Swiss football players beat hot-blooded Serbia in a sharp duel, the last ones are in the playoffs. Highlights / Article

December 2, 8:52 p.m Added on December 2, 23:02 Brazil, which secured a place in the elimination tournament earlier in Group G, simultaneously met with the national team of Cameroon, conceding 0:1. Switzerland will meet Portugal in the round of 16, while Brazil will meet South Korea. The game started very actively in the performance … Read more

Raoul Hedebouw presents his ideas for “Switch” and uses Swiss and Luxembourg examples: the president of the PTB explains himself

Raoul Hedebouw, the president of the Labor Party of Belgium, has just released a book “Fais le Switch”. 184 pages written in collaboration with a few colleagues. He talks about mobility, housing, health and digital. Our journalist and presenter Christophe Deborsu questioned him on the subject. Christophe Deborsu: You talk about a lot of subjects … Read more

Complete List of Qualifying Teams for the Top 16 of the 2022 World Cup, Switzerland is the Last – Swiss became the last team to qualify for the knockout phase, round of 16 to be precise World Cup 2022 Qatar. Switzerland’s success was determined by victory over Serbia in the last matchday match of Group G against Serbia. La Nati – nicknamed the Swiss national team – defeated Serbia with a score … Read more

Cameroon defeated Brazil and the Swiss sent the Serbs home | Sports

True, the Swiss, who defeated Serbia 3-2, collected the same number of points – six, but the Brazilians took a higher place due to a better goal ratio. The Swiss were one shot short. The Brazilians, who won Group G, will meet South Korea in the round of 16, while the Swiss will start the … Read more

Punnenova’s 34 saved shots are not enough to win the Swiss championship match

“Lausanne” lost to the hockey players of “Biel-Bienne” with a score of 2:4 (1:1, 1:2, 0:1) at home. In this season, the Latvian goalkeeper averaged 2.77 goals in 22 matches and saved 91.6% of shots, ranking among the ten best goalkeepers in the league in this statistic. Kēniņš was on the court for 12 minutes … Read more

Ray of light for industrial companies thanks to Swiss startup Almer »

Skills shortage is a threat. To counteract this, companies are relying on the potential of digitization. Are augmented reality glasses the solution? The shortage of skilled workers has the economy firmly in a stranglehold – not only in Switzerland, but throughout Europe. As a result, companies find it difficult to fill their vacancies, which creates … Read more

A moment of horror. The Swiss Caviezel was taken by helicopter to the hospital after a rough fall

Spectators and others present experienced moments of fear after Caviezel’s ski cut into the snow and after a heavy fall, his lifeless body was stopped by safety nets. After about ten minutes, Caviezel got to his feet with his face bleeding from the scrape, but was still airlifted from the track to a hospital in … Read more

Swiss success story – how three Japanese helped our Heidi to fly high – culture

“How crazy,” Junzo Nakajima smiles and lets his eyes wander over the wide valley. “How crazy is it that a Japanese wanted to film ‘Heidi’ and this series was distributed worldwide.” 46 years have passed since Nakajima’s first visit to the Ochsenberg above Maienfeld. Now the film producer is sitting with chief animator Yoichi Kotabe … Read more

Cameroon haunted the Swiss only in the first half, then Embolo decided – ČT sport – Czech TV

Cameroon extended their unflattering record at the World Cup, losing their eighth game in a row and waiting for a win since 2002. Switzerland will be aiming for a third consecutive round of 16, as they will also face Brazil and Serbia in the group four years ago. The footballers from the country of the … Read more

The apology did not help: the Swiss hero was swept away by a tsunami of disappointment from his compatriots

The victory significantly boosted the Swiss’ chances of advancing to the play-offs, where Cameroon will need points against Brazil and Serbia. The only and winning goal in the 48th minute. scored by B. Embolo did not celebrate the goal out of respect for his hometown. 🇨🇲 Born in Cameroon🇨🇭 Represents Switzerland⚽️ Scores in #SUICMR Respect, … Read more