Tuti Suhartini and Amelia Mustika Ratu in Kabupaten Subang keep rolling. Although the alleged perpetrators have not been revealed, new facts are starting to emerge. One of the facts that is now sticking out is that Yoris Raja Amanullah, who is the … Read more

Residents of Van Riebeeckhof in Leiden suspect that ‘shocked bicycle thief’ dumped Esmee’s bicycle

More articles about Esme. The Van Riebeeckhof is about three kilometers from the place where Esmee was found on New Year’s Eve. How the bicycle got to the north of Leiden is still being investigated. In the street there are more bicycles against the porch houses, but Esmee’s electric Cortina had to stand out. Most … Read more

Medina Zein Officially Named as Suspect, Police Have Two Evidences

PEOPLE’S MIND – Celebrity and entrepreneur Medina Which officially designated as suspect. This was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Endra Zulpan. “The case that happened to my sister” Medina Which on the report from brother Marissya Icha, I can convey that today the Polda Metro Jaya, … Read more

Call Marissya Icha Pimp & Ani-ani, Medina Zein is officially a suspect

Jakarta, Insertlive – Medina Zein was officially named a suspect in the alleged defamation case that was reported by Marrisya Icha. This determination is stated in the Notification on the Progress of Investigation Results (SP2HP) from the police received by Marissya Icha today, Wednesday (5/1). “Alhamdulillah, today the police report that we made on September … Read more