alleges cash problems and that the bank does not endorse it

24/11/2020 05:00 Ahead of More economic problems for FC Barcelona. In the midst of the financial crisis due to the coronavirus hit, the Treasury has imposed a millionaire penalty to the Blaugrana entity. The Central Delegation of Large Taxpayers of the Tax Agency claims almost nine million euros in withholdings for income from work / … Read more

Who must pay the notarial expenses in a condominium extinction?

By law and in Madrid, who should pay the notarial expenses in a condominium extinction by inheritance when there is no agreement? The selling party or the buying party? The condo extinction It is understood as the transmission of the property of a property of shared ownership between several people and is regulated in articles … Read more

Know the salaries of engineers, analysts and bosses at Uber

The data provided by the ride-sharing company only shows the positions for which the company hired foreign workers Due to the current crisis context, added to the new restrictions on the US currency, many Argentines apply to positions at foreign multinationals where salaries are in dollars. For its part, UberWhen it comes to salaries, what … Read more

These are five companies that are already accepting Bitcoin

It is no longer just individuals who are investing in Bitcoin, with its expansion there are already companies that use them to invest in their businesses With the rapid growth of digital currenciesespecially Bitcoin, numerous companies have begun to use them to invest in their businesses. MasterCard MasterCard had adopted the patent related to 30 … Read more

what happened on a day like today

Like every day, these are some of the relevant events that happened on this same date but a few years ago. Find out what it is about On November 20, 1985 (35 years ago), Microsoft released its 16-bit graphical operating environment, Windows 1.0 which offered limited multitasking for MS-DOS programs. Windows 1.0 is considered a … Read more

the incredible story of its founder Gabe Newell

This is a personality who not only created the furor online gaming platform, but also designed some titles and even worked at Microsoft In the universe of online commerce, the colossi are almost defined: Amazon, Alibaba or Mercado Libre can be cited when referring to the mass market. But if it is about games, no … Read more

Prepare your succession: donations, life insurance, will, …

Transmit as best as possible according to everyone’s interests When you reach a certain age, it makes sense to be concerned with the transmission of the heritage that you have built up during your life. But whatever the level of it, it is better to avoid improvisation. Indeed, even if it is tempting to make … Read more

On video | The passion for collecting music on acetate

Music is capable of taking human beings through different states of mind. A ballad can make a few tears escape, while an African theme makes people shake their whole body. It is so passionate that there are people who dedicate a large part of their lives to collecting it, a task in which they invest … Read more

Lilienthal expects two million euros less taxes for 2021 – Wümme Zeitung: Latest news

Mayor Kristian Tangermann in conversation. (CARMEN JASPERSEN) Lilienthal. The financial politicians of the Lilienthal municipal council deal on Monday with the budget of the municipality for the coming year. At the last minute they received the figures by messenger before their committee meeting. You are now holding in your hands in black and white what … Read more