What real “picture scandalous” artist of Bahrain Hanan Riza? – Toss news

Aroused the artist in the kingdom of Bahrain Hanan Reda heated debate on social networking sites in the past few hours, and that they follow the ways of illegal attract her attention after she got away from the lights. First was with a book Hanan published via its account on ”Snapchat“ you say: ”the error … Read more

Series Galaxy S20 now supports augmented reality apps – toss news

#Free Source: Enas Mr. – toss news She added the company ”Samsung“ Korean list of ARCore of Google’s latest series of smart phones, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 + 5G and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Is considered ARCore group of software development kit, allows to build augmented reality apps are used three techniques chairperson to … Read more

Egyptian artist Sherif Mounir demonstrates a real positive for MERS-CoV – toss news

Source: Salah Hassan – toss news Revealed to the artist Sherif Mounir, the fact of the news circulating about his injury and his daughter with a novel coronavirus. He assured Sharif Munir that ”the news of his injury and his daughter Korea, we have ”incorrect“. Posted Sherif Mounir image of the experience was eating it … Read more

The settings of the new Google delete sites visited by the user’s search history after 18 months – toss news

Source: Reuters The company said Google of that, today on Wednesday, she will automatically some of the sites visited by the user of the memory after the lapse of 18 months for new users and you will get everyone access to apps, Search, Maps and YouTube without tracking. Come updates to the privacy controls in … Read more

Injury to the artist Kuwaiti dari court with MERS-CoV – toss news

Source: Abdullah, the Egyptian – toss news Announced the artist and the director of the Kuwaiti dari court, Wednesday evening, the MERS-CoV. And dissemination of court a picture of her via his account on ”Instagram“, back where he lay on a bed of healing to one of the hospitals, appeared on his face signs of … Read more

Apple reveal system iOS14.. this has its advantages – toss news

Source: Enas Mr. -toss news Announced the ”apple“ of America about the iOS system 14 during the conference of developers WWDC 2020, brings a new system a big change on the screen of the iOS Home years ago. Come interface system in a variety of sizes and Apple add widgets to the main home screen … Read more

The artist moved to the Kuwaiti Ahmed core to intensive care – toss news

The artist moved to the Kuwaiti Ahmed the core, to intensive care in a hospital in Kuwait after his stroke and water on the lung. And many of his friends and his experience being taken to hospital and subjected to lashes calling her a speedy recovery, as transfer news art critic and theatrical Kuwait Nayef … Read more

Surgery of sexual harassment was compelling – toss news

Source: Malika Amr-toss news Mixer Egyptian artist Hisham Salim, the statements of his son, Noor, on the cause of the voting process sexual harassment from female to male, a few months ago. Commented sound in comments to local sites of Egypt on the conversation of his son, that he ”didn’t suffer from a hormone disorder.“, … Read more

Human bring for the serial portrays the story of the life of the artist are – toss news

Source: Mustapha Najib – toss news Revealed the artist source human, the details of the preparation for the TV series captures the life of the artist the Egyptian Italian late are, which made many works of art, songs that are memorable such as ”the most beautiful people, and sweet Oh my, and safety, my safety“. … Read more

Mohamed Ramadan tops the list of the “World Music Awards” for the most watch on YouTube Arab

Source: Mustapha Najib – toss news Announced the official page for the award ”World Music Awards“ Global ”Facebook“ list of the top 10 artist to watch in the Arab region on the location of the video world ”YouTube“. And Mohammed Ramadan, the list of the most views on YouTube between Arab artists, not being able … Read more