U24 News | The Russian bombing in Idlib was a message to Turkey

Russia has many cross-business interests with Turkey and also many geopolitical differences. Therefore, no direct confrontation is appropriate. But there are subtleties: for example, a massive bombardment of Turkish-supported militias in Syria. Burial of the 80 Proturkish Syrian rebels who died after Russia’s attack on their training camp in Idlib. Russia and Turkey are heavily … Read more

U24 News | Weather in CABA: Today will be one of those beautiful spring days

Good day! We will have a very nice Tuesday, totally spring, with clear skies and winds from the east, rotating northeast and then southeast. It will be the hottest day of the week. And it is that for tomorrow it is expected that it will rain again in the City of Buenos Aires and that … Read more

U24 News | 007 is a temptation for Netflix and Apple but it depends on the covid-19

Both Netflix and Apple believe that “No Time to Die” could raise hundreds of millions of dollars by streaming it, but MGM declined to comment on the comments, adding that the film “is not for sale.” How much longer will it take to reopen movie theaters around the world? And will the public return en … Read more

What is the price of Disney Plus in the different countries of the world? – Connoisseurs.com

It is the streaming platform that is becoming one of the favorites, thanks to its combined contents of products from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic, among others. What is the price of Disney Plus in the different countries of the world? Except for specific promotions or specific packages, in the United States … Read more

Doctor Tecno Gadgets: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the true winning camera | Techno Doctor | Magazine

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the most complete cell phones on the market, or possibly the most complete today. During the last weeks we have been able to test it and these are some of our appreciations about this top of the Samsung range. Let’s start with its screen that is 6.9 … Read more

Doctor Tecno Gadgets: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the true winning camera | Videos

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TECNO Mobile Presents Pioneer CAMON 16 Premier Camera Phone at Global Launch GRAND

On September 3, the first launch of augmented reality (or AR) online integrating technology and photography held by TECNO (http://www.TECNOMobile.com) has been concluded successfully. Following the theme of ‘Break to the Next Level’, this launch brings the latest camera phone to the market. TECNO CAMON 16 Premier with iconic 64MP ultra quad as well as … Read more

arrives in November – Conodores.com

Between November 29 and 30, the last lunar eclipse of 2020 will be recorded, which will be visible mainly to those living in North America and Latin America, Australia and parts of Asia, and will be a penumbral lunar eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse is when the Moon moves through a faint outer part of … Read more

When the game becomes a millionaire

This year the video game industry will close with a total sales record. In the first semester the number of discharges exceeded all the marks, due to the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. SuperData, company that is dedicated to the investigation of this market, affirms in its last report that only during June US … Read more