Last minute: A RECORD INCREASED IN TAXES AND FEES: 2022 rates were 36.2 percent – Breaking news

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance determined the revaluation rate as 36.2 percent. In addition to 2022, the rate to be applied for the last temporary tax period of 2021; Many taxes and fees, especially traffic fines, driver’s license passport fees, Motor Vehicles Tax, fees applied to phones brought from abroad, will increase by 36.2 … Read more

This will charge a programmer in Argentina in 2022

The salary of programmers in Argentina had a 107% increase in the last year and a half, according to CESSI. How will 2021 end The median of salary of a programmer in Argentina -taking into account all languages, levels and seniorities- will exceed the 198.000 pesos monthly at the end of the year. It is … Read more

Poland is cutting taxes on fuel and energy to fight high inflation

Polish Prime Minister Matthew Moravecki on Thursday announced cuts in taxes on fuel and energy, as well as subsidies for households in difficulty, in an effort to mitigate the negative effects of inflation. Moraveckis hoped that these measures would reduce the negative effects of inflation, especially in the winter months, when the government forecasts an … Read more

New Crypto and Currency Taxes to be Deleted by

© Alpha Footage – While some cryptocurrencies rebound in trading on Wednesday, other cryptocurrencies are exposed to some regulatory risks, amounting to removal from some exchanges. Cryptocurrencies have not been spared a new tax onslaught but this time the alleged taxes from South Korea come after those of the USA. Delete In a statement … Read more

Portuguese regime for foreign pensioners is one of the most harmful in the EU

The conclusion comes from the Fiscal Observatory of the European Union (EU), an independent body on community taxation. that, in a report Released this Monday (22), it indicates that “the most striking trend in European tax competition is the increase in the number of personal income tax schemes aimed at foreign natural persons”, which rose … Read more

What is “The Sandbox”, and why it could surpass Axie Infinity

The game has already skyrocketed 6,000% and it promises to be bigger as Axie Infinity will start paying in cryptocurrencies in November One of the style games play-to-earn most anticipated of the year, The Sandbox, whose token nativo SAND has risen more than 6,000% since its launch, it has announced that it will open its … Read more

Sunat | Customs | These are the products from abroad that can enter Peru without paying taxes NNDC | YOUR MONEY

Trips to different countries of the world are not only used for tourism or business. Many people leave Peru to take advantage of the sale prices of various products abroad. However, the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) has established certain limits regarding what you can carry in your suitcase. The Sunat has … Read more

Environment Minister Gentville on Planned Pollution Taxes: Need to Compress

It needs to be compressed Simon Gentville, Minister of the Environment, who returned from the United Nations Climate Change Conference a few days ago, told Delphi that several key points had been agreed at the conference. “There were three messages. First, the world has agreed that we will not warm by more than 1.5 degrees … Read more

constrained spending, a heavy weight in the household budget

These unavoidable costs represent nearly 70% of the income of the poorest. Rent, or mortgage repayment, water and electricity bills, insurance contributions, telephone subscriptions, internet access … Every month, the French are beset by these expenses to which they are bound by contracts that are difficult to renegotiate in the short term. On average, the … Read more