Gerard Piqué is exhibited with a blonde woman in Sweden for revenge! Halftime

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 23.06.2022 07:03:35 Gerard Piqué has been exhibited and harshly criticized in Sweden for not greeting a child. And it is that the bloguera sueca Katrin Zytomierska ranted against the player of the Barcelona in his social networks for rejecting an approach with his son. And not only that, but the … Read more

Corona scandal shakes Sweden – Doctor wanted for corona bluff

Around 35,000 people allegedly paid for PCR tests and travel documents at the Stockholm-based care company Doktorgruppen. They must have received unanalyzed test results back, all of which showed negative results. This is described as Sweden’s biggest fraud case during the pandemic, according to SVT. The case has received much attention in Sweden. Hammad Al-Saaid … Read more

Hearing the Voice of a Woman Sighing in a Trash Can, Residents Are Shocked, Turns Out…

MALMO, – Residents of the city of Malmo, Sweden, was startled by a woman’s voice sighing in the trash can. However, it does not come from indecent acts, but the sound recording the results of government innovations. The city government of Malmo is promoting a campaign against littering, and they are making trash cans … Read more

“Putin has already lost the war of the European seas. His threats have pushed Sweden and Finland to renounce historical neutrality”

Increasingly, the Kremlin dreads NATO’s “deceitful” enlargement to the East as one threat against Russia: indeed, we can say that the “Atlantic fear” is at the center of Russian propaganda as a justification for every action. However, it was right Vladimir Putinwith years of not too veiled threats to neighbors and now with the war … Read more

Putin looks at the Aland Islands. This is a hotspot in the Baltic Sea

– Finland assures that their demilitarized status will not change, but the Russians present it in a different way, spreading anxiety. The Kremlin is trying in various ways to hinder and counteract NATO’s enlargement to include the Scandinavian countries. The change to militarized status means that Russia will certainly protest. If Putin wanted to try … Read more

This is how the government sells in Sweden – wants to attract foreign investors

Siemens, Hitachi, Volkswagen – a number of international companies and conglomerates are on the guest list when the Join Sweden Summit is organized for the first time. The investment conference aimed at international industry leaders and investors will be held on Monday and Tuesday. The purpose? Attract more jobs here.

SWEDEN: Record number of cases of TBE – expensive to get vaccinated

SWEDEN: Record number of cases of TBE – expensive to get vaccinated Last year, a dismal record was measured by the number of TBE cases in Sweden. According to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s statistics, 553 cases of the viral disease were reported in 2021. A doubling compared to the previous year. The will to … Read more

Clash of fighters. The government wants to shop this time

You can also listen to the article in audio version. Saab Deputy Head of Sales Gripen Richard Smith proudly shows the production line of the latest type of Swedish fighter jets to Czech journalists in the Swedish city of Linköping. The operation is so sterile that it resembles a hospital. Even the tools are carefully … Read more

Slavia, a sought-after foreign reinforcement, is back home. The Dutch entered the game

The 18-year-old offensive talent made his mark in the IFK Göteborg base, where he played alongside Marcus Berg and scored two goals in ten league matches. According to the Swedish media, Vilhelmsson underwent a medical examination at Slavia last week. However, the Czech champion is not the only one interested in the services of the … Read more