Zesec of Sweden is traded today excluding unit rights in the new issue

The real estate technology company Zesec of Sweden is traded today, September 23, excluding unit rights in the new issue with preferential rights for the shareholders. The terms mean that a share gives a unit right. Two unit rights give the right to subscribe for one unit for SEK 5.24. Each unit consists of four … Read more

Al-Manar Sports website » Isaac will miss the Sweden national team due to injury

The Swedish Football Association announced the absence of young striker Alexander Isak from the two matches of the Swedish national team against Serbia and Slovenia in the European Nations League due to injury. The Swedish Federation published the news on its official website, noting that the 23-year-old Newcastle United striker will leave the national team … Read more

380 Million Year Old Fish Heart Found, Well Preserved All

KOMPAS.com – There is something interesting hidden in the fossils of the earliest vertebrates on the planet. Paleontologists identify heart fish which is very well preserved in a 380 million year old armored fish fossil. Fish These extinct species called arthrodire evolved over about 50 million years during the Devonian period. The fish then disappeared … Read more

Coach Vejvoda about training in Sweden, Jágr, his famous feint and inspiration from Panenko

Is it a professional and life change for you after years in Sweden? No, I don’t feel that way. I love the hall here, I know the cabin and I meet again the icemen I saw thirty years ago. Nostalgia may have set in when I came here after ten years and my legs weren’t … Read more

In Sweden, the most likely outcome of the coalition negotiations will be a minority government / Article

As you know, in the Riksdag elections of the Swedish Parliament held last week with the four right won by a small margin of votes coalition of parties, ending the eight-year rule of the Social Democratic Party. This was largely due to the success of the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party. An interview with Niklas Bolin, … Read more

Sweden facing big changes: “Sweden Democrats” at the gates of Stockholm

After the elections, Sweden has once again found itself in a delicate balance situation, with the bloc of right-wing parties narrowly ahead of the left-wing bloc led by the former Prime Minister Magdalena Andersen. Such inconclusive election results suggest that Sweden will have another government with a dubious mandate, the leading Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” … Read more

“We voted?” The controversial decision of the Slovaks about the KHL has a strange sequel

The controversial attitude of the leaders of Slovak hockey towards calling up players from the KHL to the national team has an unexpected continuation. One of the members of the executive committee of the Slovak Hockey Association stated that he did not know that a vote was taken on the matter, even though he participated … Read more

how politics is changing – Libero Quotidiano

Corrado Ocone September 14, 2022 Sweden will most likely no longer have a social democratic government in a few days. Yes, the homeland of welfare, what was portrayed on the left as the land of widespread well-being and high quality of life, should be led by a center-right coalition. However it will turn out (there … Read more

Who is Jimmie Akesson, the ‘average’ Swede who drags the ultra right

AGI – Political change in Sweden where the extreme right of the Swedish Democrats of Jimmie Akesson it recorded a historic result in yesterday’s political elections and, for the first time, it could come to govern with moderate right-wing allies. Strong of 20.7% of the preferences, ahead of the conservative party led by Ulf Kristersson, … Read more

This will happen in Sweden if there is a bourgeois government – VG

The moderates’ party leader, Ulf Kristersson, is currently in line to become Sweden’s next prime minister. More nuclear power and tougher gang politics are needed. Photo: TORE KRISTIANSEN / VG The four parties on the right in Swedish politics are likely to form a government. This will mean tougher measures against criminal gangs and an … Read more