“Our competitors do not have excise taxes on sugar”

Global brands of soft drinks quickly announced their withdrawal from Russia after the start of the CBO, but in reality they were in no hurry to leave, moreover, they continue to compete in tenders with Russian producers. In an interview with Vedomosti, Natalia Sakhnina, CEO of the Chernogolovka Group, spoke about the peculiarities of the … Read more

By when do taxes have to be settled? PIT-28 in like others, but the government extended the time for CIT-8

The tax settlement period is underway. When do I have to submit PIT-28? The date is no different from the other forms, so there is still more than a month for it. However, companies that settle on CIT-8 forms have more time to submit tax returns. You can submit your tax return from February 15. … Read more

Home loans are the most expensive for residents in the eurozone, while bank profits are growing at a steady rate

The significant profit of banks in the last year has raised questions not only in Latvia, because it is clear that, similar to energy sector companies, which last year had record profits due to the geopolitical situation, the question is how much of the profit is the result of the company’s own actions and decisions, … Read more

Businessmen stop proposal to raise taxes on large companies

It was a meeting that was scheduled prior to the rejection suffered by the tax reform in the Chamber of Deputies. And although it was of a protocol nature, since the objective was the presentation of the new directive of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), headed by Ricardo Mewes in the presidency and … Read more

Foods. Who is gaining from rising prices?

Neither food distributors nor energy companies increased profit margins. The biggest impact on rising food prices is caused by the high tax burden. Since October, the inflation rate in Portugal has been correcting. Since then, it has gone from an annual rate of 10.29% (the highest value since May 1992) to 8.25% in February. However, … Read more

“Rise and fall of central banks, almost all in the red”

By Jean-Pierre Robin Posted on 03/12/2023 at 22:02 , Update on 03/12/2023 at 22:02 The most prestigious issuing institutions seem the most vulnerable, like the Swiss National Bank, which announced a loss of 132.5 billion Swiss francs for the year 2022. doganmesut – stock.adobe.com CHRONICLE – The ECB, the Bundesbank, the SNB are losing money, … Read more

what will change the individualized rate by default?

The deduction at source of income tax will change in 2025 with the default application of an individualized rate for married or PACS couples. This measure was presented on Tuesday March 7 by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. In a tweet, she explained that “from 2025, the tax rate will be individualized by default for all … Read more

Financial income/ Stop to taxes on accrued and tax on realized

Financial income/ Stop tax on accrued income and taxation on income – Il Sole 24 ORE 1′ of reading For income of a financial nature, the idea of ​​a grouping with capital income makes its way. The delegation aims to create a single income category that will follow taxation based on the cash and compensation … Read more

decisions about pensions, new taxes and officials are coming up

Both the representative from the ruling party, the elder of the Liberal Movement faction, Eugenijus Gentvilas, and the opposition member, Algirdas Butkevičius, a member of the Democratic faction “Vardan Lietuvos” agree – the tax reform is overdue, and its content is still unclear. In the spring session of the Seimas, according to politicians, not only … Read more