Swiss rider Robin Godel’s horse euthanized after a heavy fall in the eventing cross

He tore a ligament in his front right leg after landing a jump. “Due to the severity of the injury and the pain caused, the horse had to be euthanized shortly after,” Swiss Olympic wrote in a statement. “Robin Godel was not injured and the accident was neither due to a fault of the rider … Read more

Drama at the Olympics: death of Jet Set, horse of Swiss rider Robin Godel, in the cross of the eventing

Victim of a heavy fall on Saturday, the horse had to be euthanized. LSwiss Robin Godel, 22, saw his Jet Set horse crash heavily during the cross, second of three rounds of the eventing competition, at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday. He tore a ligament in his front right leg after landing a jump. “Due … Read more

Don’t leave your Swiss bride alone with your dad, Jagger Junior!

Anouk Winzenried and Gabriel Jagger tied the knot in Oxfordshire, UK. Getty Images As one of Mick Jagger’s eight children, his son Gabriel is now under the hood. The 23-year-old married the Swiss Anouk Winzenried, which calls for an enjoyable comment. When the lanky Mick’s first child retires, the youngest offspring will have their first … Read more

Your social media profile reveals – who is the Swiss at Mick Jagger’s son’s side?

PublishedJuly 27, 2021, 5:33 pm Gabriel Jagger and Anouk Winzenried tied the knot in Oxfordshire in mid-July. Her LinkedIn profile reveals who Mick Jagger’s new daughter-in-law is. 1 / 5 Newlyweds: Gabriel Jagger married the Swiss Anouk Winzenried in Oxfordshire. Getty Images Mick Jagger’s son met his current wife on the Caribbean island of Mustique … Read more

Petkovic ended up with the Swiss national team, taking over Bordeaux

Coach Vladimir Petkovic will no longer lead the Swiss national team, which he led to the quarterfinals at the recent European Championships. Bordeaux will take over from the new season. Petkovic asked the national union to release him, and the latter complied. “I would like to thank the people from the union for fulfilling my … Read more

How much petrol can a Czech and a Swiss buy from a salary? OVERVIEW –

The covidu-19 pandemic has made fuel cheaper. However, in 2021 fuel prices began to rise again. The largest year-on-year price fluctuations were recorded in Hungary (+ 20.2%), Turkey (+ 19.4%) and Luxembourg (+ 16.9%). It follows from the fuel index he is preparing Picodi company from 2019. In the Czech Republic, petrol prices rose by … Read more

Swiss film award: the federal government separates from organizers

Scandal at the Swiss film award: the federal government separates from organizers It was not until 2020 that a well-known event agency received the multi-million dollar bid to organize the film award ceremony. Now the Federal Office of Culture has already fallen out with her. Sven Altermatt / ch media It’s a prestige order. After … Read more

Ullmann’s clever shoulder also captivated the Swiss. We can reduce the use of chemistry by 80%, says the founder

Ekostartup Ullmanna He made himself known for the first time at the end of last year, when with his clever shoulder won a silver spot in the CzechInvest Startup Challenge competition. In the following months, the company worked on filing a patent and got into the Swiss accelerator Mass Challenge. “We want to scale organic … Read more

Swiss sprinter Wilson set a European record of 100 in Atlanta

Swiss sprinter of Jamaican origin Alex Wilson set a European record in the 100-meter run at a meeting in Atlanta. Shortly before the start of the Olympic Games, the time was 9.84 seconds, which surpassed the previous two record holders by two hundredths, the Portuguese Francis Obikwelu and the Frenchman Jimmy Vicaut. Swiss sprinter of … Read more