In the north of Sweden, the air temperature has dropped to -40 degrees

Such temperatures are often the biggest frost in Scandinavia all winter, and such severe cold at the beginning of winter is a great rarity. Several cold records beat. In the Swedish capital, Stockholm, air temperatures have dropped to -18 degrees, while on the coast it fluctuates around -7 degrees. In the north-east of Estonia, the … Read more

Sweden, The Nordic Resistance Movement | 25-year-old arrested in Sweden – planned the same type of bomb as Breivik

According to Aftonbladet, a Swedish man with connections to the neo-Nazi organization “The Nordic Resistance Movement” (DNM) has planned to make a bomb with artificial fertilizer. Without him even being aware of it, the man was monitored by Swedish police for a long time while he was planning a terrorist attack. According to Aftonbladet the … Read more

The ship is still burning off the coast of Sweden. The action continues

The helicopters sent by MSB are designed to “bomb” the flames with water. Coastguard units from Sweden and Denmark are also participating in the firefighting operation on site. As reported, the fire consumed approx. 30 percent. cargo, which is wood, but on Sunday the spread of the fire was limited. The hull of the anchored … Read more

The Czechs are sad, they are without a medal again. At the World Cup, they did not manage to fight for bronze with Switzerland

The Czech floorball players lost to the World Championships in Uppsala, Sweden, in the battle for bronze in Switzerland 2: 5 and finished fourth for the fifth time in a row. Again, they failed to build on the only medal success of 2011 from St. Gallen, where they defeated the same opponent in the duel … Read more

The promising relay was ruined by the penalty round, the Czechs finished seventh

The Czech biathletes finished seventh in the opening relay of the World Cup. Lucie Charvátová’s penalty round in the final section prepared them for a better position in Östersund, Sweden. The race was dominated by the French, who won almost a minute ahead of the Belarusians. Hanna Öbergová won the third place in the finish … Read more

Sweden. A ship is burning near Gothenburg. 17 seamen, headed by a captain, do not want to leave the deck | World news

Watch the video Why do we insist on shipping goods by ship? Service were alerted to a fire on a cargo ship near the village of Vinga on Saturday 4 December at 2:36 PM. According to the officers, the flame is difficult to extinguish because it consumes food wood, which bulk carrier is loaded. – … Read more

Intelligence report: Putin is responsible for the attempted murder in Sweden

Abdurakhmanov has been watched by foreign services for a long time. His every step and the places he appeared were followed According to the Swedish security services, the operation against Abdurakmanov was planned in Moscow in 2019 and was ordered by the Chechen authorities The authors of the report point out that Russia “today has … Read more

Andersson elected Prime Minister of Sweden for the second time in a week

Magdalena Andersson, despite more votes against than for her appointment, nevertheless succeeded Stefan Löfven as Prime Minister of Sweden.Image EPA “Like all minority governments, we will seek cooperation with other parties in parliament, and I see good opportunities to do that,” Andersson said Monday. On Tuesday, when her cabinet is appointed, she will present her … Read more

Coronavirus, Omikron | Swedish Public Health Agency: Omicron infection confirmed in Sweden

A case of the virus variant omikron has been confirmed in Sweden. The infected person is a person who has recently returned to Sweden from a stay in South Africa, the Public Health Authority (FHM) informs. Also read: Modern boss calls the omikron variant a “Frankenstein mix” The positive corona test of the person was … Read more

Sweden – Germany 20: 0, The floorball players of Sweden and Finland secured a place in the quarterfinals of the World Cup

The Swedes crushed Slovakia 22: 3 on Saturday and led 11-0 over Germany after the first period. Although they already had 18 goals before the final part, they did not beat the shooting performance from the opening day. Ellen Rasmussen scored six points for two goals and four assists. The Slovaks, led by the Czech … Read more